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Compound: Home appliances and leisure led the two cities to attack 53 stocks (list)

April 15, 2019 17:00
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Re-brand: home appliances leisure led the two cities slammed 53 stocks (list)] 53 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen on Monday, the daily limit. Household appliances and leisure services led the two cities. In terms of individual stocks, Shunwei shares, *ST Huangtai and other stocks rose daily; Sanhua Zhikong, First Travel Hotel and other stocks rose more than 5%.

On April 15th, the three major stock indexes of A-shares opened higher and lower all day, and the bulls had no resistance.GEMAt the end of the session, it fell 1.7%. The differentiation of individual stocks was more obvious. Insurance and banks performed strongly, but the small marketthemeThe performance of the stocks was sluggish. The sectors such as chicken, beer, fluorine chemical, intellectual property protection, and digital China were among the top losers. The overall market was weak, and the pressure on the stock index was relatively high.

As of the close,Shanghai indexIt fell 0.34% to close at 3177 points; Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.78% to close at 10053 points; ChiNext fell 1.70% to close at 1666 points.

On Monday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges had a daily limit of 53 stocks. Household appliances and leisure services led the two cities. In terms of individual stocks, Shunwei shares, *ST Huangtai and other stocks rose daily; Sanhua Zhikong, First Travel Hotel and other stocks rose more than 5%.

April 15New sharesDaily limit statistics

Securities codeSecurities nameIndustryDaily limit
300768.SZDP Technologycomputer application2
300769.SZN Germanchemicals1
603068.SHN Broadcomsemiconductor1

Other stocks

Securities codeSecurities nameIndustryDaily limitMessage surface
000995.SZ*ST HuangtaiBeverage manufacturing7ST concept
000958.SZEastern Energyelectric power6
002194.SZ*ST Van Valleycommunication device4ST concept
000982.SZ*ST velvetTextile manufacturing4ST concept
600081.SHDongfeng Technologycar parts4
600275.SHST ChangyuFishery3ST concept
300598.SZChengmai Technologycomputer application2
002783.SZKailong shareschemicals2
002259.SZST ShengdaGas2ST concept
002210.SZPegasus InternationalLogistics2
600365.SHTonglu sharesBeverage manufacturing2
000800.SZFAW CarCar vehicle2smart car
000720.SZ*ST new energyelectric power2ST concept
600817.SHST HongshengComprehensive2
300694.SZWuhu sharescar parts1smart car
300743.SZTiandi Digitalchemicals1
300711.SZGuangha Communicationcommunication device1
601949.SHChinese publishingCulture Media1Culture Media
002855.SZJierong TechnologyElectronics manufacturing1
300573.SZXingqi eye medicineChemical and pharmaceutical1
603033.SHThree-dimensional sharesrubber1
603160.SHHuiding Technologysemiconductor1Fingerprint identification chip
002768.SZGuoen sharesplastic1
603318.SHPaisleyProfessional setting1
603606.SHEastern cableHigh and low voltage equipment1
300322.SZSobideElectronics manufacturing1
002676.SZShun Wei sharesWhite goods1
300267.SZKang Kang PharmaceuticalChemical and pharmaceutical1Industrial cannabis concept
300235.SZFangzhi Technologycomputer application1
002571.SZDeli sharesHousehold light industry1
300194.SZFuan PharmaceuticalChemical and pharmaceutical1Industrial cannabis concept
300191.SZPotential HengxinMining services1
002547.SZChunxing SeikoElectronics manufacturing1
300173.SZWisdomProfessional setting1
601126.SHSifang sharesElectrical automation equipment1UHV concept
601777.SHLifan sharesCar vehicle1
300068.SZNandu PowerPower supply equipment1
002018.SZ*ST HuaxinComprehensive1ST concept
600599.SHPanda gold controlDiversified finance1
600321.SHST sourceOther building materials1
600393.SHYuetai SharesReal estate development1
000911.SZ*ST South SugarProcessing of agricultural products1ST concept
600218.SHAll diesel powerGeneral Machinery1
000833.SZGuangdong and Guangxi sharesComprehensive1
600198.SH*ST Datangcommunication device1ST concept
000829.SZTianyin HoldingsProfessional retail1
000838.SZFinancial developmentReal estate development1real estate
600758.SHHongyang Energycoal mining1
600666.SHOrideOptical optoelectronics1Super bacteria

(Data Sources:Oriental Fortune Choicedata)

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