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Foldable mobile phone market in 2022 or entering maturity

April 15, 2019 17:37
source: Securities Times Network

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[Foldable mobile phone market 2022 or into the mature supply chain will accelerate the localization] Recently, at the 7th China Electronic Information Expo concurrent display industry conference, e company reporters learned from the industry, the flexible screen is looking for more In the market application scenario, it is expected that the flexible folding technology will change the new ecology of the industry and integrate more technologies. At the same time, the terminal manufacturers' demand for panel manufacturers is more and more important, bringing localization opportunities to the industry chain. (Securities Times Network)

With the release of the first flexible screen wristwatch, the impact and opportunities of the industrial revolution brought about by the new flexible folding screen have attracted much attention.

Recently, at the 7th China Electronics Information Expo concurrent display industry conference, e company reporters learned from the industry that flexible screens are looking for more market segment application scenarios, and it is expected that flexible folding technology will change the industry's new ecology. Integrating more technologies, and terminal manufacturers are increasingly important to the needs of panel makers, bringing localization opportunities to the industry chain.

  Diversified application

When e-company reporter mentioned Nubia's first flexible screen wristwatch, Sun Tie-peng, vice president of Vision (0002387), immediately picked up the cuffs and displayed the wristwatch samples, showing the world's first softscreen for VR. Flexible flexible screen products, the company has entered a new stage of maturity in flexible screen mass production technology.

According to reports, since Samsung used AMOLED for mobile phones 10 years ago, AMOLED has entered a larger period of explosion. It is expected that by 2021, the global AMOLED small and medium flexible production line will be put into 18 scales, while the small and medium size is displayed. Overall demand showed a slowing trend. Therefore, new technologies such as comprehensive screens, flexible screens, and folding screens are constantly being presented. At the same time, technologies such as screen cameras and 5G are used to bring new changes to the terminals of the entire display industry. In addition, the price of flexible terminals is gradually decreasing. The double-curved 4500 yuan gradually went to the price of 3,000 yuan, driving more cost changes.

Correspondingly, the application scenarios are more diverse. Sun Tiepeng expects that flexible wearable products will continue to be available in the second half of this year and early next year.

According to the data, the Nubia Alpha wristwatch is equipped with a 4.01 inch flexible bendable display screen with a screen structure of up to 11 layers, challenging the adhesion reliability and light transmission during the bending process. At a thickness of 0.64 mm, it has a bending and twisting life of more than 100,000 times, and the wrist machine is priced at 3,499 yuan.

In addition to wearing equipment, automotive electronics, retail, medicine, etc. have also become the focus of new screen displays.

Deep Tianma A (000050) relatedExecutiveIt indicates that the in-vehicle display will be an important application area for new displays. With the advent of the 5G era, the transmission efficiency will increase, and autonomous driving will bring about a drastic change in the use of automobiles. After the shipment and layout of products in 2017 and 2018, Shentian Ma ranked first in the car display; the new retail display will also see a larger development in the next 2-3 years, including relatively simple POS machines or settlement. Terminal, self-service settlement terminal, and electronic tags.

According to reports, the company has developed in four dimensions in the display field: first, the application of the diversified part will focus on smart wear, smart home; second, panel technologyMeetingContinued upgrades will lead to more technological developments in low-temperature polysilicon and OLEDs; third, functional layout will attempt in-vehicle products, including complex automotive modules; and fourth, extensions of panel technology include sensors and biomedical applications.

  Domestic supply chain opportunity

For the currently popular folding screen market, industry insiders predict that if the folding or flexible display products are more than 20% in the market, a relatively mature product line will be formed. According to the current industrial process, it is predicted that the market of foldable mobile phones will be relatively mature in 2022. In addition, with the development of display integration technology, the most important applications in the industry will be fingerprints under the screen, screen cameras, front cameras and screen sounds. The concept has also been proposed.

However, many industry insiders said that the current OLED supply chain has become the biggest pain point in the industry. According to reports, OLED equipment includes front-end TFT process semiconductor equipment, middle-end distillation and packaging equipment, and rear module equipment, with an annual equipment investment of about 10 billion US dollars. However, there are fewer domestic companies in the front and middle equipment. In addition, display material technology is mainly concentrated in the hands of Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese companies.

Tianfeng SecuritiesAnalystZhang Jian expects to follow the industry investment rhythm, and will usher in the turning point of the industry in 2019. The localization of OLED module equipment is expected to accelerate. Relevant industry chain companies include testing equipment company Jingzheng Electronics, Huaxing original, fitting equipment Jintuo shares, Yitian Automation, binding equipment company Tiantong shares, joint equipment, cutting equipment on the Han family laser, Shengxiong laser.

Overall, there is a need to further strengthen collaboration within and outside the industry.

Sun Tiepeng said that the domestic AMOLED industry chain needs to strengthen international cooperation on the one hand; on the other hand, it needs to improve the basic process technology in combination with future demand, and improve in narrow frame, low power consumption, long life, high brightness and multi-form. Especially with the doubling of the screen area in the future, low-power technology is particularly critical, and the company has made multiple preparations. In addition, the future panel is an indispensable product form of the terminal factory, which means that the panel factory needs to cooperate closely with the upstream manufacturers and penetrate each other. At the same time, the demand of the panel manufacturers is more and more important.

(Article source: Securities Times Network)

                (Editor: DF142)

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