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Shanghai Stock Exchange accepts application for listing of five companies

April 15, 2019 18:15
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Shanghai Stock Exchange accepts application for listing of 5 companies' scientific board] The Shanghai Stock Exchange disclosed on April 15 that it has newly accepted Beijing Huanren Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Jindalai Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hangke Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Jia Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. and Western Superconducting Materials Technology Co., Ltd. As of press time, 5 companies have been newly accepted today.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange disclosed on April 15 that it has newly accepted Beijing Huanren Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Jindalai Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hangke Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Jiayuan Technology Co., Ltd., and Western Superconducting Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. As of press time, 5 companies have been newly accepted today.

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  Jin Dalai, Jiayuan Technology, and Western Superconductor 3 New Third Board Co., Ltd.

On April 15th, the website of the Shanghai Stock Exchange announced that it has accepted applications for the listing of five companies, including Jindalai, Jiayuan Technology and Western Superconductor.

Jindalai is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of complete sets of sewage treatment equipment, and provides sewage treatment and resource-based overall solutions for sewage discharge enterprises and professional sewage treatment enterprises. It is an enterprise of ecological protection and environmental treatment industry.

On March 4 this year, Jin Dalai held a board meeting to review and approve a number of proposals related to the listing of Science and Technology. The company said that in order to implement the company's development strategy, expand marketing capabilities, improve operating mechanism, expand financing channels, optimize capital structure, it is proposed to apply for initial public offering of RMB ordinary shares (A shares), and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. .

Prior to Jin Dalai, the new three-board company Jiangsu Beiren and Diandian all mentioned the application for the board, but it did not attract market attention. After Jin Dalai’s announcement, it quickly caused heated discussion in the market, and Jindalai’s second largestshareholderThe listed company Camel shares have seen four consecutive daily limit.

On October 25, 2017, Jin Dalai entered the listing counseling period, counselingBrokerFor China Merchants Securities. On February 19 this year, Jiangxi Province held a promotion meeting for the listing of “Azalea Action”, and all relevant departments, districts and cities and brokerages in Jiangxi Province planned a “one-on-one” promotion plan to accelerate the rapid progress and thicker foundation in the province. A group of companies with strong technology are connected to the board of science and technology. It was explicitly mentioned at the meeting that the focus was on the promotion of Jindalai with China Merchants Securities to ensure that it became the first batch of listed companies.

By March 19 this year, Jin DalaiShareholders' meetingThe review and approval of the company's science and technology board listing proposal. April 10,Company AnnouncementUnder the guidance of China Merchants Securities, it has been approved by the Jiangxi Securities Regulatory Bureau. Less than one week after the counseling and acceptance, Jinda Leike's application for listing on the board was accepted by the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Jin Dalai is a new three-board star company,announcementBefore the application for the board, the company's share price rose sharply. From December 2018 to March 4, 2019, the cumulative increase was 108.9%, and its market value in the New Third Board reached 3.825 billion yuan.

The prospectus announced today shows that Jindal’s listing criteria for this selection is “Standard One”, which means that the estimated market value is not less than RMB 1 billion.Net profitBoth are positive, and the accumulated net profit is not less than 50 million yuan, or the estimated market value is not less than 1 billion yuan, and the net profit in the most recent year is positive.Operating incomeNot less than 100 million yuan.

The company plans to issue no more than 69 million shares, with a financing amount of 1.009 billion yuan. The funds raised are mainly used for R&D center construction projects, operation center projects, and other working capital projects and supplementary liquidity projects related to the main business.

Jindalai mostNew sharesThe number of East is 422, and the number of the latest shareholders of Jiayuan Technology received on April 15 is 94. The proposed financing amount is 969 million yuan; the latest shareholder of Western Superconductor is 439, and the proposed financing amount is 800 million yuan.

Up to now, a total of 77 companies have been accepted for the listing of the company, including those listed on the New Third Board, including Jiangsu Beiren, Lingzhi Software, Lianrui New Materials, Titan Technology, Jindalai, Western Superconductor, Jiayuan Technology, etc. The Century Space, Papaya Mobile, Japte, Nanjing Minimally, etc., have been delisted from the New Third Board. (Article source: e company)

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  [Graphical Science and Technology] Hangke Technology: Leading supplier of lithium battery formation and testing equipment

  [Graphical Science and Technology] Jin Dalai: Specializing in sewage treatment Customers are mainly government departments (with shadow shareholding path)

  [Graphical Science and Technology] Jiayuan Technology: Ningde era, BYD's lithium battery copper core supplier

  [Graphical Science and Technology] Huanren Medical: a leader in animal-derived interventional medical devices

  [Graphical Science and Technology] Western Superconductor: the only domestic low-temperature superconducting wire commercial production enterprise, the main supplier of aviation materials

  One sentence to understand the latest batch of science and technology board enterprises 2 lithium battery related companies (4-15) with shadow stocks holding path

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