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Like a fierce Buddha, A-share "Jingren" Zhang Wei is arrested in black, 30 billion empire collapses

April 15, 2019 20:15
source: Wild horse finance

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[Ciru is like a fierce evil. A-share "martyr" Zhang Wei is arrested in black. The collapse of the 30 billion empire] The real controller of the listed company is actually the underworld boss? This melon has shocked countless investors. From small security guards to billionaires, to the "black society boss", Zhang Wei's 30 billion financial empire made him climb the peak of his life and buried his future. (Wild Horse Finance)

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  The real controller of a listed company is actually a triad boss?This melon has shocked countless investors.

  From small security guards to billionaires, to the "black society boss", Zhang Wei's 30 billion financial empire made him climb the peak of his life and buried his future.

  On April 10, the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau’s Office of the Black-speaking Office informed the public that Zhang Wei, the founder of Shenzhen Zhongke Chuang Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongke Chuang”), was arrested for black, extorting and illegally holding a gun.

This news quickly shocked the A-share market. The real controller of the listed company Zhongke Xincai (002290.SZ) was Zhang Wei, and its stock fell.

On the same day, another message spread immediately.Li Huanan, former member of the Standing Committee of Shenzhen Municipal Committee, deputy secretary and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, was doubled for serious violations of the law and was transferred to the procuratorate for review and prosecution according to law.

  The financial empire collapsed

In fact, the news that Zhang Wei was controlled by the judiciary before this has been exposed.On January 3, Zhongke New Materials was released.announcementIt is said that the office space of Zhongke Chuang was seized by the relevant departments, and some computers and documents of Zhongke New Materials Subsidiary were also taken away;Zhongke Chuangshi, Zhang Wei, Chairman and General Manager Ai Ping, Director Zhang Xiaotong, Director Ren Jie and Zhongke Chuang Commercial Factoring Legal Representative Huang Bin requested the relevant departments to assist in the investigation and were temporarily unable to perform their duties;At the same time, the Zhongke New Materials held by Zhongke Chuangye was also frozen by the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau.

According to the report of Caixin, Zhang Wei was involved in the case of Li Huanan.

As a result, Zhang Wei’s financial empire began to officially collapse.

After Zhang Wei was arrested, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern to Zhongke New Materials to explain. On January 18, Zhongke Xincai replied that the company is also actively applying to the relevant departments for the unblocking of the office space of the subsidiary, the return of relevant materials and the thawing of bank accounts, but it is unpredictable when it can be unsealed.

  On January 28th, Zhongke Xincai announced again that the company’s chairman and general manager, Ai Ping, and Zhang Xiaoyu, who had been arrested together with Zhang Wei, had returned home.However, Zhang Wei still did not have specific information until the Shenzhen Public Security issued a notice on April 10, and his charges were officially disclosed.

According to the report, Zhang Wei organized and led the criminal-related criminal groups to set up a “88 Fortune Network” network financing platform, fictitious investment projects, illegally absorb public deposits, obtain huge funds and then use them for high-interest loans for profit. The use of violent means such as debt collection, illegal detention, and trouble-seeking to force collection, and the use of false litigation to force debtors to repay debts through the production of false bank flows, blank debt confirmations, and loans.

Visible,The “88 Fortune Net” network financing platform is the main front of Zhang Wei’s black criminal group.

Public information display,In October 2013, Zhongke Chuang began to enter the Internet finance, and the online loan platform “88 Fortune Network” was convenient to go online at this time.

once Upon a time,88 Fortune.com is known as the leader of the mutual gold industry reform, and its “original “P2B+O2O” model has just repaired the inherent defects of the P2P model”.“The borrower is the enterprise and the lender is the individual. Compared with the individual-to-individual P2P model, the investment risk of investors is greatly reduced”.

The most glorious period of 88 Fortune.com was in 2015. At that time, it sponsored and participated in the APEC summit. It also signed a contract with the pianist Lang Lang for his endorsement. The data for its publicity is:“Rapidly ranked among the top ten in the industry, the transaction amount is nearly 2.2 billion yuan, the registered member customers are about 160,000, and the service enterprises are over 100.”

However, 88 Fortune.com has not been in the scenery for too long.

In February 2017, 88 Fortune.com suddenly announced its suspension. According to the net loan Tianye report, 88 Fortune Network as of December 2018, 88 wealth of unpaid principal and interest totaled about 753 million yuan. The reason given by Zhongke Chuang is the strategic transformation of the group and the suspension of online lending business.

  In December 2018, 88 Fortune.com announced that it had basically completed the redemption of the target and the website would be closed.At this time, Li Huanan has been investigated, and it is only one month since Zhang Wei was assisted in the investigation.

The financial empire that Zhang Wei worked hard to build has also reached the edge of the collapse.

  PerformanceHow is the 30 billion financial empire made?

In the early 1990s, after the retirement, Zhang Wei came to Shenzhen with 2,000 yuan to start from the security guard. This is Zhang Wei’s self-report at a deep business conference.

  In 2004, Zhang Wei, a 33-year-old, founded Zhongke Chuang to start a credit guarantee business by opening up the opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises to set up credit guarantee companies.According to the investment time report, the company was recognized as a credit institution by the Qianhai Equity Exchange Center shortly after its establishment, and became the first private guarantee company officially recognized by Shenzhen.

  Four years later, the launch of the “Quick and Easy Loan” platform officially began the exploration of the P2P model.

  In 2011, China Science and Technology launched the so-called “wealth management business”.Two years later, 88 Fortune.com was officially launched, and Zhang Wei’s “financial empire” has begun to take shape.

  After a year of 88 wealth online, Zhang Wei, chairman of Zhongke Chuang, said in an interview with Securities Times that Zhongke Chuang Matrix Company has managed assets of more than 13 billion, 88 wealth network turnover is close to 2 billion, and the number of members of the website is up to 150000.Zhang Wei also said: "We are not P2P, but P2B."

  In 2015, Zhongke Chuang began to hold Zhongke Xincai, and Zhongke Chuang began to carry out the financial reform of “Science in Science and Technology” for Zhongke New Materials.Since then, it has successively established five companies, including the commercial factoring company and asset management company named after He Sheng, and has successively changed the name of Zhongke Chuang, and Zhang Wei’s financial empire has reached its peak.

The publicity materials at the time showed that "after ten years of industry experience, China Science and Technology has owned Internet finance, Internet real estate, wealth management,MergerInvestment, Fortune Art Museum, Fortune Club six major sectors, the cumulative management assets of 31.2 billion yuan.To date, it has provided services to more than 76 Hong Kong stocks and A-share listed companies.

  In 2016, along with the establishment of innovative materials, Zhongke Chuang said that it will continue to expand the financial industry by leveraging the platform of listed companies.Zhongke Chuang plans to form a synergistic effect between its original financial enterprises and listed companies to realize the transformation of so-called “supply chain finance”.

While Zhang Wei tried to continue the financial empire, his danger is approaching. The two failed acquisitions of listed companies have already laid the foundation for the expansion of his financial empire.

  "Barbarians" past events

Zhongke Chuang, who completed the layout of the financial empire, has already begun to embarrass on the capital market.

  Zhongke Chuang from Shenzhen has long been known in the A-share market for its “barbaric acquisitions”.

  In 2013, during the process of Yang Zongchang's acquisition of Great Wall National Exchange and becoming the real controller of Tianmu Pharmaceutical (600671.SH), Zhongke Chuang participated.

According to the "Securities Times" report, in March 2013, Yang Zongchang acquired the control of Tianmu Pharmaceutical through the acquisition of Great Wall National Exchange. In April 2013, Yang Zongchang and others transferred some of the indirectly held shares of Great Wall Guohui to the company. Zhongke Chuangzi Company; after many changes, Tianmu Pharmaceutical HoldingsshareholderYang Zongchang and Zhongke Chuang have two major interest groups. Among them, Yang Zongchang holds 58.27% of the controlling shareholder's right to speak, and Zhongke Chuang is 41.64%. The remaining shares are held by other partners.

  There is no banquet in the world. At the time, the two sides of the close cooperation have guilty due to equity disputes.Song Xiaoming, the original controller of Tianmu Pharmaceuticals, took the opportunity to make a comeback.In the end, Zhongke Chuang can only leave the scene.

After the acquisition of others failed, in 2014, China Science and Technology Co., Ltd. began its independent acquisition of listed companies with its subsidiaries.

  From March 4, 2014, after the first placard of the new Huangpu (600638.SH) caused the attention of the capital market, Zhongke Chuang and Zhang Wei were respectively on March 16, April 19, and May 27, 2014. The day has been awarded the new Huangpu three times.During this period, China Science and Technology and the new Huangpu's controlling shareholder, Xinhuawen Investment, had a win-win situation, and the company's control rights also changed several times.

After four plaques, Zhongke Chuang, who once became the new Huangpu Holdings East, was unable to enter the new Huangpu board of directors. After Huawen Investment returned to the position of controlling shareholder in June 2014, it entered the board of directors and lost control of the controlling stake.At the beginning of 2015, Zhongke Chuang gradually reduced its holding of the new Huangpu, and Zhongke Chuang once again lost in the barbaric competition for capital.

Although Zhongke’s two acquisitions ended in failure, Zhang Wei’s barbaric acquisition continued.In 2015, Zhongke Chuang, who emerged from Tianmu Pharmaceutical and Xinhuangpu, turned their attention to Zhongke New Materials (002290.SZ) listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

In May 2015, Zhongke Chuang Assets signed a “Agreement on the Transfer of Shares of Suzhou Hesheng New Materials Co., Ltd.” with Zhao Dongming, Zhang Wenhua and Jiang Xueyuan, and was transferred to Zhongke New Materials held by three people (formerly known as “Hesheng New Materials””. ) 27.12 million shares.carry outEquity transferAfter that, Zhongke Chuang, which held 12.87% of the shares, jumped to the top ten shareholders of Zhongke New Materials.

In 2016, China Science and Technology entered the secondary market separately.big dealInvolved in the increase in holdings, etc. to increase the holdings of Zhongke New Materials, holding 27.42%.At the end of August of that year, Zhao Dongming, the chairman of Zhongke Xincaiyuan, resigned;Two months later, Zhang Wei became the new real controller of Zhongke New Materials through the 100%-owned Zhongke Assets.

Today,The fixed-income program of Zhongke New Materials is only 367 million yuan in financing, not only far from the huge target of 2.9 billion.It is said that the big data-based Internet supply chain will be built with an annual output of 100,000 tons of new composite material insurance products, and the investment will be terminated in April 2018.

However, Zhongke New Materials has not realized the heavy dependence on the transformation of the original home appliance composite materials.The financial business that has been highly anticipated has never exceeded 10%.

According to the announcement of Zhongke New Materials at the end of March,The trend of its substantial growth has reversed in the first quarter of 2019, and is expected to be expected in March 2019.Net profitIt was -4 million yuan, down 80%-120% year-on-year.

  The controlling shareholder has become a black criminal group. The listed company can have good performance. It is a talk. With Zhang Wei’s Zhongke Chuang Black Gold Empire collapsed, where will Zhongke New Materials go?Welcome to leave a message in the comments section.

(Article source: Wild Horse Finance)

                (Editor: DF075)

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