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Xinhua News Agency: Struggle should advocate 996 when exiting

April 15, 2019 22:03
Author: Xin knowledge level
source: Xinhua Net

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[Xinhua News Agency: Struggle should advocate 996 when exiting] To treat the workers well, so that the workers have a sense of gain, happiness and security, which is the best tribute to the strugglers and the best promotion of the spirit of struggle. (Xinhua)

Recently, the “996 Work System” implemented by some enterprises has continued to attract social attention. The so-called "996 work system" means that employees arrive at the job at 9:00 am every day, work until 9:00 pm, and work 6 days a week. In this way, the weekly working hours of the "996 Working System" reached a minimum of 72 hours.

According to China's labor law, the state implements a working hour system in which the working hours of laborers are not more than eight hours per day and the average weekly working hours are not more than forty-four hours. If it is necessary to extend the working time for special reasons, the working hours shall not exceed three hours per day under the conditions of ensuring the health of the workers, but shall not exceed thirty-six hours per month. Obviously, the "996 work system" is a violation of the labor law.

Today's China needs more struggle than ever before. This point has a high consensus among the whole society. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people are practicing this consensus with busy figures and hard work. The struggle we advocate is the struggle for the workers to achieve decent and decent work and all-round development. It is based on people's sense of responsibility for the cause and confidence in the future. If we can't really protect the interests of employees, if we ignore the wishes and physical and mental health of our employees, and even let our employees work hard to get a working overtime fee, the "996 work system" imposed by some enterprises is to overdraw health and overdraft the future. It is the injury to the struggler and the misunderstanding of the spirit of struggle.

Being kind to the workers and letting the workers have a sense of gain, happiness and security is the best tribute to the strugglers and the best promotion of the spirit of struggle.

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(Article source: Xinhuanet)

                (Editor: DF075)

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