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Coal enterprises promote the implementation of cancellation night shift industry intelligent transformation is expected to accelerate

April 15, 2019 22:48
source: SSE Information

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Huang Yuzhi, director of the State Bureau of Coal Supervision, said at the recent national coal mine safety training site meeting that coal mining enterprises should promote the implementation of the night shift practice and gradually change the traditional operation mode of the underground coal mine employees “three shifts a day, 24 hours continuous rotation”. It is necessary to continue to promote mechanization substitution, automation to reduce people, and accelerate coal mines.robotR & D applications. According to industry insiders, the degree of mechanization and intelligence of coal mine production will be improved accordingly, and objectively, it will also provide conditions for canceling night shifts. Related companies include:Tiandi Technology,Zheng coal machineWait.

(Article source: SSE Information)

                (Editor: DF314)

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