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After the implementation of Little Swan's dividends, the US group adjusted the price and number of shares of Little Swan's share swap.

April 15, 2019 22:50
source: Capital state

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April 15th,Midea Group(000333) released about Wuxi XiaoSwan sharesAfter the implementation of the interim profit distribution plan, the company adjusted the exchange rate to absorb the merger price, the conversion ratio and other mattersannouncement.

It is reported that Midea Group issued A shares to convert shares to merge Wuxi Little Swan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Little Swan") (hereinafter referred to as "this share swap absorption") has been supervised by China Securities on March 12, 2019. According to the approval of the Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as “China Securities Regulatory Commission”) “Approval of the Approval of the United States Group Co., Ltd. to absorb the merger of Wuxi Little Swan Co., Ltd.”, according to the approval, the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the US group to issue 342,130,784 shares to absorb the merger of Little Swan. .

Midea Group said that in view of Little Swan's medium-term profit distribution plan alreadyshareholderAfter the deliberation and approval of the conference, after the implementation of the medium-term profit distribution plan of Little Swan, the related matters involved in the merger and acquisition of this share swap are adjusted accordingly as follows:

1.Little Swan AThe stock exchange price is adjusted to 46.91 yuan / share,Little Swan BThe stock exchange price was adjusted to 38.07 yuan / share.

2. The conversion ratio of Little Swan A shares was adjusted to 1:1.11584206, and the share conversion ratio of Little Swan B shares was adjusted to 1:0.90556613.

3. Midea Group adjusted the number of shares issued for the merger by this conversion to 313,649,040 shares.

4. The price of the cash option of the Little Swan A-share dissenting shareholder was adjusted to RMB 37.85 per share, and the price of the cash option of the Little Swan B-share dissenting shareholder was adjusted to HK$27.88 per share.

In addition, Midea Group said that if the company conducts before the implementation of this share swapDividendAnd the completion of the ex-dividend, the US group's share price, the proportion of shares, the number of shares issued, the price of the opposition share purchase request, etc. will also be further ex-dividend adjustment.

(Article source: Capital State)

                (Editor: DF395)

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