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The State Administration of Markets has issued a typical case of rectifying the "health" market chaos "100-day action"

April 15, 2019 22:53
source: Xinhua Net

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On the 15th, the State Administration of Markets and Regulations issued 30 typical cases of rectifying the “health” market chaos “100-day action”. Including: Beijing investigated and dealt with Shenzhou Xianglong (Beijing) Business Services Co., Ltd. to publish illegal advertising cases; Tianjin Dongli District investigated and dealt with the false report of the second branch of Tianjin Bailesi Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd.; Zhongding Hengfa IOT Technology Co., Ltd. (Tianjin) organized the planning of the network pyramid selling Yuzu liquid case.

In these cases, some cases have declared that “crocodile can not kill cancer for life” and “crocodile serum can kill HIV” and other advertising slogans that are inconsistent with the facts. Some false propaganda called "selenium-enriched malt powder, the same product contains the highest selenium, scientific and safe, anti-cancer and anti-cancer" and other terms. Some false propaganda called "collagen peptide solid beverage", "ostrich oil antibacterial ointment", "broken pine pollen products" and other products can treat various diseases. Some cases express or imply that the treatment device cures all diseases and adapts to all symptoms and other advertising content. Some cases use words that are related to disease treatment functions and are easily confused with drugs and medical devices in product promotion. In some cases, in the marketing process, deliberate concealment, confusion and other means, purposefully and systematically downloading, splicing, forging and editing the products sold on the Internet have the effect of treating middle-aged and old-age diseases and improving the physiological functions of middle-aged and elderly people. Small household items such as sesame oil, vinegar sauce, and cleaning paper attract the middle-aged and elderly people to gather, and promote and promote the middle-aged and elderly people through the form of health talks. Then, through the marketing personnel classification screening, point-to-point service, key research and other forms, the middle-aged and old-aged consumers are advertised for the purpose of obtaining illegal profits.

According to the advertising laws, anti-unfair competition laws and other legal provisions, operators may not make false or misleading commercial propaganda on the performance, function, quality, sales status, user evaluation, and honors of their products, deceiving and misleading consumption. By.

Since January 8, 2019, 13 departments including the State Administration of Markets and Administration have jointly deployed a 100-day rectification of the “health” market chaos “100-day action”, and increased the key industries in the “health” market nationwide. In the key areas, key behaviors, post-event supervision, severely crack down on all kinds of illegal activities such as false propaganda, false advertising, production and sale of counterfeit and shoddy products, disrupting market order, and defrauding consumers.

(Article Source:Xinhua Net)

                (Editor: DF512)

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