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The panoramic network was inquired: Is the national emblem, national flag and other pictures used for commercial purposes?

April 16, 2019 08:49
source: Capital state

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K map 834877_60

April 15th,Panoramic network(834877) disclosed [2019] No. 020 on the inquiry letter to Beijing Panorama Vision Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Recently, the panoramic network caused public concern due to the sale of copyright-free pictures, rights-based marketing, and a large number of infringements of image infringements. The management department of the stock transfer company requested the panoramic network to elaborate on the following matters:

1. The Panorama Network disclosed “authentic marketing” in its 2017 annual report. According to media reports, the panoramic network has a large number of litigation matters due to its rights-based marketing.

(1) Please ask the panoramic network to explain the specific mode of rights-based marketing, the amount of income obtained through rights-based marketing, and the revenueOperating incomeProportion, whether rights-based marketing constitutes the main business model of the panoramic network, whether the model is commercially sustainable;

(2) Please provide a detailed description of the litigation situation through rights-based marketing since 2017, including but not limited to the number of litigation, the proportion of judgment/conciliation/and settlement, the average compensation amount, and whether the information has been transferred to the company according to the national share Disclosure of relevant regulations and timely fulfillment of information disclosure obligations;

(3) Explain whether the company defends its rights through litigation, and sells services such as “members of the year” and “packages” to the litigants or requires long-term cooperation agreements. If yes, please indicate whether it is abusive.

2. Explain the source and business compliance of the company's non-self-owned pictures; whether there are pictures that have not obtained the license or the period of protection of the rights for the paid authorization, whether it is illegal to use the national emblem, the national flag, etc. for commercial purposes .

3. At the beginning of 2017, Panorama Network announced a full free open personal and corporate non-commercial map, but the company has a large number of infringement complaints, please explain whether this is in violation of the free non-commercial map.

4. Explain that the company suspended the impact of the business operation and revenue of the website service team and the follow-up operation arrangements on April 11.

Capital State was informed that as of today's close, the panoramic network closed at 1.21 yuan / share, down 13.57%, corresponding to a market value of 174 million yuan.

(Article source: Capital State)

                (Editor: DF395)

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