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60 million claims mystery surfaced. McAudi claims to be a fictitious debt.

May 15, 2019 03:37

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[60 million debt mystery surface surfaced McAudi claims to be a fictitious debt] For investors, the various bizarre plots of the capital market are not uncommon. Recently, another huge debt mystery between listed companies and suppliers has surfaced. (Daily Economic News)

K map 300341_2

For investors, the various bizarre plots of the capital market are not uncommon. Recently, another huge debt mystery between listed companies and suppliers has surfaced.

According toMcAudi(300341, SZ) The Notice of Arbitration announced on May 10 disclosed that Xiamen Kaijia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kaijia Industry and Trade) signed a sales contract with the listed company, and then the accounts receivable of the contract. Transferring funds to Bosch (Shenzhen) Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bosch Factoring) for factoring financing (ie, the seller obtains the legally owned accounts receivable from the financial institution, thereby obtaining Financing behavior), a total of 79,998,800 yuan was raised. However, after the expiration, Bosch Factoring said that only 61.209 million yuan of the principal was not recovered.

The simple plot that seems to owe money is not a result, but because of the statement of the listed company, a mystery case is formed.

In the morning of May 13th,McAudiA clarification announcement was issued stating that as of March 31, 2019, the balance of payables to Kaijia Industry and Trade was only 431,900 yuan, and the above contract was a forged contract. The listed company said that it did not know about the transfer of accounts receivable from Kaijia Industry and Trade to Bosch Factoring. The relevant parties such as Kaijia Industry and Trade were suspected of fictitious credits, forgery of contract documents and company official seals, and other listed criminals. The public security organ has been reported to investigate and obtain a report receipt.

On May 13th, the reporter of "Daily Economic News" successivelyMcAudi, Kaijia Industry and Trade, Bosch Factoring and other companies to verify the relevant situation.

  Bosch Factoring: They have debts

The version of the matter described in the Notice of Arbitration is as follows: January 5, 2016, Kaijia Industry and TradeMcAudiSigned a contract,McAudiAs the buyer intends to order parts to Kaijia Industry and Trade (the specific amount of the order is not stated). In March 2018, Kaijia Industry and Trade found Bosch Factoring, hoping to use this purchase contract for factoring financing.

This “factory financing”, in this case, simply means that Kaijia Industry and Trade will rely on the order and the income that will be obtained in the future, to find the insurance of Bosch Factoring, provided that the accounts receivable The creditor's rights were transferred to Bosch Factoring. On May 13, 2019, the reporter of "Daily Economic News"McAudiWhen verifying the aspect, the staff of the company’s secretarial office told the reporter: Kaijia Industry and Trade isMcAudiThe suppliers have a cooperative relationship of more than ten years, and the supply has been relatively stable. The products supplied are mainly metal inserts.

On March 12, 2018, Kaijia Industry and Trade and Bosch Factoring signed the "Conservation Service Contract". On the second day, the two companies found the buyer again.McAudiEveryone signed the "Tripartite Cooperation Agreement" together.

After the signing of the Factoring Service Contract, Kaijia Industry and Trade relied on the transfer of accounts receivable claims, and applied for factoring financing services to Bosch Factoring in five times, totaling RMB 799.98 million.

The Notice of Arbitration showed that Kaijia Industry and Trade sent a corresponding notice to the listed company, stating that the debtor's rights and related rights have been transferred to the real estate, and the listed company should pay the payables in full and on time. To the designatedbankAccount. Listed companyMcAudiAfter receiving the notice, the “Return Receipt” was issued to Kaijia Industry and Trade and Bosch Factoring, confirming that the “Notice of Transfer of Accounts Receivable” has been received.

Originally this was a common factoring business, but after the expiration of the factoring financing period, Bosch Factoring said: Kaijia Industry and Trade,McAudiDid not pay the financing to it in accordance with the contract, soShenzhen InternationalThe Court of Arbitration applies for arbitration and willMcAudiKaijia Industry and Trade and its parent company Kaijia (Fujian) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kaijia Technology), Kaijia Industry and Trade Shareholders Lin Huixie and Xu Jun were listed as respondents.

Boxi Factoring also said that the respondent still defaulted on the applicant's financing principal of 62.209 million yuan, and should also pay their factoring financing interest, overdue management fees and liquidated damages as agreed in the contract. Among them, the unpaid interest and overdue management fees are tentatively calculated to February 26, 2019, which has reached 3.12 million yuan.

Do you think the above content looks normal, at least not surprising? Don't worry, the strange place is below.

  McAudi:Already alarmed

However, this debt dispute isMcAudiAfter the self-examination and response, there was a dramatic reversal.

The basis for Kaijia Industry and Trade to apply for factoring financing from Bosch Factoring is that itMcAudiAccount receivable claims.

butMcAudiIn the clarification announcement, after self-examination, as of March 31, 2019, the balance of payables of listed companies to Kaijia Industry and Trade was only 431,900 yuan.

On May 13, the "Daily Economic News" reporter calledMcAudiThe staff of the secretary-general office said that Kaijia Industry and Trade has becomeMcAudiThe supplier has been in existence for more than ten years, and the supply has been relatively stable. The products supplied are mainly metal inserts. “The factoring business is actually based on accounts receivable. The annual trade volume between Kaijia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. There are 40 to 50 million, but generally one and a half months will be settled, and the last remaining accounts receivable can not be as high as Kaijia Industry and Trade.

  McAudiSaid that the relevant parties in this case were suspected of fictitious claims (ieMcAudiThe debts are suspected of being fictitious), the falsification of contract documents and the falsification of official seals of listed companies, etc., have been reported to the public security organs for investigation and investigation, and reported receipts.

ForMcAudiIn response to this response, on May 13th, the reporter of "Daily Economic News" dialed the public telephone number disclosed by Bosch Insurance, which was checked through Kaixinbao, and verified the matter. The staff who answered the phone said that they were Bosch Insurance. The new employee did not understand the matter, and then the reporter further asked, the other party immediately said that the reporter made the wrong call, saying that the phone number is not the real insurance company.

Later, the reporter contacted Kaijia Industry and Trade, but only learned from a staff member, Kaijia Industry and TradeMcAudiThere is indeed business dealings between them.

Does the factoring agency find a listed company to verify the order? Is the huge amount of creditorship a vain or a bit tricky? The reporter got more opinions from many parties.

A senior financial institution familiar with the factoring business disclosed to the "Daily Economic News" reporter that the factoring business involving the accounts receivable, the factoring company or the financial institution will first confirm whether the account receivable is true, should Whether the trade background between the creditor and the debtor does exist, in which case the creditor will be required to provide the trade background materials, contracts, agreements and related invoices, conduct due diligence on the relevant creditor's rights, and confirm to the debtor. Whether the relevant debt exists and whether it agrees to the transfer of relevant creditor's rights.

At the same time, the senior financial institution also revealed that there are some factoring businesses involving accounts receivable, and financial institutions or factoring companies will require factoring applicants (ie creditors) to purchase relevant credits.InsuranceIn the event that the debtor cannot pay the money, there can be a risk buffer.

Does Bosch Factoring have any relevant accounts receivable business?InsuranceAt present, it is still unknown, but from the disclosure of the Notice of Arbitration, Boxing Factor has verified the debtor's claims on the process to the debtor.

but nowMcAudiAccording to the statement, the relevant contract documents and the official seal of the listed company are forged. Then, has Bosch Factoring contacted the listed company in 2018 to verify it?

  McAudiThe statement of the staff of the Secretary-General’s Office is “no”. "It can only be understood that it may be that the salesperson of Bosch Factoring Co., Ltd. and Kaijia Industry and Trade colluded well, and did not send this out. In theory, Bosch Factoring should give the "Accounts Receivable Notice". It is sent to the debtor and the debtor can confirm the loan before it is released. Our listed companies are all blocked. We also know this when we receive the notice of arbitration."

As for this statement, as of press time, the reporter has not received the response from Kaijia Industry and Trade and Bosch Factoring.

In addition,McAudiThe staff of the Secretary-General also said that the follow-up company may go to Shenzhen to communicate, go to the arbitration institution to obtain documents, verify the legality of the documents, and now the company has also reported the police, and the public security department will further investigate.

(Article source: Daily Economic News)

                (Editor: DF372)

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