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The net loss of B station in the first quarter is about 200 million. Is the second-generation realization still in its infancy?

May 15, 2019 04:44

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[B station net loss of about 200 million in the first quarter. Is the second-generation realization still in its infancy? On the morning of May 14th, Beijing time, station B handed over the transcripts for the first quarter of 2019. From the financial report, in the first quarter, the B station achieved good growth in terms of revenue, monthly user size, and paid users. However, from the unaudited financial report released in the first quarter, B station is still at a loss, with a net loss of RMB 195.6 million and a net loss of 238% over the same period last year. (Daily Economic News)

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On the morning of May 14th, Beijing time, station B handed over the transcripts for the first quarter of 2019.

From the financial report, in the first quarter, the B station achieved good growth in terms of revenue, monthly user size, and paid users. However, from the unaudited financial report released in the first quarter, B station is still at a loss, with a net loss of RMB 195.6 million and a net loss of 238% over the same period last year.

The reporter of "Daily Economic News" noticed that in the first quarter, the average monthly active users of station B broke 100 million yuan, and the monthly average number of paid users reached 5.7 million. However, the realization of B standing in the field of secondary yuan still faces difficulties.

Chen Rui, Chairman and CEO of B Station, said in a public reply to the media: "In the future, our focus will be on the continuous improvement of user growth and commercialization capabilities, and through the continuous innovation of content and technology. The community is active and growing."

  ▲B station for picture

  First quarter revenue reached 1.37 billion

It has been predicted by industry insiders that station B may become the first platform to achieve profitability in video websites. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, the continuously expanding losses of Station B are still the focus of the market.

According to the financial report, the total revenue of the B station in the first quarter reached 1.37 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 58%, a net loss of 195.6 million yuan, and a net loss of 14%. In the first three quarters of 2018, the net loss of station B was 57.8 million yuan, 70.3 million yuan, and 246 million yuan.

According to the data of the quarterly report of 2019, although the proportion of the B-station to the game business is still the highest, the phenomenon of over-reliance on the game business is gradually improving.

B station 2019 Mobile game revenue in the first quarter was 873.5 million yuan, accounting for 64% of revenue. The "Daily Economic News" reporter noted that in the first three quarters of the B station in 2018, the game revenue accounted for 79%, 77.1%, and 68.5%, respectively. In the fourth quarter of 2018, the game business accounted for about 62%.

In the conference call, Chen Rui, Chairman and CEO of Station B, pointed out: "The overall market for the second-yuan game is optimistic. There will be two key points in the future B-station game business, one is the second-yuan game; the second is for the high-demand Players offer an updated form of entertaining gameplay."

On the other hand, in terms of non-gaming business, the revenue of B-station live and value-added services in the first quarter reached 290 million yuan, accounting for 21% of total revenue, up 205% year-on-year. Tens of thousands of quarterly live paying users exceeded 1.2 million.

Chen Rui believes that live broadcast is an important part of the B station's content ecology. "B station's content advantages for the entire industry should be able to achieve the absolute head of the industry in games, e-sports, pan-secondary content, virtual anchors and other fields."

In terms of advertising business, the advertising revenue of station B reached 110 million yuan this year, up 60% year-on-year; the first quarter revenue of e-commerce and other businesses reached 96 million yuan, achieving a year-on-year growth of 621%.

As of March 31, 2019, the company held cash, cash equivalents and time deposits totaling 3.5 billion yuan. In addition, Station B also completed a $734 million fundraising in April this year. In the financial report, the B station has an outlook for the second quarter of 2019, which is expected to reach 1.45 billion to 1.49 billion yuan.

  Monthly users exceeded 100 million

As the largest secondary community in China, B stood in the first quarter to achieve rapid user growth.

Data show that during the quarter, monthly users of station B climbed rapidly to 101 million, and users of mobile terminals increased 39% year-on-year to 88.6 million. The number of daily users at station B also reached 30 million for the first time. As of the end of March 2019, the number of paying members of Station B increased by 95% year-on-year to 4.8 million, showing a huge room for growth.

As we all know, with the coming of a single video over 100 million membership era, almost all video sites have implemented membership payment services. Third quarter of 2018IQIYIFor the first time, the proportion of paid member income exceeded the online advertising revenue and ranked first in the income of the main business.

In contrast, although it is a video website, due to the particularity of the B station, in the eyes of the second-time users, the B station has always been a video website known as "conscience", and the video has neither advertisements nor free viewing. As early as 2016, the B station also tried the "big member" payment system, but it attracted a lot of spit and dissatisfaction because it could not let users get the service that matched the price. At the end of 2016, the “big members” of station B can no longer buy directly, but use member points for redemption.

At the beginning of 2018, Station B announced 29 new cases in January 2018. At the same time, it also announced eight of the new "Payment First" programs. B stood in the plan and said: "We have talked many times with our upstream and downstream predecessors and peers. We will negotiate with the copyright parties before the new season in the future, and implement the 'pay first look' model for some of the dramas. ""

However, for the B station, its membership payment is still in its infancy. After all, the user's payment habits of the B station are not yet mature, and compared with other video websites that started to pay the membership system earlier, the B station started relatively late.

In the conference call, Li Wei, vice chairman and chief operating officer of station B, said that in the future, the input of content will be more inclined to the content of self-made attributes. She believes: "The investment in self-made content will not only stimulate the income of the big member business, but also better play the long tail effect of IP. We see that the proportion of automatic renewal of the annual big members is quite high, and the follow-up will be Establish more recycling mechanisms based on IP-derived development."

In the commercial realization of the secondary element field, the B station also expanded its focus to the main content of UP and aimed at e-commerce. At the end of last year, B station will hold hands with Ali, and the two sides will rely on their respective resource advantages to carry out extensive cooperation in UP main content e-commerce and B-station own IP commercialization operations to better create online, offline content, products and users. Ecosystem.

Chen Rui once said that the commercialization of station B must take into account the user experience. In the future, can we turn losses into profits and maintain an absolute dominant position in the field of secondary yuan. How to use its own advantages to open up the secondary yuan vertical field payment channel may be the exploration direction that B station can't give up.

(Article source: Daily Economic News)

                (Editor: DF387)

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