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Kechuang board forced service upgrades, banks rushed to innovate credit products

May 15, 2019 06:46
Author: Wei Qian

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[Kechuang board forced service upgrades. Banks are eager to innovate credit products] As soon as the Kechuang board was launched, more and more banks began to look for opportunities to participate. Yesterday, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank released version 2.0 of the technology financial service in Shanghai, focusing on the development of the customer of the board. As an important institutional innovation, the opening of the Science and Technology Board has attracted the active participation of financial institutions such as brokerages and funds. As far as banks are concerned, Nanjing Bank, Shanghai Bank, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, etc. have taken the opportunity to set up a science and technology board, or launched a service enterprise board enterprise plan, or upgraded the existing science and technology financial service system. (Shanghai Securities News)

Kechuang board is coming soon, more and morebankStart looking for deep participation. Yesterday,Shanghai Pudong Development BankThe release of the technology financial services version 2.0 in Shanghai, mainly focusing on the development of the customer of the board.

As an important institutional innovation, the opening of the science and technology board attractedBroker,fundThe active participation of financial institutions. onbankIn terms ofBank of Nanjing,Shanghai BankShanghai Agricultural Commercial Bank, etc., took the opportunity to set up a science and technology board, or launched a service enterprise board enterprise plan, or upgraded the existing science and technology financial service system.

  Upgrade the science and technology enterprise financial service system

In order to fully cooperate with the establishment of the science and technology board,Shanghai Pudong Development BankYesterday announced the upgrade of the technology financial services system.Shanghai Pudong Development BankWang Xinhao, deputy governor, said that through the empowerment of the technology financial service platform, the company will continue to deepen its services to PE, VC and large-scale leading technology companies, and create a technology financial ecosystem that is jointly built and shared by multi-sectors such as small and medium-sized enterprises. The core needs and pain points of the party's main body, to achieve customized, accurate and differentiated financial services.

The reporter was informed that there are three core points of the program: one is to standardize the listing of the standard board, the new 10,000 household customer cultivation library, the high-growth high-tech innovative enterprise to cultivate; the second is to iteratively optimize the general-purpose technology financial products. The third is to fully empower the technology financial service platform. Through the service platform, from the investor to find and screen the invested projects, to two-way empowerment between investors and technology-based enterprises.

"Through product iteration, we hope to achieve three goals: throughinterest rateThe arrangement of low and high before, helps technology companies to reduce early financing costs; by loading the investment and loan linkage model to avoid dilution of technology-based enterprises; and iterative credit financing loans to ease the burden of mortgages for technology companies. ”Shanghai Pudong Development BankYuan Rui, director of the Science and Technology Finance Center of the head office, said yesterday.

this isbankParticipate in the latest developments in the science and technology board. According to the reporter, as of now,Bank of Nanjing,Shanghai BankIt is said that the establishment of the science and technology board as an opportunity, or the introduction of the service sector to create a board enterprise, or upgrade the original science and technology financial services system.

For example,Shanghai BankHe has visited the Shanghai Stock Exchange, brokerages, and listed customers to understand the relevant progress and needs, improve the product and service plans for listed companies and listed companies, and provide one-stop, all-round and personalized services for the technology-based enterprises to dock the capital market.

  Bank of NanjingIt also formed a detailed plan for the service board enterprise. Liu Enqi, deputy governor of the bank, said: "As early as the launch of the science and technology board, the special research on the financial services of the science and technology board enterprises was launched to meet the needs of customers in the market." It is reported that the bank will focus on the future. The board enterprise makes new system design and product arrangement.


According to the reporter's understanding, it is different from non-bank financial institutions such as brokerages and funds to participate in the business of underwriting and investment in science and technology projects.bankParticipation in the science and technology board is generally focused on innovative credit products, supporting the financing of the science and technology board enterprises, supplemented by supporting financial value-added services such as account opening, online accounting and tax filing, or sales of science and technology board funds.

  Shanghai Pudong Development BankShanghai Branch is an early layout of the science and technology boardbank. The reporter was informed that the bank launched the “Kechuang Enterprise Service Spree”, focusing on convenient account opening, exclusive loans, cost reduction, and general benefit.Financial managementFive aspects of value-added services.

The characteristics of science and technology enterprises are generally in the high-speed growth period, but most of them are light assets (mostly patented technologies), and the potential risks are large.bankWhen considering financial services, the credit standards and thresholds set by them are also different from those of traditional enterprises. Looking back over the past few years,bankThe emphasis on science and technology innovation enterprises has gradually increased, and some doorways have gradually been explored.

For example, in terms of financing products,Shanghai Pudong Development BankThe exclusive “Creator Loan” launched by Shanghai Branch focuses on the core assets of light asset technology companies – talents and technology, and also refers to the entrepreneurial experience, team situation, external certification and other dimensions, combined with innovative “scores” "Mode, according to the needs of enterprises to match the corresponding credit line.

In terms of mechanisms, the form of setting up franchisees is also more common. For example, in Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, as early as 2012, Shanghai’s first technology-specific sub-branch, Zhangjiang Technology Sub-branch, was set up to serve science-based enterprises.

ForbankParticipate in the meaning of the science and technology board, inBank of CommunicationsWu Wen, a senior researcher at the Center for Financial Research, seems to be forcedbankThe service upgrade, the second is to bring a huge potential customer base, and the third is to promote the transformation and upgrading of the risk control system.

The data obtained by the reporter shows that as of the end of 2018,Shanghai Pudong Development BankMore than 30,000 technology-based enterprise customers have doubled compared with the 2016 data; the balance of technology-based enterprise loans exceeds 150 billion yuan, an increase of 50% compared with 2016; the number of technology-based enterprise investment and loan linkage customers exceeds 500, signed There are nearly 100 strategic cooperation funds and more than 550 fund trustees.

(Article source: Shanghai Securities News)

                (Editor: DF380)

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