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The three major stock indexes of A shares rose more than 2% collectively.

May 15, 2019 14:15
source: Oriental Fortune Securities Institute

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[Stock market broadcast] In the turn of liquor, brokerage and other sectors, Wuliangye's share price rose more than 7%, hitting a record high of 110.15 yuan. Guizhou Maotai rose nearly 5%. The A-share market expanded. As of press time, the Shanghai index rose 2.01%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 2.53%, and the GEM index rose 2.29%.

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Under the force of the liquor, brokerage and other sectors, among themWuliangyeThe stock price rose more than 7%, hitting a record high of 110.15 yuan.Guizhou MaotaiUp nearly 5%. The A-share market expanded. As of press time, the Shanghai index rose 2.01%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 2.53%, and the GEM index rose 2.29%.

Today's news:

1,US Treasury spokesman said that Mnuchin plans to travel to Beijing to continue economic and trade consultations in the near future.

2,In 2019, the first step of directional RRRR is landing today! The property market and the stock market go this way.

3,Bureau of Statistics: In April, the added value of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 5.4% year-on-year. The sales of commercial housing in the first four months increased by 8.1% year-on-year.

4,People's Daily Bell: Don't be enchanted by the "victory" of self-deception - "adding tariffs to favorable interests" can rest

5,Shenzhen Red Exchange: Investor protection falls into all links of the supervision work. Guides the dividends of listed companies.

6,HKEx responds to market rumor blow mechanism: no comment

7,CSRC: Establishing 5.15 National Investor Protection Promotion Day

8,A-shares include MSCI weights doubled 100 billion foreign investment increase period Capital market construction two-way open new pattern

9,Kechuang board is one step closer! The first round of inquiry of the first company! The first round of inquiries revealed five types of problems. See the top ten key points.

Looking forward to the market,Zhongyuan SecuritiesIt said that there is not much room for further decline in the A-share market. It is expected that the Shanghai stock index will be more likely to consolidate around the 2800 points in the short-term, and the short-term consolidation of the GEM market around 1500 points may be greater. Investors are advised to wait and see for a short time, and the mid-line suggests to continue to focus on investment opportunities for some low-value blue-chip stocks.

  CITIC SecuritiesIn the second half of the release of the investment strategy, it is proposed that the mid-May will still be the strategic allocation of A-shares.Hershey'spoint. With the fundamentals expected to be clear and the valuation switched, the profit growth rate bottomed up and the long-term capital inflows, the value-led A-share slow cattle will gradually start.

Lianxun Securities said that market adjustment will be the main theme for some time in the future, and it is likely to run through the entire second and third quarters. At the same time, it will be subject to increased external disturbances, changes in policy rhythm and profitability. The characteristics of large differentiation. Although adjustment is the main theme of this stage, it is also the coexistence of risks and opportunities. It is necessary to courageously adjust the position structure to make the market enter the second wave of slow cattle growth (recovery acceleration period and market sweet period).

Huaxin Securities pointed out that for the next stage, in the context of the reduction of external factors, the previous short-cycle index rebound is an explosion after the rapid trading of market sentiment sentiment. This trading logic can only support the short-term pulse-type rise of the index. If it really stabilizes, it still needs to wait for all economic data to be released in April to observe the economic downturn. Mainly because this round of index adjustment begins largely with concerns about late uncertainty, while superimposing external factors to amplify the risk of index fluctuations, making the near-stage “waiting” a better operational strategy in the field.

From the perspective of layout, BOCI said that in the stage of market volatility, investors are advised to return to the large-cap value style and pay attention to the combination of dividend yield and low valuation. This is also the most stable style in the process of external disturbances. Starting from this configuration logic, the market outlook can be focused on the industry.bank,InsuranceConfiguration. In the stable stage of the market, we can re-emphasize the opportunities for the oversold rebound in the growth sector: communication, 5G, and the consumer electronics industry can also focus on; in addition, when the exchange rate stabilizes, it should also increasefood and drinkThe allocation of blue-chip consumer sectors such as home appliances.

In the specific configuration strategy,China Merchants SecuritiesStrategy analyst Zhang Xia said that the autonomously controllable main line may become the core thread of the next stage with a high probability. It is recommended to focus on 5G, cloud computing, network security, integrated circuits and other autonomous controllable topics.

Zhang Qizhen, a strategic analyst at Guosheng Securities, said that he can stick to the core assets represented by the big consumer leader. For the core assets represented by large consumption, it is recommended to do more configuration and less transactions, based on the "prolonged war."

Fang Lei, a manager of Starstone Investment Fund, believes that the long-term direction of high-end manufacturing is clear, so if the follow-up market can return to the uptrend, the high probability of manufacturing, upgrading industries such as electronics, computers, communications, and pharmaceuticals will be a better direction, especially It is one of the many high-quality growth companies that may be the focus of investment for a long time to come.

(Article Source:Oriental wealthSecurities Research Institute)

                (Editor: DF070)

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