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Tesla Hong Kong Mall ignited 3 explosions Tesla refused to respond to requests for comment

May 15, 2019 14:46
source: Reference message network

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Reference News Network reported on May 15 that British media said,TeslaAn electric car produced by the company caught fire in the parking lot of a shopping mall in Hong Kong, but no one was injured in the fire. The reason is still unclear.

Reuters quoted Hong Kong on May 14appleThe Daily reported that the electric car was parked in the San Po Kong area of ​​Hong Kong on the 12th. It suddenly became a fire after 30 minutes. The CCTV picture showed that the car had three explosions.

The newspaper also said that this carTeslaThe Model S electric car is a 85 kWh dual power version, but does not explain the cause of the fire.

The report said thatTeslaRefused to respond to Reuters' request for comment.

The Hong Kong fire department said that a car caught fire on the 12th, but did not provide details, such as the car manufacturer. The local is investigating the reasons.

Just three weeks ago,TeslaIt has said that it has sent a team to investigate a video on Chinese social media. This video shows a parkedTeslaThe Model S electric car exploded in the commercial center of Shanghai.

  TeslaIt is said that the possibility of self-ignition of electric vehicles is 1/10 of that of gasoline vehicles.

Since 2013,TeslaThere were at least 14 incidents of car fires, most of which occurred after a collision.

CCTV screen shows a car parked in the San Po Kong area of ​​Hong Kong on the 12thTeslaThe electric car suddenly caught fire.

(Article source: Reference News Network)

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