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Compound: Food and Electric led the two cities, slammed 116 daily stocks (list)

May 15, 2019 15:58
source: Oriental Fortune Securities Institute

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[Resumption: Food and Electric led the two cities to slam 116 daily limit stocks (list)] A total of 116 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges on Wednesday. Food, beverages and electrical equipment led the two cities. In terms of individual stocks, Shuangta Food, Sunflower and other stocks rose daily; Wuliangye, Longji shares and other stocks rose more than 7%.

On May 15th, the three major stock indexes of A-shares rebounded collectively. The Shanghai stock index returned to the top of the 2900-point integer mark. The stocks are now generally rising, and the theme stocks are fully blooming, liquor,food and drinkThe big consumer segment is sought after.Luzhou LaojiaoSealing up,Yanghe shares,WuliangyeBoth rose by more than 7%. Agricultural, fuel cell, industrial marijuana and other theme stocks were active, but the market hotspot main performance was not outstanding. The two cities had more than 100 stocks per day, and the overall market contraction stabilized, and the speculation mood was obviously warming up.

At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 1.91% to close at 2938 points; Shenzhen Component Index rose 2.44% to close at 9259 points; the GEM index rose 2.28% to close at 1528 points.

On Wednesday, a total of 116 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges rose.food and drinkElectrical equipment led the two cities. Individual stocks,Twin tower food,sunflowerWait for stocks to limit;Wuliangye,Longji sharesOther stocks rose more than 7%.

New stock daily limit statistics on May 15

Securities codeSecurities nameIndustryDaily limit
603697.SHYouyou Foodfood processing6
002953.SZRifeng sharesHigh and low voltage equipment5
300778.SZNew cityHousing construction4
603267.SHN Hongyuanelement1

Other stocks

Securities codeSecurities nameIndustryDaily limitMessage surface
002077.SZDagang sharessemiconductor7Domestic chip
300292.SZWutong Holdingscommunication device45G concept
000982.SZ*ST velvetTextile manufacturing4ST concept
300542.SZXinchen Technologycomputer application3
002404.SZJiaxin SilkTextile manufacturing3Devaluation benefit
000713.SZFengle Seed Industrycrop farming3
603722.SHXD Arkolichemicals2
002708.SZGuangyang sharescar parts2
300342.SZTianyin Electrical and MechanicalWhite goods2
002316.SZAsian Developmentcommunication device25G concept
300023.SZBaode sharesDiversified finance2
002238.SZTianwei videoCulture Media2
002231.SZOvi Communicationscommunication device25G concept
000523.SZGuangzhou Langqichemicals2Industrial cannabis
300772.SZYunda sharesPower supply equipment1
300742.SZYuebo Powercar parts1
002931.SZFenglong sharescar parts1
002905.SZJinyi Film and TelevisionCulture Media1
603055.SHTaihua New MaterialTextile manufacturing1Devaluation benefit
603776.SHYonganxingotherDelivery equipment1
603880.SHNanweimedical instruments1
601619.SHJiaze Xinnengelectric power1
002886.SZWater sharesplastic1
603320.SHDibe ElectricMotor1
603906.SHLong Hao TechnologyPetrochemical1
300626.SZHuarui sharesMotor1
603032.SHGerman new deliveryBus1
002836.SZNew HongzePackaging and Printing1
002828.SZBeacon EnergyMining service1
002825.SZNal sharesplastic1
002813.SZLu Chang Technologycommunication device15G concept
300508.SZWeihong sharescomputer application1
603028.SHSafranmetal products1
002786.SZYinbaoshan NewProfessional setting1
002770.SZCody Dairyfood processing1
300460.SZHuilun crystalelement1
603020.SHAipu sharesfood processing1Artificial meat
300391.SZKang Yue TechnologyGeneral Machinery1
002703.SZZhejiang Shibaocar parts1
300338.SZKaiyuanCulture Media1
300325.SZDewei new materialplastic1
300274.SZSunshine powerPower supply equipment1
601908.SHJingyuntongPower supply equipment1
002590.SZWanan Technologycar parts1
300221.SZSilver Jubilee Technologyplastic1
300207.SZXinwangdaElectronics manufacturing1
300202.SZJulong sharesComputer equipment1
002569.SZ*ST StepsonClothing home textile1
002565.SZShun Yu sharesPackaging and Printing1
002524.SZGuangzheng GroupGas1
002519.SZGalaxy ElectronicsAudiovisual equipment1
002504.SZHonggao CreativeDecoration decoration1
002490.SZShandong MolongProfessional setting1
002481.SZTwin tower foodfood processing1Artificial meat
300119.SZRip BioAnimal health1
002476.SZBaomo shareschemicals1
300118.SZOriental SunrisePower supply equipment1
300111.SZsunflowerPower supply equipment1
002445.SZST Central SouthCulture Media1
002431.SZPalm sharesGarden engineering1
300081.SZHengxin Orientalcommunication device15G concept
002391.SZEvergreen shareschemicals1
300029.SZTianlong PhotoelectricPower supply equipment1
002259.SZ*ST ShengdaGas1ST concept
002218.SZExtensionPower supply equipment1
002220.SZTianbao FoodAgricultural productsmachining1
002214.SZDa Li TechnologyOther electronics1
002211.SZHTC New Materialschemicals1
002164.SZNingbo DongliGeneral Machinery1
002140.SZDonghua TechnologyProfessional engineering1
002086.SZST East OceanFishery1
002057.SZZhonggang TianyuanMetal non-metal new material1
002020.SZJingxin PharmaceuticalChemical and pharmaceutical1
002005.SZ*ST DehaoOptical optoelectronics1ST concept
600421.SH*ST YangfanGeneral Machinery1ST concept
600410.SHHuasheng Tianchengcomputer application1
600273.SHJiahua Energychemicals1
600525.SHChangyuan GroupElectrical automation equipment1
600595.SH*ST ZhongfuIndustrial metal1ST concept
600509.SHTianfu Energyelectric power1
600418.SHJianghuai AutomobileCar vehicle1New energy vehicle
600313.SHAgricultural seed industrycrop farming1
600378.SHTianke shareschemicals1
600287.SHJiangsu Haotiantrading1
600300.SHWeiwei sharesBeverage manufacturing1Artificial meat
000971.SZ*ST high risecommunication device1ST concept
600146.SHBusiness wins around the worldClothing home textile1
600191.SHHua Zi IndustryAgricultural productsmachining1
000862.SZSilver Star Energyelectric power1
600163.SHZhonghao Energyelectric power1
600127.SHJin Jian Rice IndustryAgricultural productsmachining1Artificial meat
600136.SHContemporary MingchengCulture Media1
001896.SZYueneng Holdingselectric power1
000723.SZMeijin Energycoal mining1
000715.SZZTE BusinessGeneral retail1New retail
600794.SHBonded technologyLogistics1
000670.SZ*ST Infrontsemiconductor1ST concept
000650.SZRenhe Pharmaceuticaltraditional Chinese medicine1Industrial cannabis
000616.SZHNA Investmentreal estateDevelopment1
600758.SHHongyang Energycoal mining1
600751.SHHaihang TechnologyOther electronics1
600744.SHHuayin Powerelectric power1
600894.SHGuangri sharesProfessional setting1
600870.SHST XiahuaAudiovisual equipment1
000558.SZRhine Sportsreal estateDevelopment1
000568.SZLuzhou LaojiaoBeverage manufacturing1Big consumption
600834.SHShentong subwayBus1
600807.SHST Tianyereal estateDevelopment1ST concept
600662.SHJohnson & Johnson HoldingsBus1Shanghai Free Trade
600626.SHShenda sharestrading1Shanghai Free Trade

(Data Sources:Oriental wealthChoice data)

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(Article Source:Oriental wealthSecurities Research Institute)

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