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Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting to deploy and further promote the network to speed up and reduce fees, etc.

May 15, 2019 19:23
source: Chinese government network

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[Li Keqiang presided over the convening of the State Council executive meeting to further promote the network to speed up and reduce fees, etc.] Premier Li Keqiang chaired the State Council executive meeting on May 14 to deploy and further promote the network to speed up and reduce fees, and play a role in expanding domestic demand and ensuring employment and benefiting people's livelihood; The main role of the enterprise is to improve the ability of innovation and promote the upgrading of the industry. (China Government Network)

On May 14th, Premier Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting to deploy and further promote the network to speed up and reduce fees, give play to the multiple effects of expanding domestic demand and stabilize employment to benefit the people's livelihood; determine the measures to give full play to the role of enterprises as the mainstay, and promote the upgrading of industrial upgrading.

The meeting pointed out that according to the deployment of the Central Economic Work Conference and the "Government Work Report", further promoting the network to speed up and reduce costs and enhance the network infrastructure capabilities will not only add convenience to enterprises and the masses, but also stimulate effective investment and consumption, and promote employment expansion. Giving play to the leading role of new kinetic energy such as the digital economy in supporting economic and social development is a multi-pronged strategy that is both current and long-term. The meeting determined that the first is to accelerate the network upgrade and expansion as an important focus of expanding effective investment. This year, fiber-to-the-home access ports accounted for more than 90%, and Gigabit broadband access networks were deployed in more than 300 cities to push fixed and mobile broadband into the Gigabit era. In response to weak links in rural areas and remote areas, more than 600,000 new 4G base stations have been expanded and expanded throughout the year, achieving a national administrative village coverage rate of over 98%. The second is to highlight the network capabilities in key areas such as the industrial Internet, education, and medical care, and increase effective investment. Strengthen the construction of industrial Internet dedicated lines. During the year, the access rate of broadband networks in primary and secondary schools nationwide reached 97%, and it generally has 100-megabit access capability. Promote full coverage of hospitals and medical associations at or above the county level. The third is to implement the reduction of tariff requirements. Promote basic telecommunications companies to reduce the average tariff for small and medium-sized enterprises by 15% during the year by implementing tariff reductions and free speed-ups; reduce the price of packages through the implementation of the GSP scheme, significantly reduce the unit price of the package, and target low-income and old-age The group promoted the “floor price” tariff, and reduced the average tariff of mobile traffic by more than 20%; and reduced the “roaming” fee between the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao by 30%. Fourth, the implementation of the “portable number transfer network” in the country before the end of November, and in-depth preparations. Strictly investigate and increase the handling conditions without authorization. The fifth is to clean up the standard package settings, and then reduce the number of packages currently on sale by more than 15% during the year, and promote the problem of solving a large number, not understanding, and difficult choices, so that consumers can get more benefits.

The meeting pointed out that implementing the Party Central Committee and the State Council to adapt to the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, to play the role of market mechanism, and to support enterprises to improve their innovation capabilities is an important starting point for stimulating market vitality, enhancing development potential and promoting high-quality development. First, we must strengthen the status of corporate innovation and support enterprises to increase R&D investment. Increase the implementation of innovation policies for all types of ownership enterprises. Strengthen fiscal and taxation financial policy support, improve tax incentives based on R&D expenses and deductions, support the development of venture capital, venture capital and other funds, and encourage financial institutions to increase the proportion of medium and long-term loans in manufacturing to support enterprise innovation. Second, we must closely promote the manufacturing industry to the mid-to-high end, strengthen key core technology research, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry to smart, green and service-oriented manufacturing. Integrate the construction of new infrastructure such as the Industrial Internet with technological advances in manufacturing. Third, we must improve the innovation system and stimulate the innovation vitality of enterprises. Promote the open sharing of innovative resources such as major scientific research facilities and basic research platforms. Support enterprises to carry out "double innovation" and gather social innovation resources. Strengthen the service of innovation for SMEs. Fourth, we must accelerate the transformation and popularization of scientific and technological achievements. Encourage enterprises to carry out international innovation cooperation and participate in the revision of international technical standards. Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and increase the punishment of infringement.

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(Article source: China Government Network)

                (Editor: DF075)

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