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Xiaomi Finance has a big deal! Repaying the money on time, but being collected by the bank, also affecting the credit response. The latest response came.

May 15, 2019 20:54
source: China Fund News

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[Millet Finance has a big deal! Repaying the money on time, but being picked up by the bank, also affecting the credit response. The latest response came.] Recently, Lei Jun’s rice noodles have encountered bad things. Some of Xiaomi Finance’s user feedback suddenly received a text message from Minsheng Bank. Under the normal repayment of Xiaomi Finance, Minsheng Bank issued an overdue warning, which can be incorporated into the credit system according to law. At present, Xiaomi Finance and Minsheng Bank have responded accordingly. (China Fund News)

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Recently, Lei Jun’s rice noodles have encountered bad things.

Some of Xiaomi Finance's user feedback suddenly receivedMinsheng BankSMS, under the normal repayment of Xiaomi Finance,Minsheng BankAn overdue warning was issued and can be incorporated into the letter system according to law.

Currently Xiaomi Finance andMinsheng BankAll have responded accordingly.

  The first time a young person has a letter?

The normal repayments received overdue information, and the users of Xiaomi Finance were dying.

Users of Xiaomi Finance recently posted on the Internet, saying that they had previously made a loan in Xiaomi, and they had already confirmed the payment on May 10. However, they received it.Minsheng BankSMS overdue notification.

The content of the short message indicates that the user loan has been overdue, according to the provisions of the Regulations on the Administration of Credit Information.Minsheng BankThe loan overdue related information is reported to the financial credit information basic database.Minsheng BankRemind Xiaomi financial users, the bank fulfilled the notification obligation, please cherish the credit record.

Some users even suspect that money was taken by Xiaomi Finance himself.

The forum has been fried.

Xiaomi Finance's official microWeiboThere are also a bunch of netizens complaining.

  Xiaomi Financial apologizes that a solution has been developed

On May 15, Xiaomi Finance is officialWeiboResponded to the above phenomenon. Xiaomi Finance said, "Yesterday (May 14th) Xiaomi Finance used andMinsheng BankThe docking system has an abnormality for some reason, resulting in a small number of users' repayment information not being updated in time. We andMinsheng BankThe first time to find and solve the problem, has now worked out a solution to the problem, solve the problem for the user as soon as possible, and update the correct information according to the actual repayment situation within 30 days. We apologize for the trouble we have caused to users! ”

Received based on the content displayed by the relevant userMinsheng BankAfter the overdue warning SMS, Xiaomi Financial also sent a text message to the user explaining that it will verify the repayment record and confirm that the repayment is normal and no overdue. The credit will be recovered for the customer within 30 working days.

In addition,Minsheng BankAlso sent a text message to inform users to rest assured that they are coordinating with Xiaomi Finance.

Millet andMinsheng BankThe cooperation can be traced back to 2017. July 2017, Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. and ChinaMinsheng BankCo., Ltd. reached an agreement, Xiaomi andMinsheng BankIn the financial, e-commerce, eco-chain and other business sectors to cooperate and promote Internet financial innovation, the two sides formally established a long-term strategic partnership.Minsheng BankTo provide online consumer loan services for Xiaomi users, the two parties will also be in financing settlement, fund management, deposit value-added services, industrial investment funds,bankCard business, collection and payment, Internet payment and other aspects of cooperation.

The latest Xiaomi financial report shows that in Q18 in 2018, Xiaomi Group's Internet finance business achieved a revenue of 476 million yuan in a single quarter, accounting for 11.9% of the total Internet service revenue, an increase of 80.5%. Although Xiaomi Finance has not yet turned losses, it has developed at a faster rate.

  What are the consequences of the letter?

In today's credit society, credit reporting has become more and more important. In general, personal credit information is a matter of fair third parties sorting out the daily interactions of each of us with financial institutions, and this information can be queried by other financial institutions as an important basis for the judgment of credit applicants.

If a person’s credit is stained, it will be difficult to move in economic life.

The credit report is a document issued by the credit reporting agency to record your past credit information. It is a personal “economic ID card”. It can help your trading partners understand your credit status and facilitate your economic and financial transactions.

The place where the credit application is most used is to gobankLoan becausebankI don't know how my personal credit status is? Whether you can lend you money and how much you can lend is determined by your past credit status. Therefore, the biggest role of credit reporting is to solve the problem of trust between the two parties who do not know.

What is the impact of the “blacklist” on individuals?

1. If you want to buy a car to buy a house, and you want to applybankBusiness loan, sorry! You will be eachbankAs a "stain molecule", refuse to give you approval.

2. The loan cannot be successful, or the loan interest rate is extremely high. Many people may still be lucky.bankIf you can't afford the loan, you can borrow from some small microfinance institutions. In fact, formal small microfinance institutions have already accessed the credit system, which means that people with bad credit can't borrow money.

3. It is forbidden for some high-consumption behaviors, including the ban on flying planes and train soft sleepers.

4. If the person who is untrustworthy is a natural person, he shall not be the legal representative, director, supervisor or senior manager of the enterprise.

(Article source: China Fund News)

                (Editor: DF142)

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