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Bethel today purchase guide top grid purchase needs to allocate market value of 120,000 yuan

April 18, 2018 00:17
source: Oriental Wealth Network

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[Bethley purchase guidelines on April 18 need to match the market value of 120,000 yuan subscription] Bethel total 40.86 million shares issued, online issuance of 12.25 million shares, issue price-earnings ratio of 22.88 times, purchase code: 732596, purchase price : 15.10 yuan, a single account purchase limit of 12,000 shares, the number of subscriptions to 1,000 shares multiples.

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  Bethel (603596)

Bethel's total number of shares issued was 40.86 million shares, and 12.25 million shares were issued online. The issuance price-to-earnings ratio was 22.88 times, the subscription code was: 732596, the subscription price was 15.10 yuan, the subscription limit for single accounts was 12,000 shares, and the number of subscriptions was an integer multiple of 1,000 shares.

  【Basic Information】

Stock code603596Short stockBethel
Purchase code732596Listing locationShanghai Stock Exchange
Issue price (yuan/share)15.10Issue price-earnings ratio22.88
Price-earnings ratio reference industryAutomotive ManufacturingReference industry P/E ratio (newest)19.02
Issuance value (yuan)1Total actual funds raised (100 million yuan)6.17
Online release date2018-04-18 (Wednesday)Online placement date2018-04-18
Online distribution quantity (shares)12,250,000Net Placing Quantity (Shares)28,610,000
Transfer of old shares (shares)-Total issued amount (shares)40,860,000
Maximum number of subscriptions (shares)12,000Payment date2018-04-20 (Friday)
Top online subscription needs to be allocated with market value (ten thousand yuan)12.00Online purchase of market value confirmation dayT-2 Day (T: Online Subscription Date)
Offline purchase requires market value (ten thousand yuan)6000.00Online purchase price confirmation day2018-03-19 (Monday)

  【Company Profile】

The company's main business is: research and development, manufacturing and sales of various automotive safety system components, related technology and management consulting services. (Click to enter >>>Bethel)

Fundraising project will be used for

No.projectInvestment amount (ten thousand yuan)
1Annual Production of 600,000 EPBs and 150,000 Air Pressure ABS Construction Projects20000
2Annual Production of 2 Million Sets of Automobile Disc Brake Assembly Projects25890
3Annual output of 200,000 sets of hydraulic ABS and 100,000 sets of hydraulic ESC construction projects10370
4Annual production capacity of 1.8 million sets of brake system parts and components5740
Total amount of investment62000.00
Excess funds raised (actually raised funds - total investment amount)-301.40
The total amount of investment compared with the total amount of funds actually raised100.49%

New shares of IPO to play a new Raiders】

1. What do you need to fight for new things?

Market value is very important, very important and very important!

Which one is better?

Nani? Little White only asked this question. Under the new rules, of course: all fights, all fights, all fight!

3, what kind of new shares rose more?

The data says that GEM> Small and Medium Sized> Main Board.

How do you see how much you can purchase?

Your quote software will prompt. (The diligent person sees here: The specific algorithm is the same as the original one.Restricted sharesMore than 10,000 yuan, each 5,000 yuan market value can be more than a number. If you need to pay more than 10,000 yuan of non-restricted shares for sale, you can use one dollar for each 10,000 yuan. The good news of the Shanghai Stock Exchange is that the market value of multiple accounts can be combined and calculated. Restricted sales of A shares, delisted stocks, B shares, bonds, funds and other products do not calculate the market value. Freezing, Pledge, High Shareholding Limits of Supervisors,Margin financingThe market value of the customer's credit securities account, suspension or suspension of stocks are all calculated. Unqualified, dormant, and cancelled securities accounts do not calculate the market value. )

5, how to do with multiple accounts?

If there are multiple accounts (such as opening an account everywhere), only one account can be selected, otherwise the account other than the first one is invalid.

6. Can you entrust brokers to purchase on their behalf?

Can only purchase their own, can not be delegated to the broker to operate on their behalf.

7. What is your payment at the latest?

On the day of T subscription, after confirming the signing of the offer, you will pay on the T+2 day according to the brokerage and your agreed time, but no later than 24 o'clock, otherwise it will be deemed as abandonment.

8, find yourself in the sign, T + 2 days to sell the stock money can be used to pay it?

Shenzhen Stock Exchange can, but specifically to see how each broker and your agreement. The Shanghai Stock Exchange did not mention this point. It is estimated that it will also depend on the agreement between the brokerage firm and you.

9, how many new shares in the lack of funds?

The brokerage association will sign a corresponding agreement with you. The agreement will be handled according to the procedures you have agreed. But don't be sad, keep looking down.

10. What should I do if I don’t pay after signing?

If you fail to pay the full amount after you have signed it, you will be regarded as giving up. However, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges can choose part of the purchase, for example, in the 500 shares, you can purchase 499 shares, in the 1000 shares, you can subscribe for 999 shares. However, if there is no payment or incomplete payment for 3 times in 12 months, it will be blacked out for 6 months, and it is forbidden to play a new one, and it will be automatically revived upon expiry.

11. Can you participate in offline subscription and online subscription at the same time?

No, participating in offline subscriptions can no longer participate in online subscriptions.

New common seven operational errors summary]

  Mistake No. 1: No accurate contact information was given to the securities firm or sales office

With the popularization of online transactions, more and more investors are trading through the Internet and are estranged from brokerage firms and sales departments. After the contact details such as mobile phone numbers have been changed, they have not been able to update brokerage firms or sales offices in time, resulting in many The brokerage or sales department's communication services cannot reach investors.

This requires investors to take the initiative to call or personally go to their own brokerage or sales department to update their own information in order to enjoy the services brokerages should have.

  Mistake 2: I mistakenly thought that when I signed it, I would end my business.

Many investors are unaware of the rules governing T+2 payments, thinking that when it is signed, everything will go well and you just need to wait for the stock to sell. Little did they know that under the new rules, after paying a lottery, it would have to make payments. No payment would be an invalid purchase, and an invalid purchase would not only fail to get new shares, but would also be blacklisted.

  Mistake three: I do not know T + 2 to pay on time

Some investors have forgotten the payment period, and of course some investors think that their account funds are sufficient.

According to the new regulations, after the outcome of the petition is announced, the investor needs to prepare enough funds for the post-acquisition before 4:00 pm on T+2. If the subscription money in the account is not enough, the account will automatically deduct the maximum amount (minimum value is 1 share), the remaining lottery shares are also deemed as investors to abandon shares, including invalid purchases, investors will be included in the blacklist. (Now many brokers will inform the payment, but it is still necessary to know.)

  Mistake four: I do not understand the date of the announcement

Regardless of whether or not brokers have informed services, investors must develop their query habits.

The first step is to understand how to check the purchase order number: At the time of your purchase, the system-generated system stream account can be queried in the online transaction record.

For example: Your subscription number is 888888-888890. The announced winning numbers are the last three 888s, the last four 8686s, and so on, and the last three digits of your number are the same as the last three digits of the announced winning number. That is, you have 1000 or 500 shares. (It is worth noting that the stock market in Shanghai is 1,000 shares, Shenzhen stock market is 500 shares.)

The second step is how to pay after the signing? T+1 results can be found in the night, T + 2 can also be queried again, to ensure that all purchase funds before 4 pm in place.

  Mistake 5: Wanted to Lose Securities Firm Notification Services

In the Internet age, some brokerages have played two or two-tenths of a million, or even privately lower commission battles. These commission-only brokers sometimes provide simple transaction channel services to small-capital investors. , Basic SMS, telephone and other inform services are not provided.

In this way, if an investor does not understand or forgets to inquire if he is better off after winning a new one, it may automatically become abandoned and become an invalid purchase. This requires the enjoyment of these low commission investors, hurried to the business office to confirm, whether there is a notification service in the middle of the message.

  Mistake six: I do not know the day to sell old shares can pay the money

It is understood that some investors know that T+2 has to pay after winning the contract, but it is hard to really pay cash on time. As everyone knows, T + 2 day can also sell old shares to pay a new signing.

  Mistake 7: Same-name account can subscribe for the same new shares multiple times

According to the new rules, securities accounts under the same investor name, even if they are distributed among different securities companies, can only be purchased once when they subscribe for the same new stock.

                (Editor: DF302)

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