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List of good news from listed companies in the evening of June 29 (attached list)

June 29, 2018 18:42
source: Oriental Wealth Network

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Several listed companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets issued important announcements on the evening of June 28. The following is a summary of good news:

  Kodak: Holding subsidiary gets clean gas engineering order

Kodak Jieneng (600499) announced on the evening of June 29 that the company's controlling subsidiaries Anhui Keda Jieneng and Henan Dongda International received orders for Nanyang Hanye Special Steel Clean Gas Project. It is expected that the project general contracting project will have a positive impact on the company's operating performance.

  Yuguang Gold Lead: Recently received more than 35 million yuan in government subsidies

Yuguang Gold & Lead (600531) announced on the evening of June 29 that the company and its subsidiaries recently received 4 government grants, totaling 3,568,700 yuan. The above government grants will be included in the current profit and loss.

  Star source material: Received a government grant of 25 million yuan

On July 29th, Xingyuan Materials (300568) announced that the company recently received 25 million yuan in industrial support incentive funds from the Finance Bureau of the Changzhou Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, which will be included in the 2018 annual profit and loss. The financial report shows that the net profit of Xingyuan Material in 2017 was RMB 107 million.

  Guangri shares: Received more than 80 million yuan in dividends

Guangri Group (600894) announced on the evening of the 29th that the company holds a 30% stake in Hitachi Elevator (China). Recently, the company received a cash dividend of 80,813,300 yuan from Hitachi Elevator (China). The company uses the equity method to account for Hitachi Elevator (China). The above dividends have no effect on the profit of the company's consolidated statement in 2018.

  Jiangling Motors: Received a government grant of 85 million yuan

Jiangling Motors (000550) announced on the evening of June 29 that the company recently received support funds of RMB 85 million from Nanchang Qingyunpu District and other places, which will be included in non-operating income and recorded in profit or loss in the first half of 2018.

  Tiancheng Automation: Proposing to Acquire Less than 1 Billion to Acquire Aviation Product Service Providers

Tiancheng Self-control (603085) disclosed the increase plan on the evening of the 29th. It is planned that the non-public issuance will not exceed 44.767 million shares, and the fund-raising will not exceed 1 billion yuan. It will be used to acquire overseas assets (equity) and capital increase projects. The target company is a provider of products and services focused on the aerospace market. In addition, the company signed a cooperation agreement with the Jiaocheng District Government of Ningde City. The company plans to invest 100 million yuan to build the "Zhejiang Tiancheng Automobile Industry Chain Supporting and Parts Manufacturing Ningde Base Project." The company's shares resumed trading on July 2.

  Qibin Group: Proposed not to exceed 450 million yuan to buy back shares

Qibin Group (601636) announced on the evening of June 29 that the company decided to repurchase shares, the total amount of repurchased funds did not exceed 450 million yuan, and the repurchase price did not exceed 4.5 yuan per share. The repurchased shares will be cancelled and the registered capital will be reduced accordingly.

  Zhongshe Group: Jointly awarded 242 million yuan for engineering survey and design project

Zhongshe Group (603018) announced on the evening of June 29 that the company and the China Railway Bridge Survey & Design Institute Group formed a consortium to bid for the LT-SJ-1 tender section of the Longtan River Channel Project Survey and Design Project. The estimated bid price is approximately RMB 242 million. .

  Tianjin Film Technology: Signed 52.5 million yuan equipment sales contract

Jin Mem Technology (300334) announced on the evening of June 29 that the company as a seller, withEnlightened Sander(000826) Signed the contract for equipment for the purchase of the second-stage ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membrane equipment for the procurement of equipment for the Dongjiao Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Reclaimed Water Plant, with a contract value of RMB 52.5 million, accounting for 8.29% of the company's 2017 audited operating revenue.

  Mei Yingsen: 50 million to 300 million yuan to buy back shares

Mei Yingsen (002303) announced on the evening of June 29 that the company intends to buy back its shares through a centralized bidding transaction with a total repurchase price of no less than 50 million yuan and no more than 300 million yuan. The repurchase price does not exceed 8 yuan per share.

  Linsen: Received government grants of 150 million yuan

Mu Linsen (002745) announced on the evening of June 29 that the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Jiangxi Mulinsen, received a government grant of RMB 150 million on the 29th according to the Provisional Measures of the Jinggangshan Economic Development Zone on Supporting the Development of “1+3” Industries. . The subsidy is expected to increase the company's annual profit of 150 million yuan.

  Blue Shields:Winning bidInsuranceIndustry Cyber ​​Security Service Project

The reporter learned from the Blue Dun shares (300297) that the company’s subsidiary Blue Shield Technology received a notification of successful bidder for the People's Insurance Network Security Service Project in 2018, with a winning bid of 2.69 million yuan. It is reported that the winning bid for this project is a new benchmarking case for Blue Dun shares in the insurance industry. At present, the company has formed solutions in more than 10 industries including government, education, finance, power, medical, energy, and military industries. In the future, it will also create benchmarking cases in more industries.

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