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I have earned 30 times of private placements on Kweichow in Guizhou.

November 08, 2018 07:26
Author: Qu Hongyan

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[The private equity that once earned 30 times in Guizhou Moutai is now amazing.] Wu Weizhi, chairman of China-EU Ruibo, believes that if the management yells, the index will rise, and the scale of the two will go up, and the investor’s confidence will be Very good, my confidence is to be discounted. It is undoubtedly the bottom of the fourth market that I have experienced. I am very excited and come to a starting point for making big money. (Shanghai Securities News)

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Despite the recent heavyweights, the overall market confidence is still insufficient. After a brief excitement last week, A shares hesitated again this week.

Wu Weizhi, chairman of China-EU Ruibo, believes that “this is precisely the characteristic of the bottom. If the management yells, the index will rise sharply, and the scale of the two will go up. The investor’s confidence will be sufficient, and my confidence will be discounted. Undoubtedly the bottom of the fourth market I experienced, I was very excited and came to a starting point for making big money."

Wu Weizhi is a private-sector private fundraiser with 25 years of investment experience and a record in investment.

He is very sensitive to the bottom of each round of the market, and he also cherishes it. It is also in the bottom of the market from 2002 to 2003. He bought Kweichow Moutai and sold it at the end of the 2007 bull market, achieving about 30. Double the income, earned hundreds of millions of net worth, and achieved a gorgeous turn from individual investors to institutional investors.

Wu Weizhi said that if there are still some things that cannot be clearly seen a few months ago, the two recent events have made the bottom of the market feature very clear.

"One is to replenish the white horses of the group. This is a very familiar script in the late bear market. The second is that the policy is very clear-cut, the correction of economic policies and the support of the stock market policy."

In Wu Weizhi's view, the systemic continuous decline ended after the White Horse stocks retreat, but the systemic rising conditions are not yet available.

"The biggest significance of the white horse's low tide is to vacate the stage. The stock funds can't find a section that can focus on labeling and making money. The stock funds will dig deep into the excellent growth stocks of the fundamentals, waiting for the first wave of growth stocks to make money out. The whole economy has stabilized and recovered, the market confidence has recovered, and the money-making effect has been superimposed with incremental funds to enter the market, and the market as a whole has started to rise."

Wu Weizhi has experienced three bottoms in his 25-year investment career, but every round of desperate outs are brewing opportunities to change lives.

He said, "I have watched this movie for the fourth time. The plot is very familiar. The top and bottom features are symmetrical. At the top, the management cools down, but the market makes money, and everyone is a god, but the bottom. At the time, despite the policy support, it was a tragic story, and no one talked about stocks."

Last weekend, Wu Weizhi specially observed the WeChat group and friends circle. He said, "Despite the favorable policies made last week, the stock market has risen sharply last Friday. However, no one in the circle of friends has sent stock-related information. We don’t talk about stocks in the WeChat group. Everyone is not willing to stock. Look again."

As one investment sigh sighs: In the career of a successful investor, you must have a stock of more than 20 times to complete his wealth accumulation and baptism of investment ideas; must experience more than two rounds of bull and bear reincarnation, face When he lost gold in the sky, he had the courage to pick it up with a bucket.

Under the premise of risk control, Wu Weizhi has raised the fund position managed by China Europe Ruibo to the upper limit of the equilibrium position.

“A lot of people think that the market may fall another 5%, and maybe it will be two quarters in a quarter. This is indeed uncertain. However, as Li Ka-shing said not to make the last copper plate, the bull market should not expect to sell in The highest position; when you are in a bear market, don't expect to buy all the day before the market starts. It is more practical to do things that are more probable and correct than to pursue perfection."

Wu Weizhi said, "To lay out the invisible opportunity, the bottom of the bull market is the stage of broadcasting. If you miss the stage of this broadcast, the yield will be very far away. When the tide rises, you will chase it in. In fact, the yield is limited."

But for the average investor, waiting at the current stage is also correct.

"This position is not suitable for all investors. At this time, most stocks have no profit-making effect. The stocks that can really make money can only have 3%. We can't buy stocks without further research. We are very excited because we think Very comfortable stage," Wu Weizhi said.

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(Article source: Shanghai Securities News)

                (Editor: DF070)

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