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Ofo office building has been repeatedly patronized by patrons, cooperative suppliers said that business cooperation has long been terminated

November 09, 2018 04:08
Author: Li Qiaoyu
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[ofo office building has been repeatedly resorted to debtors. Cooperative suppliers said that business cooperation has long since terminated] Danling Soho 3rd floor is a new office building where ofo moved away from the ideal international building, and the other is located in the Internet financial center opposite Danhoo Soho. On the signboard of the lobby on the first floor of the Ideal International Building, there is also the word "ofo", showing that ofo Xiaohuang has stayed in this building on the 15th and 20th floors of the building. Once upon a time, ofo once occupied a four-story office building in this building. However, as the leases expired, ofo first lost the right to use the 10th and 11th floors of the ideal international building, and then moved out of the 15th and 20th floors of the other two working places. (Securities Daily)

"Do you come to ask for money?" In the 3rd floor of Danling Soho, there was anOo staff member who asked the "Securities Daily" reporter.

After learning the identity of the "Securities Daily" reporter, the above-mentioned staff members admitted that the company had a reminder to the door, and that he had contacted the people who came to collect the money. The staff told reporters: "There are all technical staff here. If you interview, you can go to the opposite (Internet Finance Center)." If there are other office locations, the staff said that as far as they know, "it should be gone."

It is understood that the Danang Soho 3 floor is a new office building where theo moves away from the ideal international building, and the other is located in the internet financial center opposite the Danang Soho.

The office has not yet signed the signboard

There is an office intermediary to introduce the ideal international building to the "Securities Daily" reporter: "Because there are many famous companies, there are certain brand effects, so the rent is relatively high, Sina, Baidu, potato, ofo are (had) here. Office." At present, Sina, potato and other companies have already moved away, and ofo will also move out of the building due to "expiration of rent".

The Ideal International Building has witnessed the glorious era of recording ofOo. According to a reporter from the Securities Daily on November 8th, it was found that the sign of the lobby on the first floor of the Ideal International Building still has the word ofof, showing that theo Xiao Huang car once stayed in this building on the 15th floor of the building. And 20 floors. Once upon a time, ofo once occupied a four-story office building in this building. However, as the leases expired, ofo first lost the right to use the 10th and 11th floors of the ideal international building, and then moved out of the 15th and 20th floors of the other two working places.

The reporter visited the site and noticed that the glass doors on the 10th and 11th floors of the Ideal International Building were closed, and the words related to the small yellow car were no longer on the door. As for the 15th and 20th floors, the reporter noticed that except for the two staff members who pushed the push-pull car into the office area, even during the lunch break, it was difficult to see other staff members coming in and out.

The relevant person ino has previously told the Securities Daily reporter that theo will completely move away from the ideal international building. "After the expiration of the ideal international lease, no one will be left."

The Internet Finance Center, less than one kilometer from the Ideal International Building, is a new office after theo. Unlike the heroic formerly sitting on a full-floor office building, ofo shares a floor with other companies in the Internet Finance Center.

The staff in the building told the "Securities Daily" reporter that ofo had been set up in the office of the Internet Finance Center. "But before that, there were not many people. In November, some people moved around, and there are about 200 people."

The above staff also told reporters that the office of ofo currently has two and a half floors, in addition to the half-floor of the Internet financial center, there is half a floor in the opposite side of the Dan Soho.

The reporter then went to Danling Soho, located opposite the Internet Finance Center, and found that the office of theo at the Soho’s office was much “low-key” compared to the office where theo was located in the Internet Finance Center, except on the signboard in the lobby of the building. Not yet displayed, even the door of the office area on the 3rd floor has not yet hanged the sign of ofo. The staff of other companies in the Daning Soho3 layer pointed out the office area of ​​theo to the "Securities Daily" reporter and told the reporter that theo was moved less than a month ago, and the office area had been renovated.

The staff of the above-mentioned office area then confirmed by the Securities Daily that it is indeed another office address of ofo. As far as it knows, ino has no other than the Internet financial center and the working place of Danling Soho. Work place.

Some suppliers said that they have already stopped cooperating.

It is worth mentioning that when the reporter asked the identity of a staff member who left the office of theo, the staff member asked, “Are you asking for money?” The staff member later admitted to the reporter that although there were frequent reminders When the account person came to the company, he himself had directly contacted it, but there was no serious conflict.

In fact, according to the "Securities Daily" reporter understands that at the moment, ofo is still in the lawsuit due to funding problems. Previously, Shanghai Phoenix issued an announcement to prosecute the company's Dongxia Datong (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd., saying that as of the date of the prosecution, Dongxia Datong still owed RMB 68,511,000 to Phoenix bicycles.

Shanghai Phoenix told reporters at the end of October this year that Dongxia Datong has not yet repaid the money. It is still in the judicial process and will announce if there is any progress. However, as of press time, Shanghai Phoenix has not released relevant announcements. Shanghai Phoenix also publicly told reporters that due to the arrears, Shanghai Phoenix has no longer received new orders from ofo. In addition, some media reported that Fujita and Flying Pigeon also stopped producing small yellow cars.

In addition to the bicycle supplier, another battery-related supplier told the "Securities Daily" reporter that ofo has not yet paid back. The current communication with ofo is limited to the communication of accounts, and the business has stopped as early as six months ago. The supplier also told reporters that as far as he knows, most of the suppliers have stopped business cooperation with ofo.

From tight funding, to debt disputes, to suppliers to stop cooperation. Li Yi, chief researcher at the Internet Research Center of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, called the domino effect. Li Yi believes that suppliers stop cooperating or crush the camel's last straw. If the ofo suppliers stop cooperation on a large scale, it will directly affect the maintenance of the ofo vehicles, thus affecting the user experience of the small yellow car, which may be even more dangerous for investors.

In Li Yi's view, for Ofo, maintaining operations may not be the most important thing. Li Yi said that ofo's current imperative is to maximize the surplus value and find the right investors.

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(Article source: Securities Daily)

                (Editor: DF407)

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