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Beijing 100,000 yuan + luxury residential listings 80,000 yuan limit price "red line" why will be broken

November 09, 2018 06:30
source: Daily economic news
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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Since June this year, a large number of “limited competition rooms” have brought a lot of relatively low-priced housing to the Beijing market, but the newly-purchased housing has been neglected by buyers, while the hot-selling is the “subtracted version” villa.

In October, the supply of Beijing property market increased significantly. Among them, the four pre-sales of the Taihe Xifu Courtyard, which was listed in the middle and late of the month, were particularly attractive.

As we all know, since the introduction of the "930 Policy" in 2016, the Beijing property market has an unwritten "red line", that is, the approved price of the new plate will not exceed 80,000 yuan / square meter. With the concentration of 100,000 yuan + luxury houses entering the market, the "red line" was once again broken after the Kunlun area last year.

Why is the 100,000 yuan + luxury residential listing being sought after? Why is the Beijing price limit "red line" of 80,000 yuan broken? The "Daily Economic News" reporter recently conducted a field visit.

Since the Beijing property market regulation and adjustment, there is an unwritten "red line", that is, the new plate will not be more than 80,000 yuan / square meter, and the "red line" has also played a role in regulating Beijing's housing prices in the last two years.

In August 2017, after the Kunlun domain and other projects finally obtained the pre-sale certificate with an average price of more than 90,000 yuan / square meter, there are few projects in the Beijing market that have pre-sale price exceeding 100,000 yuan / square meter. It is.

Until the middle and late October of this year, Beijing Jinmao House, Kunlun Domain, Yumeng No. 1 Hospital and Taihe Xifu Courtyard were successively granted pre-sale qualifications. Among the four projects, two units have a pre-sale price of more than 95,000 yuan; the other two units have a pre-sale unit price of more than 110,000 yuan, which is a real 100,000 yuan + project. At the moment when Beijing's “limited competition room” is listed in the market, when buyers are judged that the market is going to continue to go down, the concentrated listing of luxury houses has caused great concern in the world.

When the reporter of "Daily Economic News" called to ask if the sales staff of the 玺萌壹 hospital could go to the sales office, the other party responded: "After listening to the introduction of our apartment type and price, I decided to come." Behind the tone of "cold" is the data of luxury sales. It is understood that the 44 suites of Beijing Jinmao House's pre-sale certificates have been sold out, and the housing of Kunlun Domain and Xifu Courtyard is currently running out.

Why is 100,000 yuan + luxury residential listings hot? Why did Beijing’s 80,000 yuan/square meter limit price “red line” be broken?

"disc" reproduction

In the Beijing area, a property with a unit price of more than 80,000 yuan is usually called a luxury home.

For luxury homes, Qu Gao and Wei are common phenomena in the market, and their sales tend to decrease as prices rise. The rate of demolition of Beijing's luxury homes runs counter to one another.

Located in Songmaozhuang, Fengtai District, the Jinmao House project is mainly composed of large flats and stacked villas between 250 and 350 square meters. The total price is about 20 million yuan, and a main unit can be selected. The price is in Beijing. The listed luxury homes are still at a lower level.

Due to various reasons, the development of Beijing South Third Ring Road and South Fourth Ring Road is not sufficient, and infrastructure and commercial facilities are lacking. One afternoon in the winter, when the reporter of “Daily Economic News” walked out of the Songjiazhuang subway station, I saw a lot of real estate construction sites and a low-rise residential building. There were often trucks driving with smoke and dust.

Sales staff told the Daily Economic News reporter that before the opening, many buyers showed a strong purchase intention for the 44 suites that received the pre-sale certificate, and the listings have now sold out. The only thing that can be recommended to reporters now is the listing of the pre-sale certificate, which needs to be arranged in advance. The salesperson also said: "The price of the listings that opened later will definitely be higher."

However, according to the analysis of the agent, Jinmao attracts customers not only in the convenient geographical location, but also in its own reputation. The property of Jinmao’s own technology and the success of the Jinmao project in other parts of Beijing have added a lot to the opening.

Located between the South Second Ring Road and the South Third Ring Road, the Kunlun Domain Project is adjacent to the Lize Business District and is the closest of the four projects to the city centre. The Kunlun area received the pre-sale certificate for the second phase of the stack project, the units are about 250 square meters, the average price of 115,000 yuan / square meter.

The reporter of "Daily Economic News" found during the visit that the rights violations before Kunlun did not affect the sale. The project sales staff said that since the opening of the market, the 112 suites that have obtained pre-sale qualifications have sold more than 90 sets. The top stack is basically sold out, and the stack and stack products are on sale. In the first phase of the Kunlun domain, that is, the housing with rights protection issues, more than 30 suites of the house were cleared for sale.

Taihe Xifu Courtyard is located on the northwest side of Lize Bridge in Fengtai District.Taihe GroupOne of its high-end projects "Yuanzi" and "Company" series. The distinctive feature of the courtyard series is the use of Chinese garden landscape design in the community. The pavilions and pavilions show a Chinese luxury, and the company's saying is “feel the beauty of the royal garden”. The same thing that Taihe relishes is that every unit in the compound will have a dedicated butler to serve the owner at any time, highlighting the noble enjoyment of the mansion.

The Xifu Courtyard is mainly composed of 172 square meters and 197 square meters of large flats. The average price is 113,000 yuan / square meter, and the total price is about 20 million yuan. The project sales staff told the "Daily Economic News" reporter that the listings currently listed have sold about 70%, and they may soon go to sell other projects.

In the Mengmeng No.1 Courtyard, located beside Jiayuan Road in the south of South Third Ring Road, the area of ​​the apartment is mainly 330~500 square meters, with only 126 suites, the total price is between 30 million and 50 million yuan. Perhaps because of the large size of the apartment and the high total price of the house, it will happen that the salesperson at the beginning of this article will “reject the door”.

According to the residents living in the vicinity to the "Daily Economic News" reporter, the project is surrounded by old communities more than ten years ago, and supporting facilities are not in place. Although such a high-end project seems to be out of place in the region, according to sources, the project's sales performance is also very impressive.

"cheap" mansion

The cost of land acquisition determines the final selling price of the house to a large extent. If you look at it from the perspective of land price, the price of several luxury residential projects entering the market is not high.

On August 31, 2015, after 64 rounds of fierce competition, China Railway Construction and Jinmao Union won the Fengtai Pomegranate Land with a price of 5.025 billion yuan, with a premium rate of 50%. It is calculated that the floor price of the plot has exceeded 50,000 yuan / square meter, with the additional condition of 18,600 square meters of public rental housing, the price is 7,000 yuan / square meter. The plot is now the site of Beijing Jinmao House.

Yan Yuejin, research director of the Yiju Research Center, told the Daily Economic News: "Under normal circumstances, the floor price has reached 60% of the house price, and the developer is still profitable; if it reaches 66%, there is no profit. This is what a developer said. "In this way, the price of Beijing Jinmao House is indeed "cheap" after three years, and this has not yet considered the natural value added of various factors.

The soil shot of the Kunlun area plot also occurred in 2015. On January 5 of that year, the first phase (0501-613, 614, 660) of the Yalinxi residential area in Fengtai District was sold, with a land area of ​​105,900 square meters and a construction area of ​​178,600 square meters. In the end, the land was successfully acquired by China Merchants, China Resources, Wharf, and Ping An Complex at a total price of 4.2 billion yuan and a 45,300 square meter "price limit room". The premium rate was nearly 50%.

According to the Central Plains Real Estate Chief at the timeAnalystAccording to the statistics provided by Zhang Dawei, the floor price of the plot reached 37,300 yuan / square meter, just half of the price. In April 2015, the site was named Huarun Kunlun Domain, and China Resources was responsible for the operation of the flat-level mansion and stacking products to meet the improvement needs.

Earlier on February 20, 2014, Taihe Group acquired the Beijing Fengtai District Old Reform Project site for 4.958 billion yuan, with the additional condition of 50,000 square meters of price-limited commercial housing, 21,000 yuan / square meter. The plot covers an area of ​​96,390 square meters, with a total construction area of ​​170,535 square meters. The starting price for listing is 3.35 billion yuan.

After 20 rounds of bidding, the final Taihe Group won the plot to build the Xifu Courtyard project. Taihe internally said that the floor price of the block is 55,000 yuan / square meter. At that time, some market experts believed that the floor price of the affordable housing and commercial construction should exceed 80,000 yuan / square meter. Correspondingly, the current price of Xifu Courtyard is 113,000 yuan / square meter.

Step by step

The entry into the city's luxury residential project from land acquisition to sales, experienced a long wait in the middle. Three or four years is enough to change the entire market environment, and it will also cause housing companies to fall into a very embarrassing situation.

After China Resources has taken the land, there is little voice in the Kunlun area. In April 2015, China Resources announced that it will launch the top luxury Kunlun domain in 2015, but it has been silent since then. Until July 28, 2016, China Resources re-announced plans to release the Kunlun domain model room in the National Day of the year, and opened at the end of October. However, with the introduction of the “930 Policy” in Beijing, an unwritten limit price “ceiling” began to appear. On the one hand, luxury homes with relatively high prices are difficult to obtain certificates; on the other hand, it is difficult to raise prices at the end of the launch of the old projects. Therefore, it was not until August 2017 that the Kunlun domain project finally succeeded in obtaining the first phase of evidence, at the cost of a price reduction of 95,000 yuan / square meter.

Then there was the act of defending the rights of the Kunlun domain owners when they were about to hand over the house. Each time the network was on September 13 this year, with the title of "Kunlun District "Mansion", the report analyzed the cause and effect of the reduction of its luxury home. Under the premise that the price cover is tight, the reduction will become a method that the housing company has to choose. Now that the Kunlun domain is listed in the second phase, how the buyers respond is still to be concerned.

Similarly, since 2014, the Xifu compound has not been able to sell, and there is a game between developers and the government to limit prices. The sales staff of Xifu Courtyard told the reporter of "Daily Economic News" that Taihe stipulated that the minimum down payment ratio of the project was 50%. Earlier, an agency reported that the Xifu Courtyard only accepted the full amount of money to buy a house. Moreover, the project with such high-end positioning is actually a house with a rough house. If you want to buy hardcover directly, you need to pay an additional 15,000 yuan per square meter.

The sales of several luxury residential projects listed in Beijing are relatively hot, but it is impossible to judge how long this heat can last. Then there will beGezhoubaChinese houses, Chinese baht and other luxury houses seek to enter the market. Some analyses point out that these luxury homes are scarce resources and sell one set less. But another point of view is that as luxury homes enter the market in batches, high-end customers will have more choices and can shop around.

The sales staff of the Xifu Courtyard told the reporter of the "Daily Economic News" a detail: "Kunlun domain (Phase I) has a problem, after 30 owners checked out, more than 20 of them came to buy a house here. ”

Regarding why the 100,000 yuan + luxury house will be concentrated in the market, Guo Yi, chief analyst of Heshuo, said: "This year's limited-price housing and other low-priced housing listings are relatively large. After the supply structure changes, there is no need to Adopt the ultimate means of regulation. The competent authorities and developers have reached a consensus on the price, so that these luxury projects can enter the market."

(Article source: Daily Economic News)

                (Editor: DF387)

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