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Agency on the market: in early July, turning over the first shot, who will be the main force in the blowout market?

June 29, 2018 15:46
source: Oriental Wealth Network

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Today's market showed a general increase in the market, but the continuous rise of the motherboard is not sustainable in the later period. Investors still need to focus their trading on small-cap stocks headed by the new stocks, and radical investors especially need to focus on the latest new stocks. High-quality varieties pay special attention.

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  Xiangcai Securities: Who will be the main force in the blowout market?

Today, the stock indexes of the two cities opened slightly after they opened higher. After 10:00, the major indices rose rapidly to close at noon. In the afternoon, the stock indexes continued to climb and went out of the unilateral rising market throughout the day. Hot topics included domestic software, information security, and intellectual property rights. Industrial interconnects, chips, cloud computing, smart wear, big data, holographic concepts, population intelligence, gene concept and other sectors have performed strongly; in general, the market today has seen a general increase.

For the bottom of the new shares, Xiangfan Securities Goldfinger Advisory Group Fan Bo had issued a clear view of the “first sign of the market’s first appearance” on Friday (June 22nd). In the article, we have made it clear that the future may start. The major stocks of the stock market have been focused on the new shares: "After the big drop, the band's chances are the basic logic of bear market trading, and the short-term decline of the secondary stock index has reached 25%. It is expected that the probability of consecutive sharp declines in the later period will decrease. We can wait and see if we can start the new wave market after the shock."

Although there was some differentiation in the market this week,Shanghai indexWe continue to bottom down, but we have not shaken our firm long-term attitude toward the new shares (investors can read our daily point of view, review and logic). The new stocks did not live up to everyone. This week showed a trend of contrarian ascendance today. In the process of a full-fledged rebound in the market, it once again rose to a new high of a recent rebound.

Judging from today's session, after the Shanghai Composite Index continued to decline, it finally ushered in a rally. However, this does not mean that the Main Board is the main direction for the future. We are still firmly convinced of the group of small cap stocks headed by the new shares. The main board is responsible for the stability of the broader market, and the active main force is handed to small-cap stocks. This will be the mainstream model in the long-term future.

Summarize one sentence:Today's market showed a general increase in the market, but the continuous rise of the motherboard is not sustainable in the later period. Investors still need to focus their trading on small-cap stocks headed by the new stocks, and radical investors especially need to focus on the latest new stocks. High-quality varieties pay special attention.

China Securities Investment: Full-scale upside-up warm-up "seven-ups" rebound continues to be recognized by the agency

Today is the last trading day in June, and all stock indexes have rebounded. The Shanghai Composite Index has recovered an integer mark of 2,800 points.GEMIncreased by more than 4%, heavy volume general market reappears. Warm market sentiment gradually emerged, and the market for July and the second half of the year is worth looking forward to.

At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 2844.42 points, up 2.17%;Shenzhen SecuritiesReported 9379.47 points, up 3.39%; GEM refers to 1606.71 points, up 4.08%; SME board reported 6477.76 points, up 3.47%. Turnover, the Shanghai Stock Exchange turnover of 135.652 billion yuan; Shenzhen City turnover of 207.147 billion yuan throughout the day, GEM trading 78.278 billion yuan throughout the day, both volume has been greater than yesterday, the GEM transaction amplification is more obvious.

In terms of the index, the Shanghai Composite Index opened slightly lower after the shock, turned green after a brief turn, rebounded, and continued to climb, and successfully recovered the 2800 point mark and the 5-day moving average. With regard to the Growth Enterprise Market, driven by the strong performance of the technology innovation sector, the index opened higher, followed by a strong upward trend, regaining the 5-day and 10-day moving averages and standing on the 1600-point integer mark.

In terms of hotspots, the big innovation sector has regained strength today. Taking the computer segment as a pioneer, the innovative sectors such as electronic components, pharmaceuticals, and communications have strengthened side by side. The weight plates that were relatively underperforming in the recent period also all picked up. In terms of concept hotspots, the innovation technology sections such as the localization of operating systems, IOE, and industrial Internet have performed brilliantly. As of the close, the CITIC industry index was all-round red, with over 3,219 individual stocks rising, and the general market reappeared.

Regarding the trend of the market in July and the second half of the year, analysts pointed out that China's current economic fundamentals are good, growth resilience is enhanced, total supply and demand are balanced, and growth drivers are accelerated. In addition, there are also abundant funds, and market liquidity remains stable. The market outlook is worth looking forward to.

In addition, the medium-term strategy report released by several agencies also believes that after the adjustment in the first half of the year, the overall trend of the A-share market will be better in the second half of the year than in the first half of the year. A group of high-quality products that have been “wrongly killed” are expected to start in July. Usher in an oversold bounce.

In terms of strategy, analysts stated that technological innovation and consumer industries are still favored by institutions. It is recommended that investors take advantage of risk prevention to gradually grasp opportunities for innovative, consumer-leading leading stocks such as computers, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverages.

                (responsibility editor: DF078)

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