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November 9th, the top four domestic securities newspaper headlines content summary

November 09, 2018 05:25
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Summary of the headlines of the four major securities newspapers] Liu Shiyu, chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission: the chief economist should contribute positively to the market expectations; 65 companies predict that the annual report will turn losses, and small and medium-sized stocks account for 70%; the star medicine Pu Dilan revised the instruction manual, Jichuan Pharmaceutical responded that the company's production and operation are normal.

  China Securities Journal (Zone)

  Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission Liu Shiyu: Chief economist should contribute positively to guiding market expectations

China Securities Journal reporter learned from the China Securities Industry Association on the 8th that the association recently held a forum for chief economists in the securities fund industry to convey the spirit of the Politburo meeting of the CPC Central Committee on October 31 and the general secretary of Xi Jinping on November 1 in private enterprises. The spirit of the important speech at the symposium discussed the issues related to the macroeconomic situation and the reform and development of the capital market. Liu Shiyu, chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, attended the meeting and exchanged views with the chief economists.

  Broadening investment space, institutions are keeping a close eye on charitable foundations in the 100 billion market

A few days ago, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the Interim Measures for the Management of Value-Added and Investment Activities of Charitable Organizations. The Charitable Foundation may entrust financial institutions to invest in asset management products and directly conduct equity investments. It is understood that the foundation has low risk appetite and active investment enthusiasm, mainly investing in pure debt-based fixed products. The introduction of the Interim Measures will promote the investment management of the Foundation, and it is also of great significance for financial institutions to intervene and help the Foundation to break the investment dilemma.

  Cold-selling new fund: scale will be further reduced

Since this year, each familyfund companyThe size of the new fund has declined to varying degrees. Up to now, the overall size of the new fund has dropped by 170 billion yuan compared with the end of 2017. The revenue is also lower than last year. In this regard, fund sources said that the decline in yields, in addition to the significant reduction in the number of new shares listed, this year's market downturn caused the loss of new fund stocks at the bottom of the position is also the main reason. In addition, in the view of respondents, the size of the new fund in the future may be further narrowed.

  The identity of the placard is special. Zhuhai Zhongfu's future or current control dispute

Zhuhai Zhongfu announced on the morning of November 8 that the new Silk Road Progressive No. 1 from October 17 to November 7 through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange centralized bidding trading system increased the company's 64,285,200 shares, accounting for 5% of the company's total shares . It is worth noting that the new Silk Road's aggressive No. 1 placard coincides with the auction of Zhuhai Zhongfu's controlling shareholder, Jie Ande Industrial. A capital person who has long been concerned about Zhuhai Zhongfu bluntly said that in the future, there will be a control around Zhuhai Zhongfu or a battle for it.

  Shanghai Securities News (Zone)

  Partial stock fund approval speed increase A share incremental fund assembly

SSE reporter was exclusively informed that recentlyPartial stock fundThe approval speed has quietly increased. The industry believes that increasing the issuance of partial stock funds at the bottom of the market is expected to bring more incremental funds to the market. On the other hand, it is also expected to increase the probability of making money for the basic people and increase their sense of investment.

  At present, the suspension rate of listed companies is 1.7%.

The official website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission released information yesterday, and introduced the implementation of the suspension and resumption system in recent years and the next work arrangement. According to authoritative statistics, as of November 5, the number of companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges was 61, and the suspension rate was 1.7%. According to authoritative statistics, as of November 5, the number of companies listed in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges was 61, and the suspension rate was 1.7%. According to information released by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, it is now a period of less suspension.

  The biggest increase in history has broken the tide: 1488 companies broke 80%

With the loosening of policies, the recent increase in A-share mergers and acquisitions has become increasingly active. It is difficult to conceal the atmosphere of the plan that has been implemented in the past two years. According to statistics from the Shanghai Securities Journal, among the 1488 listed companies that have implemented a fixed increase, the stock price of Bacheng Company has fallen belowAdditional issuanceThe price of the line has even exceeded 30%. From the absolute number of breaks, it is the biggest wave of breaking in history. A rough analysis, serious breaks, and more related to the company's performance changes in face and other fundamental changes, but there are also many companies whose performance is stable and can not escape the robbery.

  Directly holding Nantian Information Industrial and Commercial Group released the mixed signal

The Industrial Investment Group, which is in the midst of a mixed reform, is reducing the shareholding level of Nantian Information. On the evening of November 8, Nantian Information announced that the company received the notice from the second largest shareholder, Industrial Investment Group, on the same day, and decided to hold 64.67 million shares of Nantian Information held by its wholly-owned subsidiary Nantian Group (accounting for 26.10 of the total share capital of Nantian Information). %) Transfer to the Industrial Investment Group without charge.

  Securities Times (Zone)

  Fang Xinghai: Providing a good capital market environment for innovative enterprises

Fang Xinghai, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said at the 5th World Internet Conference Financial Capital and Internet Technology Innovation Forum yesterday that the CSRC is rapidly in the process of inviting General Secretary Jinping to propose the establishment of a science and technology board and a pilot registration system on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. It provides a good capital market environment for the growth of innovative companies such as the Internet, and also provides more high-growth listed companies with investment value for the capital market.

  65 companies forecast the annual report to turn losses, small and medium-sized stocks accounted for 70%

With the end of the disclosure of the three quarterly reports, the eyes of market funds began to target the 2018 annual report. Statistics show that there are currently 65 pre-announcements of annual losses, of which seven become small and medium-sized stocks. The industry believes that after the announcement of the third quarterly report, the organization will face pressure from the end of the year. When the position is adjusted, it will be more inclined to sell high-quality stocks with higher-than-expected results. The differentiation of individual stocks will intensify.

  5G equipment enters procurement stage for the first time Nokia Ericsson signs three major operators

Nokia announced on November 7 that it has signed framework agreements with three operators, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, with a total value of more than 2 billion euros. Under the agreement, Nokia will accelerate the performance of nationwide fixed and mobile broadband networks by deploying technologies and services to meet the growing demand and accelerate the evolution of operators to 5G.

  Zhonghong shares became the first "1 yuan delisting stock"

On the evening of November 8, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange made a decision to confirm that Zhonghong shares delisted from the face value (1 yuan) for 20 consecutive trading days, becoming the first “one yuan delisting stock” of A shares. According to the disclosure of the third quarterly report, as of the end of September 2018, in addition to the controlling shareholder Zhonghong Zhuoye Group, an investment company and two natural persons, among the top ten shareholders of Zhonghong, the other six are all public funds and brokerages. In the plan, the total shareholding ratio is as high as 25.88%.

  Securities Daily (Zone)

  China Settlement: Investors participating in the Huluntong transaction do not need to open a new securities account

China Clearing stated on November 8 that investors will participate in the Huluntong depository receipt transaction settlement business through the existing A-share account, and do not need to open a new securities account; the market transaction of China Depositary Receipts and related company behavior of Huluntong Business The funds involved are settled in RMB.

  The scale of enterprise annuity expanded over 400 billion yuan of incremental funds

In the first half of the year, the total size of national enterprise annuity accumulation funds increased by more than 80 billion yuan compared with the end of 2017, and the cumulative total scale reached 1,367.767 billion yuan, and the overall income was stable. Some insiders said that with the gradual expansion of the enterprise annuity scale, if 30% of the funds enter the stock market, then there will be more than 400 billion yuan into the market.

  In November, the average position of private placements was less than 60%. At the end of the year, we are optimistic about the technology sector.

According to the latest data, private placements in November generally showed signs of adjustment. At present, the average position of private placements is 57.84%, which is nearly 4% lower than the average of 62.50% in the same period in October, which is at a low level. The agency believes that from the current trend of the external market, the world's major market indexes have shown signs of stabilization. Compared with the impact of the A-share market, the marginal effect has slowed down, especially after the recent rebound cycle, market confidence has recovered; Specific to the sector configuration, private equity is most optimistic about the chip, 5G and other technology sectors, mainly based on the previous index rebound, this sector will have some performance.

  Star medicine Pudi blue revised instruction manual Jichuan Pharmaceutical responded that the company's production and operation is normal

After the State Drug Administration issued the "Regulations on the Revision of Prescription Drugs for Pu Di Lan Anti-inflammatory Preparations" on October 29, the State Drug Administration issued the "Notice on Revising the Model of Non-prescription Drugs for Pu Di Lan Anti-inflammatory Tablets (Capsules) on November 6th. 》. Since the beginning of this year, the state has repeatedly revised the instructions for the use of Chinese medicine-related drugs. Electric Jichuan Pharmaceutical said that this is a routine revision of the instructions for the use of proprietary Chinese medicines by the State Food and Drug Administration. In the future, the state should further standardize the instructions for the use of proprietary Chinese medicines. This is also to remind doctors and patients to use drugs rationally. "At present, the company's production and operation are normal."

                (Editor: DF407)

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