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*ST will live for 3 minutes and stage the "ground plate".

November 09, 2018 04:37

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[*ST Changsheng 3 minutes staged "Ground Plate" Supervision and heating up the wind and the hot money gradually revived] On November 8, after the last three days of continuous down limit, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has implemented the delisting risk warning *ST Changsheng staged "Tiantian The thrilling scene of the board.

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It is not an exaggeration to describe the trend of *ST Changsheng (002680) with "there is nowhere to live."

On November 8th, after the first three days of continuous down limit, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has implemented the delisting risk warning, *ST Changsheng staged the thrilling scene of “Ground Sky”.

At 9:58 in the morning, *ST Changsheng suddenly saw a huge purchase; at 10:00, the daily limit was opened, and the stock price was pulled up and turned red. After 1 minute, the daily limit was 2.94 yuan/share until the close, and the turnover rate on the day was as high as 23.9%. This is also the July 15 issue of the State Food and Drug Administration to disclose the "vaccine" of the longevity organism, which ate 32 consecutive downs and, after August 31, received another limit of four daily limit after the limit.

However, the "vaccine incident" so far, * ST Changsheng stock price has dropped from a maximum of 24.55 yuan to 2.94 yuan, a drop of nearly 90%, the market value loss of more than 21 billion yuan.

The data shows that *ST Changsheng had a turnover of 96,237,800 hands on the same day, the main forceNet inflow38.55 million yuan, of which the super large single net inflow of 52.42 million yuan.

From November 7thDragon and TigerAccording to the data, the hot money is active in the *ST longevity.

The top five buyers are CITIC Securities Haining Haichang South Road Sales Department, Guangfa Securities Taiyuan New South Road Sales Department, and two major business departments from Hangzhou (Haitong Securities Hangzhou Cultural Road, CITIC Securities Hangzhou Fengqi Road) and Great Wall Securities Shenzhen Dragon Xiang Avenue Business Department, a total purchase of 4,447,800 yuan.

It is worth mentioning that in the past three months, wealthy securities Hangzhou Qingchun Road Sales Department, CITIC Securities Shanghai Oriental Road Sales Department and other famous hot money have appeared in the *ST Changsheng to buy the Dragon and Tiger List.

For a *ST longevity experience one day "ground plate", a Shanghai brokerage person said that it is not unexpected.

"Like the stocks such as LeTV and Zhonghong that have the risk of delisting, there is still a short-term rebound. Some people think that their pharmaceutical capabilities and license advantages, if there is a possibility of restructuring, may change a few years later. The name, the company is up again." The above brokers told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter.

However, Cai Haizhou, a financial commentator, wrote that "the three paths are waiting, and there is no suspense in the *ST Changsheng delisting." "If *ST Changsheng can't disclose the 2018 semi-annual report within the specified time, the company may be terminated." Pi Haizhou believes.

In addition, he mentioned that there are two other delisting paths waiting for *ST to live. "One is that the CSRC has filed an investigation into the *ST Changsheng and has made penalties. The other is that on the evening of July 27, the CSRC revised the mandatory delisting rules for major illegal companies."

"According to this rule, it is entirely feasible for *ST Changsheng to be expelled from A shares on the grounds of 'hazard to public health and safety'," Pi Haizhou said.

In addition to *ST Changsheng's "地天板" market, on November 8, Hengli Industrial (000622.SZ) with a total share capital of only 425 million harvested 11 boards, and the market value increased sharply from a minimum of 1 billion yuan to 3.1 billion yuan.

In fact, Hengli Industry is an uncompromising “shell stock”. In the 22 years since its listing, most of it has been between meager profits and losses. In the 15 years and 9 months since 2003, its non-net profit was a loss.

In this regard, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern on the 8th, asking Hengli Industry to explain whether there is any significant information that should be disclosed but not disclosed.

On the afternoon of November 8, a person from the Hengli Industrial Securities Department told the 21st Century Economic Reporter that “the inquiry letter to the exchange will be disclosed in time through the announcement if there is any relevant information.”

In addition, according to the choice data, on November 8th, the ST plate collective blowout, the overall increase of 2.95%. As of the close of the day, *ST Changsheng, *ST Zhongrong (000982), *ST Baoqian (600074.SZ) totaled 12 ST shares daily limit.

On the evening of November 7, *ST Yufu (002427.SZ) was awarded the Shanghai Weikuo Enterprise Management Center (Limited Partnership), and the placard was a special relief fund jointly established by financial institutions and enterprises. After the news was disclosed, its stock price opened more than 1% on November 8 and closed at 16.1 yuan, up 3.27%.

At the same time, shell shares such as Yuxing (002098.SZ), Jiuyou (600462.SH) and Xinhongtai (603016.SH) were also sought after by funds.

An institutional person in Shandong told reporters that "the capital market not only looks at the IPO, but also the merger and reorganization is a big market. At present, the regulatory authorities have relaxed the restructuring, which has promoted the rotation of the ST shares to some extent."

It can be seen that the CSRC has recently “unbundled” a number of rules, in addition to creating conditions to encourage listed companies to launch repurchase and mergers and acquisitions, and to guide more incremental medium and long-term funds including insurance.

"In addition to the M&A and restructuring policy and the exchange's 'no window guidance' statement," another industry official who has long been concerned about ST shares pointed out that "the previous ST fell sharply, from the beginning of this year to before the rebound (January 3 to October) On the 19th, the ST concept index fell by 49.52%, and the market fell by 22.88% during the same period. On October 19, Vice Premier Liu He was interviewed to mention 'promoting the healthy development of the stock market'. The market and ST sectors began to rebound, and the ST stocks were small. More vulnerable to hot money."

He also pointed out that "the re-listing of Changyou 5 also means that A-shares can be used up and down, not a stick to kill, and eligible to re-list, for the third board ('two networks and delisting companies' Both the ST and the ST are good."

On November 2nd, the Shanghai Stock Exchange agreed to apply for the re-listing of Changhang Oil Transportation. The former “Central Enterprises’ Delisting First” Changhang Oil Transportation once again slammed the A-share door, leaving the imagination space for the market.

However, while the ST shares and shell stocks are sought after, the above-mentioned Shandong institutions also stressed that "in the case of the hot money relay, the fate of most retail investors is repeatedly harvested, so ordinary investors should pay attention to risks, and should not blindly follow suit."

(Article source: 21st Century Business Herald)

                (Editor: DF387)

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