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The world's martial arts is not broken fast Country Garden's fast "no problem"

April 13, 2018, 17:09
Author: Water Paper
source: China Times
edit:Oriental Wealth Network

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K diagram

Which industry leader will be the benchmark in the industry is a flag that is closely watched by everyone.

During this time,Country GardenThe several internal documents that have been passed out have to speed up the development of the project and require quicker capital turnover. The result is a sensation. Of course, there are thumbs-ups and worries. Some people worry that Country Garden will not. "The radish won't wash the mud soon." There are quick benefits, but can you guarantee quality?

To ask about the feeling of water skin, it is not a problem at all, as long as it is fast and well structured, rhythmical, and a lot of moves. “The martial arts in the world are not broken soon.” This has been proved by the development of countless Chinese companies, especiallyreal estateIn the field, we can see that Wanda and Vanke are all successful beneficiaries of this experience.

Nowadays, the Country Garden, which has become the industry's number one, has brought a fast word to the standardization and standardization level. Seen in the waterskins, the so-called standardized management, paramilitary management, precise management, and time node management have always been fundamental for large companies to be able to expand. For example, Wanda’s related specifications have millions of words out of three major Ben, Vanke has also been exploring the production process of industrialization.

The internal documents that have attracted people’s attention are that Country Garden has requested to increase the speed, speed, and delivery speed of projects in three or four or five-tier cities. The instruction of Chairman Yang Guoqiang of Country Garden’s Board of Directors is: “High turnover is our invincible magic weapon. "High turnover is the most effective means to resist any risks." "The project general manager must earnestly study projects under the jurisdiction of the project. The interest, cost, and effectiveness of the project are fully understood on a daily basis; they understand how much it costs to advance one day's work in advance." Contrast with the benefits produced, and strive to maximize the benefits under the premise of observing the law." All of this, no problem!

According to the understanding of Shuipi, the speed of Country Garden is not blind to the fact that “radishes are not washed quickly” but there is a relative system for guaranteeing fast, and several guarantees are also worthy of recognition:

The first guarantee is the "one-stop" development model, which subverts the mode of real estate outsourcing operations. The project integrates seamlessly with the entire operation chain from land acquisition, planning, project design, construction and decoration to sales and property management; The two guarantees are "legitimate and compliant," and do a good job of communicating with the government. All preparations are done in the front; the third guarantee is quality, "quality and property are the lifeline." Country Garden's engineering inspection system will automatically calculate and analyze scores after collecting data and make rewards and punishments. The fourth guarantee is Country Garden’s industrialized system, and “good and quick” building the core weapon of the house.

Regarding quick thinking, waterskins can give a small example here, "The story of 10,000 yuan," which is transmitted by Yang Guoqiang of Country Garden. "As a designer, the value of a 10-day work may be 10,000, but if you get One project, please use five designers to finish one night together, you can also take two days off, this time the cost is 10,000, but the fight is to obtain 9 days." Therefore, Yang Guoqiang's fast thinking is correct, and it is an integrated thinking. It is not the kind of coping style that everyone generally thinks.

A successful company naturally has a sense of success. It is a guiding ideology and a concept at the same time that it is fast and fast. In particular, in the period to come, the overall economic situation will be a tight monetary policy. At that time, the pressure on capital will increase sharply, and as soon as one second, it will be possible to lead the entire market, reduce its own pressure, and push the company out of the cycle of policy adjustment. Otherwise, it may be impossible to do anything.

This is a quick view from the point of view of the survival of the company. From the point of view of the development of the enterprise, what is the value of quick? Now everyone is advocating the “creative spirit”, “craftsmanship spirit” and “entrepreneurship” in the new era, talking about China’s speed, striving for the spirit of struggle, and facing the current complex world competition situation, companies can unconsciously put fast words on Are you in front of you? If you are not happy, you will be thrown away by your opponent.

If Yang Guoqiang's pursuit of fast is a kind of high efficiency, it comes from technological innovation and progress. It comes from the 26 years of mature standardized operating system. To advance high-quality growth with advanced management, it is faster to hurry up.

                (Editor: DF381)

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