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ST Changsheng stock hits the speculators risk education tuition Mo Baijiao

September 4, 2018 04:55
Author:Pi Haizhou

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On the evening of September 2,ST longevityThe announcement said that the wholly-owned subsidiary Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ("Changchun Changsheng") was investigated due to the rabies vaccine incident, which caused the company's semi-annual report preparation work to come to a standstill. The company was unable to disclose the 2018 semi-annual report according to the scheduled time. The stock will be suspended from September 3. This also means that the company is one step closer to the market.

However, it is such a process of facing a huge risk of delisting the company. The two trading days before the suspension of the trading period also took place from the "floor board" to the "down limit board" process, it is embarrassing.

As of August 30, ST Changsheng had gone out of 32 "one" board downs because of the problem vaccine incident, which set the longest continuous limit record in the history of A shares. On the 30th, the stock still opened with a daily limit, but starting from 9:54, the stock suddenly changed. In two minutes, the stock rose from the limit to the daily limit, and finally sealed at the position of the daily limit. The big reversal of the earth plate. The trading volume of the day reached 151 million shares, the transaction amount reached 491 million yuan, and the turnover rate reached 37.33%. Market public opinion is therefore in vain. In the next day's trading, the stock was in a "one" down limit throughout the day. The funds fleeing on the same day were $93 million. At least 400 million of the funds pursued in the previous trading day were stuck in ST Changsheng stock. .

On September 3, ST Changsheng suspended trading, which also means that the opportunity to escape the funds on August 30 is even more rampant. According to the relevant regulations, if ST Changsheng still cannot disclose the 2018 semi-annual report within two months after the suspension of trading, the company's stock will resume trading from November 5, 2018, and will be subject to the delisting risk warning. If the company is subject to the risk of delisting risk, the 2018 semi-annual report will not be disclosed within two months, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange may suspend the listing of the company's shares. If the company's stock is suspended after listing and fails to disclose the semi-annual report within two months, it may be terminated. Because the subsidiary Changchun Changsheng was investigated for rabies vaccine problems, even the companybankAccounts and other issues are frozen. Therefore, whether ST Changsheng can disclose semi-annual reports within the prescribed time limits is obviously full of unknowns. It is not excluded that the company is forcibly delisted.

In fact, even if ST Changsheng can disclose a semi-annual report at a certain node within the prescribed time limit, this will not change the fate of the company being forced to withdraw from the market. Because the company's problem vaccine incident broke through the bottom line of society and seriously endangered the health and life safety of Chinese people, on this issue, on July 27 this year, the CSRC deliberately issued a number of amendments on the reform and improvement of the listed company's delisting system. The Opinions> decision to amend the current mandatory delisting rules involving major illegal companies, including major illegal activities involving national security, public safety, ecological security, production safety and public health and safety into the mandatory violation of major illegal companies. In the case of the city.

In this situation, ST Changsheng's stock actually went out of the "ground plate" trend on August 30, and there are quite a few investors chasing high buy, it is incredible. This exposes the speculative nature of the A-share market and exposes the lack of risk awareness among investors in the A-share market. RecentZhonghong sharesAlso out of the trend of the "ground plate", this stock may still have the speculative opportunity caused by the "1 yuan face value defending war." However, for ST Changsheng, a company that is indignant and angry, even the top leaders of the country have made clear instructions. The CSRC has specifically targeted the revision of the mandatory delisting system for major illegal companies. The forced withdrawal of the market is a hard-fought thing, and it is retired. After the market, it is impossible to resume listing. However, there are a large number of investors who turn a blind eye to these risks and participate in speculation on ST Changsheng stocks.

ST Changsheng's suspension from the "floor" to the "down limit" and stocks is another heavy lesson for the market's risk-conscious investors. Investors who bought ST Changsheng stocks on the same day have lost investment losses. It is really no wonder that others can blame themselves.

I hope that investors can remember the lesson, enhance risk awareness, and establish a rational investment philosophy. In this way, the tuition fees paid by investors in ST Changsheng stocks are not white. Otherwise, investors pay tuition fees again and again, and there is no end to it.

                (Editor: DF380)

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