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96-year-old Macau gambling king Stanley Ho officially retired! Five daughter He Chaofeng took over as chairman of the board of directors

June 13, 2018 20:40
source: 澎湃News
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Zhongxin Jingwei client officially retired on June 12, the 96-year-old Macau gambling king, Stanley Ho. On June 12, Macau Gaming Holdings Co., Ltd., listed in Hong Kong (SJM HoldingsThe announcement stated that He Hongyi retired as the chairman of the company, executive director and member of the executive committee of the board of directors, and completely withdrew from the board of directors and was transferred to the honorary chairman. He Hongjun’s second-five daughter, He Chaofeng, officially “takes the post” chairman position in addition to the current executive director.

The announcement also mentioned that Huo Zhentao and Liang Anqi have been appointed as co-chairs in addition to the current executive directors of the company. In addition to his current executive director and chief executive officer, Su Shuhui has been appointed as the vice chairman. Chen Yuzhen was elected as an executive director of the company.

  A brief history of the legendary gambling king

Born in Hong Kong on November 25, 1921, the famous Hong Kong and Macao entrepreneurs, with Jewish, Dutch, British, Chinese, and many ethnic origins, are known as "Macau gambling kings." He was born in Hong Kong's famous He Dong family, the first of the four major families in Hong Kong during the British Hong Kong government.

When He Hongzhen was 13 years old, his father He Shiguang was forced to flee to Vietnam and his life had undergone earth-shaking changes.

At the end of 1941, Stanley Ho left Hong Kong for Macao for 10 yuan and entered the business of Macau Lianchang Trading Company. Due to fluent English, outstanding memory and excellent communication skills, he quickly became a competent company. In 1943, using the $1 million dividend, Mr. Ho began to get involved in the kerosene and textile business. In 1959, Stanley Ho, who owns HK$10 million in property, was once again listed on the list of Hong Kong rich.

In 1961, the Portuguese government turned Macau into a permanent gaming area, and the Macau gaming industry was officially legalized. He Hongjun seized the opportunity to cooperate with Huo Yingdong, Ye Han (gambling god), Ye Deli and other alliances to bid for the Macau casino franchise and take the first step of the "gambling king" road.

In the early 1990s, a number of casinos such as the “Palace Casino” were established in Macau, and the gambling kingdom of Macau was born. Ho's casinos are betting on HK$130 billion a year, which is equivalent to six times the gross domestic product of Macau. The annual gambling tax paid to the government exceeds HK$4 billion, accounting for Macau’s totalRevenueMore than 50%. About 30% of Macao people are employed directly or indirectly and benefit from his company.

In addition to Hong Kong and Macau, Stanley Ho has also invested in various countries, including Vietnam, North Korea, the Philippines and Portugal. In addition to the gaming industry, Stanley Ho’s industry is also involved.real estate, construction, shipping, investment and other fields. In 2008, the Macau Group successfully listed in Hong Kong.

As of now, the companies under the umbrella of Stanley Ho include: Macau Gaming Holdings Limited, Hong Kong Xinyi International Group, Hong KongShun Tak GroupCo., Ltd., Macau International Airport franchise company, Macau ChengxingbankWait.

According to public information, He Chaofeng, who took over the company's highest position and executive director, was the second daughter of Stanley Ho and the second-room wife, Lan Qiong, who was ranked fifth among 11 daughters of Stanley Ho and was born in 1964. Why is the husband Zhijian? He is now assisting Stanley Ho to take care of the company's business. Earlier, He Chaofeng said that he would "take over" the chairman of SJM and said: "The pressure will definitely be there, because this is a heavy responsibility."

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