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Stepping Out of Three-dimensional Intelligence Poverty Alleviation on the Plateau - Sidelights of the First State-owned Enterprise Backbone Seminar of Orient Fortune

January 12, 2018
source: Oriental wealth network

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"Accurate Poverty Alleviation" is a national strategy. "One county one county" and "One county one enterprise" are important deployments of China Securities Regulatory Commission and China Securities Association.

In order to implement the spirit of "one county, one county and one enterprise", innovate the mode of intelligence poverty alleviation, promote and lead the local ability and level of precision out of poverty, set up the long-term mechanism of "blood-making" type poverty alleviation and the limited liability of Tibet Orient Fortune Securities Co., The company held "2018 Oriental Fortune first Tibetan state-owned enterprise backbone training class in poverty alleviation county" in Shanghai from January 8 to January 11. Invited nearly 20 financial leaders from state-owned enterprises from Lhasa, Shigatse, Nyingchi, Shannan, Qushui and Jiali to go to Shanghai for comprehensive three-dimensional training in the form of "professional teaching, on-site teaching and study tours".

On January 9, the backbone of the state-owned enterprises in Tibet reached the gold seat of No. 88 Wanping South Road in Shanghai Fortune Securities. First of all, we visited 17 departments of Orient Fortune Securities Co., Ltd., carefully listened to the brief introduction of all departments, and then started intensive professional training within 24 hours of Orient Fortune Securities. In charge of the company in charge of poverty alleviation leader Qiangba Yun Dan for the opening speech, the company party secretary Bian Chun Shan commissioned by party secretary Chen Hong, on behalf of the company on behalf of the arrival of guests and students warmly welcomed and on the company "history, business development, Strategic vision, social responsibility and corporate culture, "as a whole introduction. Subsequently, the four departments of the asset management department, retail business department, planning and finance department and investment banking subsidiary (chips) conducted professional knowledge transfer in professional knowledge and fresh cases. Allows students to have more in-depth and detailed understanding of investment and financing methods, financial management and internal control, benefited a lot.

On the morning of January 10, trainees walked into the "Shanghai Stock Exchange" - the financial factor market. Visit its historical exhibition hall, experience gong listing, listen to the bond expertise to explain. Director Liu Zhengjun introduced the history of stock and the history of stock exchanges in a unique and humorous way and explained profound theories in simple language. He shared his insights on the capital market through high-profile construction, enhanced participants' deeper understanding of the capital market and enhanced their understanding of the capital market. New Year's goal!

On the afternoon of January 10, trainees walked into SIIC - Shanghai Real Lease. Listen to Ji Jiarong, vice president of the company's overall introduction: SI Group is the Shanghai municipal government in Hong Kong window companies, administered 5 listed companies. At the same time, it also broadened the new ideas of the state-owned enterprises in Tibet by activating the alternative financing leases for large projects such as financial leasing and car rental. "Hold the bottom line, looking at the sky, plug soar" is the overall strategy of the season, this strategy and plateau complex on this front line.

On the morning of January 11, trainees went to Shanghai Guosheng Group for investment and financing of major industrial projects of Shanghai Municipal Government and visited the state-owned assets operation platform. Under the leadership of Huang Yuemin, deputy secretary of Guosheng Party Committee, Guosheng Real Estate Co., Ltd., Guosheng Real Estate Co., Ltd., Guosheng Science and Education Investment Co., Ltd. and Guosheng Group Headquarters were successively visited. Later, he held discussions with the Equity and Asset Management departments. At the symposium, Jiang Ming and Li An, vice presidents of Guosheng Group, queried the questions raised by students in the business development of Tibet. After the discussion, President Shou Weiguang of Guosheng further communicated with the visiting students. The trainees learned the operational experience of the state-owned assets platform, expanded their thinking and avoided detours, which made a great achievement.

On the afternoon of January 11, trainees arrived at the Shanghai Satellite Engineering Research Institute - the cradle of China's meteorological satellites and the main research base for remote sensing, space monitoring and deep space exploration series of satellites. Under the leadership of Party Secretary Cao Jiyu, they successively visited the Key Laboratory of Deep Space Exploration Technology, the Exhibition Hall of Shanghai Satellite Engineering Research Institute, the Hall of Satellite Orbiting Monitoring and Monitoring Hall of the 8th Institute, the Aerospace Gold Team - Spacecraft Thermal Control System Group, Party Building Cultural Center, Model workers home. Among them, "Deep Space Exploration Technology Laboratory" to carry the future exploration of Mars, asteroids, to further reveal the mysteries of human and cosmic mission. In the showroom, the students felt the mysteries of the interstellar close to the universe. "Looking at the stars, down to earth," as the bearers of China's space mission, its "sophisticated" dedication touched us deeply. "Aerospace team team" wall "excellence, efficiency, innovation, harmony," eight characters particularly striking. Wherever he goes, his "corporate culture that exemplifies the best of the best, Kieming Junde," highlights the corporate culture of specialization. In addition to the rapid development of the national space technology and the pride of the nation, the visit to the Shanghai Institute of Satellite Engineering further highlights the high integration of the spirit of spaceflight and the corporate culture behind it with party building.

In the three days of intensive training, tens of thousands of miles of training courses were carried out. The financial backbone of state-owned enterprises in Tibet overcame the tired and low-altitude reaction to the journey and always played "the spirit of the old Tibetans that are especially able to endure hardship and can fight in particular. Study hard, study hard and learn.

"This is a difficult endeavor for Fang Xian Yong." This training is the first exploration by Orient Fortune Securities for intellectual poverty alleviation organizations in poverty alleviation counties. It also opens up new channels for the company to fulfill its social responsibilities. As the organizer, it also hopes to make every effort to bring poverty alleviation To be practical, increase poverty alleviation counties to capital markets, advanced culture, enterprise party building to learn, broaden their horizons, enhance thinking, accurate help!

The training, supported by all the visiting advanced units, fully reflects the urban spirit of "accommodating the sea" and the social responsibility of selfless support for Tibet.

Time is a roll out, we are respondents, poverty alleviation counties are scrolls ... ... In the future, poverty alleviation should not only go in, but also brought out. Boosting the development of Tibet and promoting national unity are the unshirkable social responsibility of Orient Fortune Securities!

                (Editor: DF075)

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