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Water skin: long-rent apartment explosions accelerated after the second house rented rent disappeared tenants were rushed

October 28, 2018 16:16
Author:Water skin
source: Water skin More
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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[Water skin: long-term rental apartment explosions accelerated. After the second house rented rent, the tenants disappeared.] This year, many apartments have problems. According to the statistics of the reporters, there are five well-rented long-rental apartments in the city, such as the good rent, Aijia Ai Apartment, Changsha Youtike, Yuxin Asia and Hangzhou Dingjia. The reasons for the problem are all without exception. The operational crisis brought about by the break of the capital chain, the number and frequency of thunderstorms in long-term rental apartments have accelerated significantly since the end of 2017.

On October 16th, according to media reports, the long-term rental apartment saw several tenants in the Shanghai area of ​​the apartment. During the normal performance of the lease contract, the landlord suddenly came to the door, on the grounds that the debtor would not see Asset Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Pay the rent again.

Shanghai old-fashioned long-term rental apartment, the apartment, has recently been owed to the rent of the landlord and the suspected cash flow is tight. The letter from the creditor Huarui Bank was sent to the public and quickly attracted market attention.

According to media reports, long-term rental apartments have seen several tenants in the Shanghai area of ​​the apartment. During the normal performance of their lease contract, the landlord suddenly came to the door.The reason is that the debtor can see that Asset Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. no longer pays the rent.

This year, there have been problems with several apartments.According to the statistics of the reporters, there are five well-rented long-rental apartments in the city, such as Good Rent, Aijia Ai Apartment, Changsha Youtike, Yuxin Asia and Hangzhou Dingjia.The cause of the problem, without exception, is the operational crisis brought about by the break of the capital chain. The number and frequency of thunderstorms in long-term rental apartments have accelerated significantly since the end of 2017.

  The tenant was cheated by the second landlord nearly 50,000

Long-term rental apartment, as long as the landlord does not rent directly, the rent is not given to the landlord. If you don't pay attention, you will encounter a scam made by the second landlord.

Xu Ming (a pseudonym), a college student who just arrived in Beijing in August this year, faced the rent of nearly 7,000 yuan that he had just paid in less than a week, and he was unable to contact the second landlord who rented the house. Going home to catch people, my heart is also helpless.

Xu Ming came to Beijing for the first time. Before coming to Beijing, Xu Ming consulted many students and friends about renting houses. And backfired, after paying nearly 7,000 yuan (one for three, equivalent to four months of rent) rent, less than a week, a woman who is known as "true landlord", they came to inform them, she will be at the end of the month The house was closed, and at this moment, it was discovered that his own WeChat had been blacked out by the second house, and the phone of the second landlord could not get through.

There are three other families living in the same room as Xu Ming, and each of them has just paid the rent, and the four rooms have paid nearly 50,000 yuan to the second landlord who has already lost the connection.

Xu Ming told reporters that he knew that he was subletting, which was equivalent to the second landlord. However, when he was in a hurry and had contract guarantee, he transferred the money to him. Ms. Chen, another tenant in the same room, also told reporters that when she signed the second house, she also saw a copy of the real estate license. At that time, she thought that the second landlord had a relative relationship with the landlord, and she settled down with peace of mind.

The landlord replied to the tenants, the second landlord still owes himself 8,000 yuan rent, and when he rented it, he clearly couldn't cut it off, but now the second landlord actually cut off the partition, and now he has no way to recover the house.

Xu Ming and three other tenants went to the nearby police station to report the case. In the process of recording, the staff of the police station told them that the second landlord had entered their blacklist and appeared to be a recidivist.

After more than two months, Xu Ming and other tenants’ money still could not be recovered.

Liu Xu, a lawyer at Beijing Getong Law Firm, believes that when renting a house with the second owner, it is necessary to see and copy the original contract signed by the second landlord and the big landlord. And repeatedly confirmed whether the sublet is allowed in the contract. At the same time, in order to ensure the validity of the contract, the tenant can use the property to find the contact information of the big landlord and reconfirm the validity of the house they rent.

  I love my family and suspected that the landlord information

The long-term rental apartment was rushed by the renter, and the second landlord cheated the money and the tenant was rushed. The main reason was that the tenant paid the second landlord instead of directly to the landlord.

On the other hand, the landlord wants to rent a tenant directly, but it is very difficult for the landlord to go directly to the tenant.

On the evening of September 28th, Ms. Wu from Haidian District, Beijing went to the house where I loved my house to register the rental information. Ms. Wu’s rental business agent, Xiao Zhang (pseudonym), accompanied Ms. Wu and went to the scene to take pictures. And then returning to the store together, Xiao Zhang entered the system information in the face of Ms. Wu. Ms. Wu recalled that after completing these procedures, Xiao Zhang asked himself to go home and contact the prospective renter.

"I received several personal rent-seeking calls on the night of the 28th and 29th. Basically, I gave good conditions first. For example, the whole family rented for three to five years. But then I started picking the house, such as insufficient floors. High, then it will push the price down and push the price below the market price of 800-1000 yuan." Ms. Wu told reporters.In addition to the consistent bargaining requirements, Ms. Wu is puzzled by the professional tone of the other party.Therefore, Ms. Wu used her mobile phone to check the number of the caller and found that these numbers were once marked as intermediaries, and none of them were ordinary tenants.

After some tossing, on October 3, Ms. Wu was even more puzzled, soFind your own listing on the My Love My App and see if it's a real release.After some searching, I did not find my own house information on the apartment and the general rent.

Ms. Wu couldn’t sit still. She found the rental agent Xiao Zhang again and asked why there was no information. Xiao Zhang’s reply to Ms. Wu is that the staff who manage the area are “lazy” and he will supervise the staff release as soon as possible. When Ms. Wu asked, since there was no information on renting, why would the “tenant” contact herself, and whether she sold her information to other agencies, Xiao Zhang did not deny it, and said that this situation could not be avoided.

Ms. Wu told reporters that she then called my official customer service phone number and asked to publish the property within two days, but it was not released after the expiration.

For the event that I love my family staff did not release the listing information and disclose the owner information in time, the reporter of China Times has sent an interview letter to the person in charge of my love. The other party said that the customer service did not find a similar record and could not respond.

Yan Yuejin, research director of the Yiju Research Center think tank, said that for the listing of similar houses I love, it was not released in time to the platform, but it was also suspected of a monopoly.

  Why is the real landlord really so difficult?

Direct rents by landlords often face some embarrassing situations. The landlord intends to rent directly, and it is not the tenant but the intermediary.

Mr. Chen (a pseudonym), located in Tiantongyuan, hangs up his own rental news for a set of idle houses and publishes news of his own house rental on all major social platforms. Within a few days, most of the calls received were not the tenant’s phone, but the intermediary’s phone. Because of his busy work, coupled with fewer tenants, but the tenants who can sign up quickly have not yet encountered, in desperation, Mr. Chen finally handed over the house to the intermediary company after the intermediary calls. Signed a one-year contract.

When the reporter visited Tiantongyuan, he also found that in the red banner that can be seen everywhere, the slogan “Rejecting black intermediary and the second landlord to resist group renting” can be seen everywhere. At the same time, the residents of the community also told reporters that in addition to the house to the intermediary company, there are more houses in the community, the landlord directly handed over to the "two landlords."

Just as Ms. Wu experienced, the agent who pretends to be a tenant wants to give a price lower than the market price of 800-1000 yuan/month, get the house from Ms. Wu, and then sublet at a higher price. "You can earn a difference." The channel and speed of the intermediary to get information and the enthusiasm for closing the house are often much faster and more enthusiastic than the tenant.

Chief of the companyAnalystGuo Yi explained to reporters about the real estate, the phenomenon of information asymmetry in the housing rental market has always existed objectively.However, this phenomenon relies solely on the intermediary platform to achieve the interaction and circulation of information.Because the intermediary is based on this business model of its own, there is a demand for profit. Although intermediaries can build a platform for information interaction,But it will inevitably seek certain benefits in the middle.If you want to simply use the platform for information interaction, you may need the government authorities to lead the construction. At the same time, the platform should be vigorously developed and vigorously promoted so that more demanders can know and use the platform.

(Article source: Water Skin More)

                (Editor: DF064)

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