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Founder Securities on the United States tax reform: not too much pressure on the exchange rate

December 02, 2017 at 20:22
source: Oriental wealth network

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December 2 news, the United States Senate Saturday morning local time with 51 votes: 49 votes passed the tax reform bill, the bill will become the largest tax relief Act in the history of the United States. Founder solidarity Yang Wei said that this will not lead to too much outflow of capital, it will not have too much pressure on the exchange rate.

He further said that the devaluation of the renminbi will surely rise but will not lead to a sharp devaluation of the exchange rate because the domestic exchange rate formation system had undergone an anti-marketization change in May this year. When the counter-cyclical factor is introduced, Exchange rate fluctuations re-limit live, even theninterest rateParity on the RMB exchange rate pressure, there will not be too much devaluation losses.

Yang Wei said that there may be more overseas-funded enterprises going to sea, but not too violent and will not have much impact on monetary policy. The key issue currently facing monetary policy is still the domestic bond market is also limited.

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