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Water skin: A shares are the most favorable to enter the market. Tax reduction The State Council is serious.

September 08, 2018 17:13
Author:Water skin
source: China Times

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This is probably the result that policy makers are least willing to see. The people's words are good intentions, but if you blame this situation only on the pouting monks, you may not be fair to the monks who recite the scriptures. One reason for holding a good hand but losing the last time is that the order of the cards is wrong, and the devil is also in the details.

  The National People's Congress passed a tax amendment, and the starting point for personal income tax was raised from 3,500 yuan to 5,000 yuan.In addition to this, there are many deductions, such as the education of children, the support of the elderly, the re-education of the individual, and even the interest on housing mortgages. It should be said that the margin of return to the people is relatively large, but friends The folk opinion field represented by the circle does not agree with this. On the contrary, the paradox is spread everywhere.

  One view is that the actual income of the hand does not rise and fall.The reason for the decline is that in the past, a considerable number of SMEs accounted for about 75%. The payment of the five insurances and one gold was basically paid according to the minimum wage standard, which means that it was not paid according to the actual income standard, although this is not Compliance and unreasonable, but the costs incurred by enterprises and individuals are relatively small. However, after the new tax law, the five insurances and one gold will be collected by the tax bureau. Enterprises and individuals will have no room for adjustment, not only the burden of enterprises. As the price rises, the actual income of the individual also declines. Some people have calculated that if the enterprises in the country have to regulate all the fees, the difference in one year is 2 trillion yuan. Although this argument is somewhat far-fetched, it does not seem to be the same, but the people Just looking at the results is easy to identify, and invisible has reversed the benefits of a tax.

For some taxpayers with diverse incomes,The new tax law requires a combination of various feesThis also allows the one-off draft fee, labor and copyright income in the past to implement the 20% tax rate to face a top 45% tax rate after the combined wage income, and the traditional form of withholding and paying is also facing challenges, withholding, no Knowing how much the deduction is, not deducting, and returning the taxpayer to the individual, it is not optimistic whether it can be implemented.

  Chinese companies have high taxes, higher staff costs, and labor costs have become the main demand for companies to reduce costs.Because the five insurances and one gold actually account for about 44%, simply speaking, if an employee's income is 10,000 yuan per month, the cost of the enterprise will reach 14,000, and the individual will pay the taxable salary of 7777 yuan after paying the personal part. After deducting 3,500 yuan, the taxable income is 4,277 yuan, and the tax is 322.7 yuan at the applicable tax rate of 10%. The actual individual's salary is only 7454 yuan.

44% of the composition, 20% of the pension insurance unit, 8% of the individual; 10% of the medical insurance unit, 2%+3 of the individual; 1% of the unemployment insurance unit, 0.2% of the individual; 1% of the industrial injury insurance unit, 0.8% of the maternity insurance unit; The unit is 12%, the individual is 12%, the total expenditure unit is 4,480 yuan, and the individual is 2,223 yuan. To be honest, the Chinese-style five insurance and one gold is higher than the international standard, and it is also highly controversial. The improvement of the threshold is actually better than lowering. The standard of the rate is more affordable.

  Coincidentally, the income tax rate of venture capital funds has also recently triggered onlookers.According to the standard, the income tax is from 5% to 35%, but local governments are often only levied on the approved 20% for the purpose of attracting venture capital. The State Administration of Taxation believes that the law is unfounded and the tax replenishment is also disturbing. Isn't that a tax cut? How did it become tax-filled? Why?

It is gratifying that everyone’s concerns and incomprehension have quickly received a response from the State Council’s executive meeting. At the State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on September 6, the implementation of the newly revised personal income tax law measures was confirmed.For the masses to reduce the burden, on the one hand, the special additional deduction scope and standards will be implemented on January 1 next year after soliciting social opinions. On the one hand, it emphasizes that there are more accumulated balances of pensions nationwide.It can ensure full payment. Before the reform of social security collection agencies is in place, all localities should keep the existing collection policies unchanged, and at the same time, implement research and appropriate reduction of social security rates, and ensure that the overall burden is not increased to stimulate market vitality and guide society. Expected to be good.

In order to promote innovation, the meeting decided to maintain the stability of the local venture capital fund's tax support policy. The relevant departments will combine the implementation rules of the individual income tax law and ensure that the total tax burden does not increase according to the principle of non-retroactivity, and implement further support policies. In particular, the new third board trading balance tax is exempted from the same as the main board.

Good words should be said well, good things should be done well.

  The State Council is serious about tax cuts.

This is the biggest advantage of the Chinese economy, and it is also the biggest advantage of the capital market. The biggest benefit of the Chinese stock market.

                (Editor: DF010)

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