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How much is this year's IPO?

February 09, 2017 08:54
source: Beijing Youth Daily
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Yesterday online news revealed the recent listing company IPO cost list, of which the total listing cost of Aspen fashion as much as 81.19 million yuan, 科森 technology also reached 76.9 million yuan.

Yesterday, there was news on the Internet disclosing the recent list of IPO cost of listed companies, of whichSecure fashionThe total cost of listing as high as 81.19 million yuan, 科森 technology also reached 76.9 million yuan. Looking at a number of listed companies, in order to achieve the market, it costs tens of millions of dollars. This means that businesses are not only incurring huge time costs while lining up an IPO, but also incurring high monetary costs.

Insiders told the Beijing Youth Daily yesterday that listed companies usually need to pay during the IPO costs include: sponsorship fees, audit fees, legal fees, statutory disclosure fees, issuing fees and stamp duty, of which the highest proportion of sponsor underwriting fees , Usually account for more than 70% of the total cost of the offering, even up to 90%. However, auditing fees of CPAs tend to account for only 3% to 6% of the issuing costs. Such as ShenzhenSmall boardofGossellOf the sponsor underwriting fees totaled 34 million yuan, accounting for a total cost of 46.12 million yuan 73%, while the audit capital verification costs 6.3 million yuan, 1.65 million yuan attorney fees, the latter two about 13% and 3.5%. Among the recently listed companies, the total cost of sponsorship under Corson Technologies in Shanghai was as high as RMB59.57 million, accounting for more than 77% of the total, accounting for 9.3% and 6.1% respectively of the auditing fees and attorneys' fees. Shenzhen'sgementerpriseFly RongdaThe total amount of sponsorship underwriting fees was 44 million yuan, accounting for 81% of the total expenditure of 54.29 million yuan. The ratio of audit, assessment and verification fees to legal fees was 9.1% and 3.13% respectively.

For high sponsorship underwriting costs, some people compared the corporate IPO to the sales process of a product - the sponsor underwriter is equivalent to a salesman, is the biggest contributor to direct the sale of goods, naturally, you should get the highest commission. However, although the surface of the cost of sponsorship underwriting appears to be considerable, but insider introduction, sponsor underwriters in fact formed a fate with the listed company community, because sponsor underwriting agency IPO project income is mainly divided into financial consulting fees, sponsorship fees and Underwriting fees, including financial consultants earned earners earlier, and after the two were so issued. This means that if the business goes public, then all happy, sponsor underwriters can also get full payment of this considerable cost. However, if the company's listing plan is terminated and censored, sponsor underwriters will only get a very small percentage of sponsor consultants, which is usually a few million dollars, even though they have to pay the cost.

Therefore, the sponsor underwriting the seemingly most lucrative sponsor underwriting fees are actually the most risky, while the relatively low amount of lawyers, the audit fee is the drought and flood protection. In fact, as the process of going public is often slow and sometimes takes many years to reach fruition, it is a long process that requires periodic refreshing and auditing of data reports, all of which are on a per-charge basis of. For example, once every six months to update the financial data, each need to be audited, each cost about 300,000 yuan, if the company waited for three years before the listing, which means that during the six audit fees to be paid, while the companies during this period The lawyer's fees are also paid year after year. This undoubtedly plunged into a bottomless pit for spending money on many listed companies that were queued for years to be "censored."

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