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New tax reform program out of Silicon Valley technology companies or into a big winner

December 23, 2017 at 01:35
source: First Financial
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The U.S. tax reform is a boon to Silicon Valley technology companies such as Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, which will enjoy significant tax breaks and the opportunity to get billions of dollars off overseas at lower interest rates .

CorrectappleAs the Silicon Valley technology companies such as the company and Alphabet's parent company, Alphabet Inc., say the tax reform in the United States is a boon, they will enjoy significant tax concessions and the opportunity to benefit from the lowerinterest rateBought billions of dollars from overseas.

Contrary to earlier warnings from officials in California, most workers in California and their families can also enjoy tax breaks. California summons the highest personal income tax in the United States. Governor Jerry Brown criticized the new tax law as "extremely evil."

In spite of this, many Silicon Valley companies have benefited. Some tax experts said start-up employees, freelancers and venture capitalists will receive new tax breaks or retain existing tax breaks, and some middle- and high-income earners at the heart of the technology industry will also enjoy substantial tax cuts, but other large Some people pay tax changes are small.

For example, in a family with $ 250,000 annual income in Silicon Valley, the couple is affected by the new tax law only to a few hundred dollars, while for rented couples with annual income of $ 150,000 and no children, tax incentives Up to 3900 US dollars. Low-income earners will also enjoy the benefits of tax cuts, but the amount is small.

Critics of the new tax law point out that personal tax benefits will not last long and are expected to disappear after 2025. Even low-income earners receive some tax relief, but most of the benefits flow to businesses and the richest individuals.

The biggest winner in the tax reform may be a startup employee who owns a stake. First, start-up employees can delay paying taxes by driving stock options-related rights, and they will have more opportunities to implement incentives to stimulate stock options.

Additional beneficiaries include engineers, marketers and contractors, all of whom can enjoy nearly 20% tax relief.

                (Original title: a new tax reform program out of Silicon Valley technology companies or into a big winner)

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