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US stocks before the market: stock index futures fell slightly or ended the momentum of five days

January 11, 2019 21:14
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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On the 11th, Oriental Fortune Network, on Friday, in the shadow of the US economic recession's six-year high, the US stock index futures fell slightly, indicating that Wall Street may end its consecutive upswing after hitting the longest consecutive record since September. The momentum of the day. Quotes show that Nasdaq index futures fell 0.44%, Dow Jones index futures 0.2%, S&P 500 index futures fell 0.32%.

Investors will pay close attention to the US DecemberCPITo assess whether economic data will support the Fed’s suspension of tighteningcurrencyPolicy perspective. At the same time, the US government stopped moving into the 21st day to tie the history.

  Global financial attention

  Call options rose to an eight-year high!

The risk reversal indicator shows that the popularity of RMB call options is the highest since 2011, and the US dollar against the RMB may fall to the position of the 200-day moving average at 6.7198.

  US debt is approaching 22 trillion. The deficit is over 1 trillion! Federal Reserve Powell: I am very worried!

According to media reports on Thursday (10th), the current total US debt is about 21.9 trillion US dollars, of which 16 trillion US dollars is public debt.

  British cabinet minister said Brexit will be postponed until March 29

The pound quickly rose against the dollar. According to sources, the British cabinet minister said that Brexit will be postponed until March 29.

  Russia abandons the US dollar in 2018 and increases its holdings of nearly 300 billion yuan in foreign exchange reserves.

The Russian Central Bank’s “Report on Foreign Currency and Gold Management in the First Half of 2018” issued by the Russian Central Bank on the 10th shows that as of the end of June 2018, the US dollar accounted for 21.9% of Russia’s international reserves, and at the end of March 2018, the US dollar was in Russia. The share of reserves is 43.7%.

  Winter has arrived, the traditional American retail giant is "continuous"

The US stock market rose for the fifth consecutive trading day on the 10th, but the old department store chain Macy has almost created the biggest one-day drop in the company's history. Macy’s share price fell more than 18% in intraday trading, smearing all of the company’s share price since 2018 and eventually closing down 17.69%. Following the decline of Macy's, the prices of other traditional retailers also generally fell. US stock retail stocks evaporated a market value of $34 billion in one day.

  In 2019, Chinese aunts will usher in the golden “solution” opportunity.

In April 2013, COMEX gold price dipped from $1,560 per ounce to $1,321 per ounce. At this time, the bottom-selling army headed by "China Aunt" swarmed into the market, causing the gold price to rebound to a level of $1,460 per ounce. I did not expect this. The first line has become a high level for more than six years.

  US stock company news

Apple plans to launch three new iPhones this fall, including the successor to the low-priced XR. It is reported that Apple plans to add new features to the new iPhone's camera, including the top-end camera for the top-end models and the dual-back camera for the other two models. In addition, China's two major e-commerce platforms, Jingdong and Suning, have lowered their own iPhone prices.

UBS raised its Netflix rating from Neutral to Buy and raised its target price from $400 to $410. At the same time, Credit Suisse raised its forecast for new users in the fourth quarter to 9.75 million, exceeding the previous guidance of 9.4 million.

Activision Blizzard announced the termination of its eight-year cooperative issuance agreement with Destiny developer Bungie, and Destiny will be returned to Bungie for operation. Investors are worried that Blizzard will maintain a strong lineup of game products.

Anheuser-Busch InBev is considering an IPO for its Asian business with a valuation of US$70 billion.

Fiat Chrysler will recall more than 1.6 million vehicles worldwide due to airbag problems, including 1.4 million in the United States.

  China Stock News

Jinshan Software confirmed that it is in business cooperation with Jingdong Group. According to the British financial report, Jinshan Software released on FridayannouncementIt is discussing with the Jingdong Group on potential business cooperation. However, Kingsoft also stated that it has not yet formed a practical plan for potential business cooperation and has not signed any legally binding agreements. Earlier, it was reported that Jingdong Cloud will merge with Jinshan Cloud and Jinshan has taken over Jingdong Cloud HR, but it was denied by Jingdong.

The car home denied that Zhongsheng Group wanted to block the car home. Earlier, some media said that due to the limited channel of collecting passengers, the cost of drainage was getting higher and higher. China National Automobile Dealer Zhongsheng Group suspended cooperation with the car home. In this regard, the car home said, "1, we have not yet obtained official news from the official channel that Zhongsheng Group wants to block the car home. 2, the car home and Zhongsheng Group's cooperation and mutual benefit, the past cooperation progress is very smooth. 3. The price negotiation in commercial cooperation is normal. Even if there is no agreement, there is no question of who will block anyone. 4. The car home reserves the right to resort to the law and pursue its legal responsibility.

                (Editor: DF134)

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