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The border wall failed to negotiate and the two parties nodded. The US government closed the door twice.

February 11, 2019 13:08
source: Huitong Net

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The US Congress negotiators hope to discuss a security plan and reach an agreement acceptable to the president, but the negotiations broke down on February 9. At present, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are in a state of arguing over the immigration detention bed policy. In this way, the US Congress has encountered obstacles in negotiations, raising the possibility of the government closing again, thus hitting the financial market again. From the current situation, the negotiations are still likely to return to the right track, but it is unlikely to reach an agreement before the February 15 deadline.

The two parties in the United States have a dispute over the immigration detention bed, or the government has closed again.

US congressional negotiators discussed a security plan, including the US-Mexico border wall budget, hoping to reach an agreement acceptable to President Trump. However, the negotiations broke down on February 9, and as time went by, the prospects for an ideal agreement deteriorated.

However, the negotiations are still likely to get back on track. Some key members plan to discuss by phone on the afternoon of February 10, but it seems unlikely that an agreement will be reached by the February 15 deadline.

The crux of the problem is that law enforcement issues have suddenly changed as the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have disputed the number and use of US immigration detention beds. US President Trump (Donald Trump)TwitterIt said that after a very bad week, the Democrats are trying to distract people. The behavior of the Border Party Democrats suddenly becomes irrational. They are not only unwilling to provide funds for the clearly needed border wall, they don’t even want to detain the smuggling. By!

If the financing agreement cannot be reached, the nine federal departments and related agencies in the United States will be closed again. In the past few weeks, the US government has set a record of 35 days off.

The negotiators had hoped to announce an agreement on February 11th to vote in the House and Senate before the deadline. Senate Approver Committee Chairman Richard Shelby said in an interview that he believes the probability of reaching an agreement is 50%. He also acknowledged that there are indeed problems between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party on the issue of funding for US immigration and customs enforcement actions.

If the agreement cannot be reached, the parliamentarians will provide the government with financing through the provisional appropriation resolution on September 30, 2019, at the end of the fiscal year. But Mick Mulvaney, acting White House chief of staff, said that Trump could not sign all the agreements that were in front of him, and some of the contents could not agree.

Malwani also said that the government is not the most likely choice to close the door, but he must not rule out this possibility. Earlier, Trump also threatened to declare a state of emergency and raise funds for the construction of the border wall. Malwani also said that he will do all legal efforts to defend border security. But he also believes that it is impossible to discuss the US government's closing of the door and the $5.7 billion border wall.

US Congress plans for border security efforts

When Malwani made this speech, US Congress negotiators are working hard to develop a border security plan.

A person familiar with the matter said that as of February 9, negotiators seemed to focus on a proposal to provide $1.3 billion to $2 billion in funding for the construction of the border wall. As for whether or not the border wall is really built, it is still under negotiation.

Trump said on February 9 that if the Democratic Party does not give him all the funds for repairing the wall, he may use administrative actions to build the border wall. However, Democrats warned that such actions would face court challenges, and some Republicans also said it would be best to avoid this choice.

The congressional negotiators exchanged proposals throughout the day on February 9. The Democratic Party is said to raise the level of funding for the border wall, depending on the new ceiling for beds in illegal immigration detention centers – the Republican Party objected.

Currently, the US Congress funds 40,520 immigrant detention beds. Before the negotiations began, the White House tried to increase this number to 52,000, while the Democratic Party hoped to reduce it to 35,520. According to people familiar with the matter, the Democratic Party proposes to set a ceiling of 16,500 for beds used for internal law enforcement, and the remaining beds will be used for illegal immigrants arrested at the border.

A senior Republican aide said that the Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Shelby would not accept an internal cap, while the Democrats told the Republicans that without this cap, they would not continue to advance the issue. The aide said that parliamentarians now need direct dialogue to resolve the deadlock because the staff cannot advance the proposal. They are expected to have a telephone discussion on this topic on February 11.

Trump said on another tweet that he actually thought they wanted the government to close again. US Senator Lindsey Graham said reducing the number of violent offenders is a factor in encouraging illegal immigration. Graham is a Republican in South Carolina and the confidant of President Trump. Graham said he would recommend Trump to take as much money as possible from Congress, and the rest would be raised by himself.

According to a person familiar with the negotiations, Democrats also asked for special language in the bill to prevent Trump from transferring funds into an account to build the border wall. According to the person familiar with the matter, this wording may hinder the administration from taking action and become another obstacle to solving the border wall problem.

On February 10th, Trump’s campaign team sent a fundraising email stating that the president planned to hold a rally in El Paso, Texas on February 11th to show the Democrats How strong is the need to build a border wall.

On the same day, another Republican who was close to Trump and North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows echoed the president's point of view. Meadows said that Trump will build the border wall in one way or another. He does anticipate that the president will take some kind of administrative action - declaring that the state is in a state of emergency is certainly part of it, and the president has no other measures that can be used. If the two parties cannot reach an agreement, Meadows does hope that President Trump will take administrative actions to solve the relevant problems.

At the end of 2018, the record-breaking US gate closed the financial market, and investors therefore need to pay attention to whether the United States is once again in trouble due to border and immigration issues, leading to the government closing again. If this happens, it may have another impact on global financial market confidence.

(Article source: Huitong.com)

                (Editor: DF064)

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