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The news said that China Customs lifted the suspension of Tesla Model 3

March 14, 2019 17:18
source: Tencent Technology

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[Market] Tesla rose more than 1% before the market. According to media reports from Tencent Technology, China Customs lifted the suspension of Tesla Model 3.

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Tesla rose more than 1% before the market. According to media reports, China Customs lifted the suspension of Tesla Model 3.

Earlier media reports said that China's auto import port customs have suspended the release of Tesla Model 3. For vehicles that have already been released, the customs will notify the enterprise not to sell or use. The Commodity Inspection Department of the General Administration of Customs issued a warning notice on March 1st, referring to the above requirements.

According to the Commodity Inspection Department, Shanghai Customs found in the inspection of imported vehicles that four batches of 1600 Tesla Model 3 logos were not in compliance. The 1600 automotive brake fluid tanks have English warning signs, but all are not marked in Chinese. In addition, some vehicles do not have a vehicle nameplate, or the vehicle model and motor power indicator do not match the actual.

Tesla also responded to Tencent Technology. "This incident was caused by a printing error on the nameplate of some Model 3 vehicles. We have already reached a rectification plan with the General Administration of Customs and are working closely together to restore the vehicle as soon as possible. The customs clearance process. After the vehicles have passed the audit and passed the customs clearance, we will deliver them to the customers as soon as possible. This does not affect the sales of Model 3 in China."

Entering China, the world's largest electric vehicle market, is crucial for Tesla as it seeks to offset the effects of weak US demand and persuadeshareholderThey have the ability to achieve sustained profitability.

US Investment Bank Wade Bush SecuritiesAnalystDaniel Ives said: "There are obvious obstacles to selling electric vehicles to the Chinese market, which reminds investors that they should also see unfavorable factors when paying attention to the rapid growth of electric vehicles in the region."

Previously, Musk actively promoted support from relevant Chinese authorities. The company is currently building an electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Shanghai, China, which is scheduled to go into production at the end of the year. Tesla has also become China's first foreign-owned automaker.

Prior to this, Tesla had to import American-made cars in the Chinese market and was subject to high tariffs, which made Tesla at a disadvantage in the market competition, especially compared with competitors who received relevant subsidies. Such as Xiaopeng Automobile, Baiteng and Weilai.

Earlier, Cai Cai reported for the first time that the Chinese customs department blocked these Tesla electric vehicles.

According to domestic media reports, the first batch of Model 3 cars arrived in Shanghai on February 22 and began delivery at the end of this month.

Tesla's plant in Shanghai plans to start production of Model 3 by the end of this year and eventually produce cars at a rate of 10,000 vehicles per week. In addition, Tesla's factory in Shanghai is low through local banks.interest rateGet funding.

In the past few months, Tesla has cut prices in China several times to make its cars “more affordable” and to reinvigorate the affected sales.

In order to cut costs and support its efforts to create profits, Tesla launched a $35,000 version of the Model 3 sedan last week and said its global sales will now be limited to online channels, which will close most physical retail stores.

(Article source: Tencent Technology)

                (Editor: DF134)

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