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International gold and silver prices fell more than 1%

March 14, 2019 17:53
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Price] Eastern Fortune Network 14th news, international gold fell by 1% in the day, is now reported 1296.58 US dollars / ounce, international silver fell by 1.28% within the day, is now reported at $ 15.232 / ounce.

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Oriental Fortune Network reported on the 14th that the international gold fell by 1% in the day, is now reported 1 129.58 US dollars / ounce, international silver fell by 1.28% in the day, is now reported at 15.232 US dollars / ounce.

  AnalystSaid that in the current environment, no matter what happens, it should hold some gold. incurrencyIn the face of depreciation pressure, gold is an excellent hedge option. The US debt pressure is huge, the burden will become heavier after the Fed raises interest rates, and its contraction is also facing great difficulties, and the stock market will be under pressure.

In the long run, the Fed is likely to return to QE. Although this situation is not expected, in the current environment, this is highly probable.

However, if the price of gold really rises, we must pay attention to the performance of the stock market. At present, the overall US stock market is still more confident. Only when the stock market really falls back can the gold price rise.

Technically, analysts say gold is going to cross the key 1350 to $1,360/oz resistance area, and the next target is $1,700 per ounce, which may not be reached this year, but it is entirely possible in the next year or two. .

                (Editor: DF134)

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