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Offshore RMB short-term fell more than 100 points European and American stock markets, oil prices fell short-term

March 14, 2019 18:07
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Offshore RMB short-term fell more than 100 points Europe and the United States stock market, oil prices fell short-term] Eastern Fortune Network 14th news, the yuan against the US dollar short-term rapid decline, offshore RMB against the US dollar short-term fell more than 100 points, the daily decline expanded to 0.5%.

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On the 14th, Oriental Fortune Network reported that the intraday renminbi against the US dollar fell sharply in the European market on Thursday. The offshore renminbi fell more than 100 points against the US dollar in short-term, and the daily decline expanded to 0.5%. The onshore renminbi against the US dollar fell to 0.3%.

  Oil priceShort-term lower, Brent crude oil, WTI crude oil plunged short-term, both erased the gains.

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In the stock market, the Stoxx600 index erased all gains, up nearly 1%. US stock futures were lower across the board, and the S&P 500 stock index futures erased the gains and fell.

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Traders said that the British parliament rejected the possibility of no agreement to leave the European Union, pushing up the European systemcurrencyThe US dollar index was slightly under pressure, but China's industrial growth rate in January-February was lower than expected and hit a 17-year low. The demand for foreign exchange purchases continued to push down the exchange rate, but the overall trend is still stable, and the short-term is still at 6.7- 6.73 interval fluctuations.

They believe that the macro-data for January-February is not too much reference because of seasonal factors. The impact on the fundamentals still needs to be observed in the first quarter. Another Chinese-funded trader said that the short-term RMB It fluctuates above 6.7, but it is unlikely to be big.

The central bank’s latest foreign exchange receipts for February showed a seventh consecutive month of decline, but the decline was only 330 million yuan, the chief foreign exchange of China Merchants Bank’s financial market.AnalystLi Liuyang believes that compared with the total amount, the monthly change is almost the same as the previous change, which means that the exchange rate changes in these months are almost entirely determined by the market.

China's industrial growth rate in January-February fell to the lowest in 17 years, and investment steadily recovered. China’s National Bureau of Statistics announced on Thursday that it will be above 1-2 monthsIndustrial added valueThe year-on-year growth was 5.3%, which was less than the median estimate of 5.5% in the Reuters survey.

                (Editor: DF134)

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