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Take you to the world's latest news in one minute (March 14)

March 14, 2019 21:52
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[One minute to bring you the latest global news (March 14)] Youxin's stock price surged at the beginning of the year. After the opening rose 16%, it plummeted and fell below 18%.

  stock market

US stocks opened mixed on Thursday, the S&P 500 opened 0.79 points lower, down 0.03% to 2810.13 points. The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened at 7.40 points, down 0.03% to 25,695.49 points. The Nasdaq Composite Index was high. Open 1.27 points, an increase of 0.02%, reported 7644.68 points.

The stock price of Youxin was shocked at the beginning of the year. After the opening price rose 16%, it plummeted, with the lowest drop of over 18%.

The Shanghai Composite Index closed down 36.27 points on Thursday, a decrease of 1.20% to 2,990.69 points;Shenzhen Stock ExchangeOn Thursday, it closed down 174.13 points, a decrease of 1.82% to 9417.93 points;GEMOn Thursday, it closed down 43.67 points, or 2.58%, to 1650.19 points.

Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index closed up 0.2% on Thursday, at 28851.39 points; the Nikkei 225 index closed up 0.07% to 21305.99 points; South Korea's Seoul Composite Index closed up 0.34% on Thursday, at 2155.79 points.


UBS's research team pointed out that according to the latest guidelines, with the Fed's patience towards raising interest rates, the suspension of interest rate hikes may last for several months; as the US inflation rate approaches the Fed's target, it still predicts the Fed. This year will raise interest rates once again.

BMOAnalystIt is pointed out that unless the S&P 500 breaks through 2815 or the Nasdaq closes above 7675, the short-term negative outlook for US stocks is expected to be reversed.

Jeremy Grantham, co-founder of well-known value investor and asset giant GMO, said that the annual revenue of US stocks in the next 20 years will be only 2% to 3%, far lower than the previous 6%. In contrast, emerging market economies will grow rapidly, and achieving 6% or 8% of investment returns is not difficult.


The German Ministry of Economics said that the German economy was weak in early 2019, indicating an increase in overseas risks and uncertainties. The German think tank IFO lowered Germany's economic growth rate from 0.1% to 0.6% in 2019.

British Chancellor of the Exchequer Hammond said that the second referendum will not get a majority in parliament; no agreement on Brexit will be a huge disaster for the British economy.

Goldman Sachs raised the possibility of the UK Prime Minister’s current Brexit agreement to be approved from 55% to 60%. The investment bank said that there is still a "very likely possibility" to see the reversal of the Brexit result, and the possibility of reversing the Brexit result through the second referendum is maintained at 35%.

  Asia Pacific

According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, in the first two months of 2019, the national real estate development investment was 120.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.6%, and the growth rate was 2.1 percentage points higher than that of 2018.

According to institutional surveys, 29 of the nine economists surveyed believe that the Bank of Japan’s next move will be normalization.

  company news

Tesla releasedannouncementIt is said that the Model Y conference will be held in Los Angeles, China on March 15th at 8:00 am Beijing time.

UBS pointed out that the iPhone China market demand fell by 67% in February, but considering that the market has already understood the iPhone's downturn in the Chinese market, the data is "neutral."

Indonesia Lions has planned to terminate its 222 737 MAX 8 orders with Boeing. Norwegian Airlines began claiming from Boeing. As of now, Boeing's share price has fallen by 14.4% from the peak of the year.

  Foreign exchange

As of press time, the US dollar index rose 0.27% to 96.73; the central parity of the yuan against the US dollar was reported at 6.7009.

The euro fell 0.17% against the dollar to 1.1310; the pound fell 0.70% against the dollar to 1.3246; the Australian dollar fell 0.65% against the dollar to 0.7049.

USD/JPY rose 0.42% to 111.61; USD/CHF rose 0.06% to 1.004; USD/CAD rose 0.22% to 1.3328.


As of press time, spot gold fell 0.83% to $1,298.28 per ounce.

RBC said that macroeconomic disadvantages have weakened, gold fundamentals are healthy, and market winds have turned to increasing gold allocation. After all, this is because investors' interest in gold has increased and demand has risen.


Iraqi oil chief Jiaban said that OPEC's April meeting will assess the implementation rate of member states' production cuts and whether it is necessary to extend the production reduction agreement to the end of the year. Iraq's crude oil exports will be 3.5 million barrels per day, with an output of 4.5 million barrels per day.

OPEC Secretary General said that Trump is relatedOil priceThe tweets have become one of the uncertainties facing oil producing countries and markets. In the past year, oil prices have been one of the key “themes” of Trump's tweets. He has been calling on OPEC to allow more oil to enter the market to curb rising oil prices.

                (Editor: DF134)

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