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Last night, the United States had a big event. The whole world was frightened!

April 15, 2019 18:59
Author: upright brother
source: World Wide Web

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[There was a big event in the United States last night. The whole world is frightened! 】 Last night, a sudden accident in the United States caused many people around the world to fall into horror, especially those who have social phobias are even more scared!

K map fb_31

K map twtr_31

Last night, a sudden accident in the United States caused many people around the world to fall into horror, especially those who have social phobias are even more scared!

According to several US media reports, this incident that caused the world to panic occurred at 6:30 am on Sunday morning (that is, last night in Beijing time). From the United States to Europe to Asia, many people have found them one after another. Facebook, Instagram, the social networking site that lives on it, can’t go up, and Whatsapp, which sends messages to friends and even company leaders, can’t send out any information and receive no information...

It turned out that the server on the platform such as Facebook once again had a large-scale downtime failure, and the fault was not solved until 2 hours later. But this is much better than the 12-hour downtime that occurred when Facebook changed servers last month...

  Of course, even if you can't use social networks for 2 hours, it is like the end of the day for many "social people in the world."

Some overseas netizens said that the end of the world is coming! Facebook and Instagram are all gone! It seems that we have to go face to face, God! ! ! ! !

But some people think that this is a good thing: finally, you don't have to brush up. "Friends circle, you can go out and play~~

And: the couple can finally go to have children to go...

At the same time, Twitter, another social platform that is also popular overseas, does not have this problem.TwitterThe netizens on the Internet also found a variety of "expression packs to ridicule Facebook's downtime:

("Emotional Love"

  ("People who only use Facebook without Twitter seem to return to the original society."

("Thanks to Twitter"

Finally, it is worth mentioning that since Facebook and its social platforms have not been legally registered in mainland China, mainland users themselves are not able to go to these websites, and China also has a lot of WeChat, WeChat, and Vibrato. social platform. Therefore, in this two-hour accident that frightened the whole world, the vast majority of Chinese people have become calm people.

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(Article source: World Wide Web)

                (Editor: DF134)

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