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US stocks before the market: investors are still quite cautious Three major stock index futures are almost flat

April 15, 2019 20:25
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[US stocks before the market: investors are still quite cautious The three major stock index futures are almost open] Eastern Fortune Network on the 15th, Monday before the US stock index futures market is almost flat, the market is closely watching the company's first quarter earnings performance. As of press time, the Dow futures rose 0.05%, the Nasdaq futures fell 0.05%, and the S&P 500 futures opened flat.

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On the 15th, Oriental Fortune Network, before the market, the US stock index futures were almost flat before the market, the market is closely watching the performance of the company's first quarter earnings. As of press time, the Dow futures rose 0.05%, the Nasdaq futures fell 0.05%, and the S&P 500 futures opened flat.

As major stock indexes approached historical highs and market trading volumes have declined, this indication suggests that although the stock market has rebounded strongly since 2019, investors are still cautious. According to Dow Jones data, the daily trading volume of the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq exchange was about 6.2 billion shares last week, setting a one-week minimum daily trading volume since the end of August last year. This is also the second time since the beginning of September last year, the single-day trading volume fell below 6.5 billion shares.

The Dutch International Bank said that the retail sales and trade data to be released this week may indicate that the US economic outlook is stable, and it is premature for the market to expect the Fed to cut interest rates during the year.

The bank said that based on current data, the Atlanta FedGDPThe Nowcast model raised the US first-quarter GDP forecast to 2.3%; after the data is released this week, GDP is expected to rise to more than 2.5%. Although such data has not yet shown a recession signal, given that the Fed is no longer in an automatic mode, data performance will support risk sentiment and further boost emerging markets.currency.

In addition, on the weekend, US President Trump re-approved the Fed, which the bank expects will not change the policy and the Fed.interest ratepath.

  Global financial attention

  EU temporarily plans to start formal trade negotiations with the United States from this Thursday

EU sources on the 15th revealed that the EU temporarily plans to agree to start formal trade negotiations with the United States from this Thursday, hoping to ease tensions with the United States.

  Blame the Fed! Trump whispered: the US stocks could rise by 10,000 points.

US President Trump said on Sunday that the actions taken by the Federal Reserve (FED) have already knocked out US economic growth and stock market growth by about 30%. The Fed should start to inject money into the economy as it did during the 2007-2009 recession.

  China’s central bank’s foreign exchange accounted for 21.3 trillion yuan at the end of March

  The central bank's website showed on April 15 that China's central bank's foreign exchange accounted for 21.3 trillion yuan at the end of March, down 460 million yuan from the previous month, marking the eighth consecutive month of decline.

  Trump campaign for re-election "money" way bright? The amount of fundraising far exceeds the Democrats

US President Trump’s campaigner said on the 14th that Trump’s campaign for re-election has raised more than $30 million in the first quarter of 2019.

  Risk of a recession decline – the S&P 500 index or its first profit decline in 3 years

As the macroeconomic headwind continues to pull downAnalystIt is expected that the first quarter of the S&P 500 will be expected to decline for the first time in nearly three years, and investors should start preparing for a recession.

  Last night, the United States had a big event. The whole world was frightened!

Last night, a sudden accident in the United States caused many people around the world to fall into horror, especially those who have social phobias are even more scared!

"This 仗 America must win! Trump announced that 1.84 trillion yuan of gold has been laughed at 5G users.

The United States, which failed to take the lead in the global 5G competition, began to consider building a 5G infrastructure network faster through the government's power. Trump must take the 5G.

  Easter lead! The world will be in the midst of a market-intensive market.

  Financial calendarIt shows that from the beginning of this week for four consecutive weeks, the number of trading days in the world will be reduced, and Europe is about to usher in a series of public holidays starting from Easter. The Japanese market will also be closed for a series of holidays at the end of April.

  Latest company earnings report

Goldman's first-quarter earnings per share far exceeded expectations, and net revenues fell short of expectations. Goldman's earnings report released before the market showed that Goldman's adjusted earnings per share in the first quarter was 5.71 US dollars, down 5% year-on-year, 18% lower than the previous quarter, but far exceeding the expected 4.97 US dollars; net revenue was 8.81 billion US dollars, down 13% year-on-year. The chain fell by 9%, less than analysts' estimate of $8.97 billion.

Citigroup belongs to the bank in the first quarterNet profitIt was US$4.71 billion, compared with US$4.62 billion in the same period last year, and the market expectation was US$4.253 billion.

  American company news

According to reports, casino operator Caesars Entertainment intends to appoint Anthony Rodio as the next CEO and said it will evaluate the offer. According to people familiar with the matter, Caesars Entertainment has received the intent of two other casino operators, AMD (NASDAQ: ERI) and Golden Nugget, and has allowed the two bidders to review their financial records for due diligence. Aggressive investor Carl Icahn has been pushing for the sale of Caesars Entertainment. Icahn controls about 18% of Caesars Entertainment.

According to reports, the US solid waste industry ranked first US waste management company to spend 4.9 billion US dollars (including debt) in cash to acquire the fourth-ranked competitor Advanced Disposal Services, $33.15 per share, which is higher than Advanced Disposal Services last week. The closing price of $27.14 is a premium of 22.1%. The deal may be announced today and is expected to be the largest solid waste acquisition in more than 10 years.

The Publicis Group announced that it will acquire the marketing data department of United Data for approximately $4.4 billion to counter the suppression of the digital marketing business of the Publicis Group by companies such as Facebook and Google.

The two major US airlines extended the 737 MAX grounding period. According to the British financial report earlier, American Airlines said on Sunday that it will extend the grounding plan for the MAX flight to August 19. Southwest Airlines, which has the largest number of MAX aircraft, also said it has adjusted its flight plan to August 5th. This means that the two airlines will reduce the total number of flights by 275 a day.

  US President Trump said,If I am Boeing, I will repair the Boeing 737 MAX, add some extra power and rename the aircraft.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp had a global crash on Sunday night, with neither Facebook nor Instagram, news feeds could not be refreshed, and major Facebook.com domain names could not be logged in. The crash time was more than two hours.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that Tesla will produce more than 500,000 cars in the next 12 months. Musk also said that since May 1st, the price of Tesla's fully automated driving system will "substantially increase".

According to the British financial report, Wedbush analysts wrote: "We believe that Lyft's stock may continue to be under pressure as investors wait for Uber roadshows and further understand their more comprehensive financial indicators. ”

The patent dispute between Apple and Qualcomm has become one of the most ugly corporate battles in history, and the long-term disagreement between the CEOs of the two companies has deepened the differences between the two sides. In the coming week, Apple’s patent litigation against Qualcomm will enter the trial process, and the grievances of the two companies will be upgraded to courtrooms.

  China Stock News

According to the "Securities Daily" report, recently, there is news that Jingdong will put five-star appliances into the bag, the two sides have had substantial contact, and Jingdong has sent a team to the five-star electrical appliance for a comprehensive investigation. For this timeMergerJingdong said that it was temporarily inconvenient to disclose, and Wuxing Electric related people did not comment.

At the same time, Liu Qiangdong, Chairman and CEO of Jingdong Board of Directors, issued an internal letter saying that Jingdong Logistics had a loss of more than 2,300 million in the whole year of 18 years, which was the loss of the 12th year and continued to suffer losses. The money from Jingdong Logistics was only enough. Two years. Liu Qiangdong said that the cancellation of the basic salary of the delivery staff to improve the package is for the survival of Jingdong Logistics.

According to the 36-inch report, for the strategic cooperation between Jingdong and Vibrato, this year's 618 shopping festival will realize the report of Jingdong shopping cart access to vibrato, and the byte beat responded: "The report is not accurate, and the vibrato launches the shopping cart function to get through the plan. In addition to accessing Jingdong in a small program, we will also access other third-party e-commerce platforms in a similar manner to meet the relevant needs of users."

Huaxing Capital lowered Baidu's ADR rating from buy to hold, and its target price was lowered from US$196 to US$177. Jefferies lowered the target price of Baidu ADR from $187 to $180.

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