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More than 4 billion short-selling positions in a week

May 15, 2019 14:06
source: Odaily Planet Daily

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Bitcoin, which has risen sharply for 10 consecutive days, remained at around $8,100 at the time of writing. In the past week, Bitcoin prices have risen sharply, once breaking through the $8,200 mark, which is why Bitcoin has returned to its position since July 2018.

The bitcoin has risen extremely rapidly, and many Bitcoin investors have expressed surprises. In the eyes of many blockchains, this is their long-awaited market.

This market belongs to the miners, and the trading of mining machines and aircraft positions has once again ushered in prosperity; this market is also a currency player, who sees the bitcoin in the wallet add value every day.

However, this market does not belong to the "empty army".

The Bitcoin futures market is a battlefield without bloodshed. Some investors estimate that in the past week, Bitcoin Air Force in OKEx and Bitmex had a margin of more than RMB 4 billion.

“The bull market is entering the body of the ‘short head’,” one investor said. One investor said.

  Fierce situation

If you are an investor who cares about Bitcoin futures contracts, it will be quite unsettled in the past few days. On the market software, the news of the explosions keeps popping up and reminds that "killing" is going on.

At 2 pm on May 14, data site Todamoon showed that the BitMEX Bitcoin futures contract had a $138 million explosion in the past 24 hours.

At 11pm on May 13th, OKEx plus BitMEX two platform bitcoin futures contracts added a new burst of 13,300 BTC in the past hour, and the closing position was 2280.23 BTC.

According to Coin data, the total amount of open positions on both the OKEx plus BitMEX platforms was $190 million.

At 9:00 am on May 12, the OKEx Bitcoin futures contract added 903,000 new warrants within 24 hours, which is about 131,000 BTC. The number of units that have been sold is 773,000, which is about 112,000 BTC.

In the face of such a fierce market, "explosion" has become the most frequent vocabulary. According to investor statistics, the number of open positions in the OKEx and Bitmex Bitcoin futures contracts has exceeded RMB 4 billion this week.

The "warriors" are the servants of the past.

"Is it 6000? Is it not empty?"

"6500 is not empty?"

"7000 is always empty!" Investor Zhao Bin smiled. He would be flat when the bitcoin price was $5,800. He then opened the market and opened a contract on OKEx.

Zhao Bin is most afraid to hear the SMS ringing, because the text message sent may be: "Respected users, due to the volatility of the market, your BTC0628 short 20.0 times leverage position has been opened."

Zhao Bin did not want to disclose the specific loss. He said that at present, all BTCs will be replaced by BCH, and "full stocks" will not touch futures.

"I originally wanted to do the main air to do the band, I did not expect that one will not go back." Investor Yin Haotian looked at the market reversal, but also expressed helplessness.

"In fact, the 'Air Force' is a 'multi-military', even the most radical multi-military only sees $6,000," he said.

"In fact, the air force that exploded a lot yesterday was exactly 6,000 (US dollars)." Yin Haotian said that these players who make futures contracts want to earn both ends - both long and short.

He used 100 BTC as an example, with an average of 5 times, from 3,500 to 6,200, and it was about 500 BTC. "From here, it is possible to go short, and there may be 1000 BTCs."

Why must it be $6,200?

"This is a 'strong pressure' position." Yin Haotian said that 6,200 yuan belongs to the chip-intensive area of ​​last year, the bull market has recovered to 6200, and the bear market has also resisted at 6,200, and fell below 6,200 at the end of the year.

As a result, the strong pressure level of $6,200 is the same as paper paste.

(BTC's 4 "false breaks")

Yin Haotian originally wanted to open the leverage on EOS's sideways volatility, but this wave of ups and downs made him "cracked up."

"This market deception is from 5,000 (dollars), has been broken four times." Yin Haotian said.

The market forecast is unsuccessful.

"coin market trader"AnalystHuang Wei belongs to the "Air Force" group.

Last Tuesday (May 7th), Huang Wei said: "You only need to confirm that the market funds are limited, and the time period of money is more than the goods has passed. The price mechanism is transparent, the hedging instrument is flexible, and it is impossible to pull infinitely. Play should be 8 losses, 1 level, 1 profit, choose the direction."

At 4 pm on May 13 (Monday), Odaily Planet Daily interviewed Huang Wei. He said that on May 12, the bitcoin rising process released a historical amount. In the short-term, the long-term popularity has reached its peak. If the amount of days cannot be normalized, In the short term, it will gradually weaken and weaken.

At that time, the price of Bitcoin was $7,091, and the number broke through $8,200 the next day.

  Countering multiple army

If the multi-military and air force fronts were pulled long enough, the matchup began as early as April 25.

(Bitfinex long and short positions change in the past few days)

According to Todamoon data, Bitfinex's short and long position ratios were flat on April 15, and then the shorts took the absolute position.

Take Bitfinex as an example. From 3 pm on April 23, the bears have occupied most of the status, while the bulls are in a weak position.

On May 8, the number of positions held by the short-selling army was 32,406, and the position of the long-term army was 18,544. The short-handed military hand held nearly twice the chips of the long-term army.

This situation was reversed, leveled and crossed in the early morning of May 14. At present, the multi-military re-occupation takes the lead.

"The Air Force has been dried up," some investors said.

Short and long positions are popular terms in the financial world. A position, also known as a head lining, is the meaning of money. The position refers to the amount of funds that the investor owns or borrows. The position is a market agreement. The initial part of the contract is for sale. The buyer is long, the position is high, and the seller is short.

In virtualcurrencyIn the market, the word has become more straightforward and direct. "The bitcoin futures market is the act of taking the plunge in the fire." Some investors said.

From the data point of view, May 11 to May 13 is the most intense period of time for the "long army" and "short-handed" confrontation.

CME Group, the world's largest futures options trading market, said its bitcoin futures contract on its platform hit a record high on May 13 with a turnover of 33,700 contracts (equivalent to 168,000 bitcoins) ), which is 50% higher than the record of 22,500 contracts set on April 4 last year, with a turnover of over $1 billion.

In the virtual currency community, two pictures show the outcome of this matchup.

(Two screenshots circulating in the community, the right main character disbanded his own shouting group after the explosion)

At this point, the Air Force just woke up like a dream, facing the ruins of the ruins, crying without tears.

  The war has not stopped

“It’s going crazy, it’s really about imagination.” On the morning of May 15, an investor said in the community.

At 9 am on May 15th, the bitcoin price in the past 24 hours was like a roller coaster, from a maximum of 8245 US dollars to a minimum of 7696 US dollars, an amplitude of 6.65% a day, in an investor's words, "sufficient long and short double burst ".

Under the unpredictable main theme, the futures market is shrinking at a visible rate.

(The total amount of BTC virtual contract positions on OKEx and Bitmex changes, the data comes from the coin coin)

According to the coin count, the total number of BTC virtual contract positions on the OKEx and Bitmex platforms increased sharply on May 11 and plummeted on May 14. As the market fluctuated drastically, some futures players began to exit.

"I did not expect that the bear market can actually engage in such a strong bull market." Yin Haotian said.

"In the face of the powerful Air Force, the Army and the Navy are all slags. In the face of the downsizing, any tricks are fireworks." Investor Wei Wei sent a picture of "The Game of Rights" in the circle of friends. It seems to be venting anger.

The truth is the opposite.

In the short-selling army who are annoyed by the loss, in addition to leisure, to discuss the reasons for this round of abnormal changes, a general consensus is that new funds are entering.

Some people say that because the dollar is weak, the Americans entered the market. One argument is that the premium of Coinbase is too high. Another argument is that the pull time is in the evening of China time - the US time during the day.

Some people say that because Bakkt is about to launch Bitcoin futures products. On the evening of May 13, Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler said that Bakkt is advancing bitcoin futures products that are settled in kind, or will be tested in July.

But in front of the ruins, everything has become a thing of the past. Unlike real wars, there is no bloodshed and no bodies. Only figures prove the tragic traces of the Air Force. At the Babbitt forum, a netizen nicknamed "Stud is steady" said that the bull market is entering the body with a short face.

The new air force is preparing, and a bigger counterattack is still brewing. "The bulls are ready to enter, and the opportunity for revenge is coming," one investor said.

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(Article source: Odaily Planet Daily)

                (Editor: DF134)

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