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Will the first female president of the European Central Bank be born from these 10 people?

May 15, 2019 20:10
source: Gold headline

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[One day the first female president of the European Central Bank will be born from these 10 people? If the governments of the euro zone are working harder to find talent, the probability of his election as the first female president of the European Central Bank may increase.

If the governments of the euro zone work harder to find talent, the probability of his election as the first female president of the European Central Bank may increase.

A year after politicians appointed 13 men without a woman to enter the ECB Governing Council, the 25-member institution currently has only one female policy maker. It’s important to be able to join this committee becausecurrencyThe experience of policy is the traditional way to the throne of the governor. The current term of President Mario Draghi expires this year, and his main competitors are men.

Central banks around the world have gender imbalances, even if politicians who choose technologists claim to be committed to gender equality. Although female economists and topbankHome shortages are often cited as a cause of central bank gender imbalances, but finding women with these qualifications in the Eurozone may not take too long. The following 10 are candidates.

Margarita Delgado

The deputy governor of the Bank of Spain has 20 years of working experience in the European Central Bank and the Bank of Spain, mainly responsible forbankSupervision. She holds a degree in Economics and Business from Complutense University in Madrid. She is the first deputy governor of the Bank of Spain, which has not had a female president.

Sylvie Goulard

Occasionally, the name of the Deputy Governor of the French Central Bank appears in the list of potential candidates for the ECB President, although she has to surpass her male boss. Gulard, 54 years old, has long-term political experience. She has served in the European Parliament for eight years. In 2017, she was regarded as a candidate for the French Prime Minister, but was eventually appointed as the Minister of Defense, and later in a moral scandal. resignation. However, she has returned since then and joined the French central bank last year.

Claudia Buch

If Bundesbank president Jens Weidmann becomes the ECB president, then he may be promoted at the Bundesbank's deputy, Buhe. The 53-year-old Buhe joined the Bundesbank in 2014 and has represented the central bank at the ECB Governing Council meeting and internationalMonetary FundOrganizations (IMF) conferences and other international conferences. She was a member of the German government's economic advisory group and the second woman to hold this position.

Elisa Ferreira

The deputy governor of the Portuguese central bank holds a doctorate in economics from Reading University. She has worked in the European Parliament for more than a decade, and during her tenure she called for giving the ECB more power to monitor financial stability. She was once considered the highest in the euro zonebankA strong contender for the head of the regulator, but when the European Central Bank announced the position last year, she chose not to apply.

Sharon Donnery

The Irish central bank deputy governor lost to men in two hot jobs in six months, first the European Central BankbankThe position of chairman of the regulatory body, then the position of the governor of the Irish central bank. She has been working for the Irish Central Bank for more than 20 years. However, she is about to serve as the acting governor for three months, which will add a new stroke to her resume; she is also the head of the European Central Bank's non-performing loan special group.

Emma Navarro

Navarro has been a European investor since last year.bankVice President, she previously worked with the then Spanish Minister of Economy, Luis de Guindos, and played a key role in policy development in Spain. Jindos is now the deputy governor of the European Central Bank. Navarro served as the Secretary General of the Spanish Ministry of Finance and served as a member of the Spanish Central Bank Management Committee. He also briefly led a state-owned company.Creditmechanism.

Natacha Valla

The European Central Bank's Deputy Minister of Monetary Policy is a 43-year-old French woman whose work puts her at the heart of her economic plan. Born in Marseille, Vala began his career as an economist at the European Central Bank in 2001. After 10 years of senior and public sector senior positions – includingGoldmanAnd European investmentbankShe returned to the European Central Bank last year. She holds a Ph.D. in monetary economics from the European University Institute in Florence and is a highly skilled violinist.

Lawrence Boone

She has been a chief economist at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for less than a year and has extensive private and public sector experience. She served as AXAInsurance(Axa) chief economist, tooBank of AmericawithBarclaysCapital has worked. At the age of 49, she served as the special adviser to French President Francois Hollande from 2014 to 2016 as his representative on the G20 and helped to plan for France during the Greek debt crisis.

Lucrezia Reichlin

Lacylin served as director of research for the European Central Bank during Jean-Claude Trichet, and ten years ago she became a professor of economics at London Business School. The 64-year-old Italian is a pioneer in nearcasting, which aims to analyze economic prospects with near-real-time data.bankAnd AGEASInsuranceNon-executive director.

Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg

With Greece and the United StatesGuoshuangGoldberg, a heavy national, has served as the world since last year.bankChief Economist. She has taught at three Ivy League schools in the United States and in 2011 became the first female editor of the American Economic Review. Her professional focus is on trade and development.

(Article source: Gold headline)

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