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Banks and the medical sector led the rise. The major European stock indexes were mixed.

November 09, 2018 03:55
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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Oriental Fortune Network on the 9th, as of the close, the European STOXX 50 index fell 0.23% on Thursday (November 8); Germany's DAX 30 index closed down 0.45%, to 11527.32 points. The French CAC 40 index closed down 0.13% to 5131.45. The UK's FTSE 100 index closed up 0.33% at 7140.68.

On the plate,European banking stocks were higher on Thursday, outperforming most of the other sectors, mainly due to the support of the financial report. At the same time, medical stocks were also among the better-performing sectors on Thursday, with pharmaceutical company Hikma, which rose 5.6% after the company raised its revenue outlook again.

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  Brexit optimistic expectations to cool the pound back down Negotiations close, can the bulls avoid the overturn?

Under the pressure of dollar buying and the optimistic mood of Brexit, the pound fell below the 1.31 mark against the US dollar, the Federal Reserve in November.interest rateBefore the resolution, traders did not want to be aggressively bet. They are currently in the final stage of the Brexit negotiations. The next few days and weeks will be very important. The pound bulls may still be able to make a comeback, or rise to 1.55.

On Thursday (November 8), the European market rallied slightly against the US dollar and then rebounded slightly. It is now trading at 1.3106.

Under the pressure of dollar buying and the optimistic mood of Brexit, the pound fell below the 1.31 mark against the US dollar, ending the three consecutive trading days, falling from the three-week high of 1.3150 recorded earlier in the session.

According to reports, there are rumors that the Brexit agreement may be reached in the next few days. However, it was reported that British government sources said that it is unlikely that the UK will hold a cabinet meeting on the Brexit next week. And British Foreign Secretary Hunter said that it would be a little reluctant to reach a Brexit agreement within seven days.

British Home Secretary Javed said that it is in the final stage of the Brexit negotiations, and the next few days and weeks will be very important.

Later, the Federal Reserve will be ushered in November.interest rateThe resolution, although investors widely expected the Fed will not move, the monetary policy statement will not make a major change, but before this core risk event, traders seem reluctant to be aggressively bet, especially the pound against the dollar since October 31 The low point below 1.27 rebounded sharply after about 400 points.

However, Aberdeen fund manager James Ahi said that he increased the long position of the pound against the US dollar this week. The agreement will mean that the UK will be in the EU equivalent conditions for the next two years. The pound may cause a large amount of time in a long period of time. appreciation.

Stephen Jen, CEO of London-based hedge fund Eurizon SLJ Capital, is more bullish than Aberdeen, thinking that 1.55 is the "fair value" of the pound. The one-week risk reversal indicator shows that traders' bearishness against the pound is June. The lowest since.

Denmark's Danske Bank said that the optimism related to Brexit still supported the pound. The euro fell to around 0.87 against the pound overnight, as a number of media reports said that the UK and the EU will soon announce decisive progress in the Brexit negotiations. Technically, the key point is at 0.8698, which will open up the space for the pound's short-term upswing. (Article source: Huitong.com)

                (Editor: DF353)

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