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Overnight trading: European and American stock markets are mixed, the Dow rose for four days and the US dollar index strengthened.

November 09, 2018 05:10
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Overnight outer disk] European and American stock markets rose and fell, the Dow rose four times, Ctrip shares fell more than 19%; the Fed maintains the benchmark interest rate unchanged, suggesting that interest rates continue to rise, the US dollar index is stronger, 2-year US bond yields hit 10 The annual high; the US oil nine consecutive losses.

Eastern Fortune Network on the 9th, the European and American stock markets rose and fell, the Dow rose for four days. Technology stocks led the decline, and the Chinese stock market Ctrip dropped more than 19%. Fed maintains benchmarkinterest rateUnchanged, the statement stated that the interest rate hike plan remains unchanged. The US dollar index was stronger, and the 2-year US Treasury yield hit a 10-year high. US oil fell for nine consecutive months, and oil fell nearly 2%. The price of gold fell slightly.

  Outer disk overview

  US stocks closed up and down, and the Dow rose for four days. Ctrip's share price plummeted over 19%.

K diagram djia_61

K picture ctrp_31

On Thursday, the S&P 500 index fell 7.06 points, or 0.25%, to 2806.83 points. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 10.92 points, or 0.04%, to 26,191.22 points. The Nasdaq index closed down 39.87 points, or 0.53%, to 7530.88 points.

In terms of technology stocks, Qualcomm closed down 8.16%, Spotify closed down 6.02%, Nvidia closed down 3.65%, Netflix and AMD closed down 2.93%, Facebook closed down 2.42%, Twitter closed down 2.31%, Google parent company Alphabet closed Down 1.23%, Micron fell 1.2%, Dropbox closed down 1.08%, NXP fell 0.97%, Apple closed down 0.35%, Microsoft closed down 0.19%, Amazon closed down 0.03%, IBM closed up 0.09%, Oracle It closed up 0.34%, Intel closed up 0.55%, Tesla closed up 0.93%, and Broadcom closed up 2.5%.

In terms of stocks, Ctrip closed down 19.02%, and the market closed down 6.95%. Jingdong closed down 6.94%, Weibo closed down 5.41%, iQiyi closed down 4.92%, and 哔哩哔哩 (B station) closed down 4.36. %, Baidu closed down 3.51%, Alibaba closed down 2.3%, Sina closed down 1.8%, Netease closed down 1.55%, Tiger tooth closed down 0.21%, and interesting headline closed up 0.51%.

  Banks and the medical sector led the rise. The major European stock indexes were mixed.

K picture sx5e_61

At the close, the European STOXX 50 index fell 0.23% on Thursday (November 8); the German DAX 30 index closed down 0.45% to 11527.32 points. The French CAC 40 index closed down 0.13% to 5131.45. The UK's FTSE 100 index closed up 0.33% at 7140.68.

  The price of gold fell slightly and hit a new low in the week. The US dollar index was higher.

K map gc00y_0

K picture udi_0

On the US East, the US dollar index was slightly higher on Thursday, running above the 96 mark. Gold fell slightly, and the US market dropped to a low of $1220.8 per ounce. At the close, COMEX December gold futures closed down 0.3% at $1225.10 an ounce. As of 05:29, the US dollar index rose 0.4824% to 96.6594; the euro fell 0.5853% against the US dollar at 1.1364; the pound against the US dollar fell 0.5042% to 1.3063; the US dollar against the yen rose 0.4942% to 114.0740; the US dollar against the Canadian dollar rose 0.3195%, reported at 1.3154. The dollar rose 0.2095% against the yuan to 6.9345.

  Crude oil supply increased more than expected. US oil fell nearly 2% on the 9th.

K map cl00y_0

K picture bc_0

On Thursday, WTI December crude oil futures closed down 1.00 US dollars, down 1.62%, to 60.67 US dollars / barrel, compared with the highest level since November 2014, which fell from 21% in November 2014. Brent January crude oil futures closed down 1.42 US dollars, down 1.97%, to 70.65 US dollars / barrel. In the previous period, the main contract of crude oil futures, SC1812, closed down 0.97% at 498.10 yuan on October 9 and rose to 597.00 yuan on October 9. The main contract of the crude oil futures on the first trading day (March 26) closed at night. Record the highest position.

  Overnight news

  The Fed maintains a 2.00%-2.25% benchmark interest rate unchanged in line with market expectations

The United States Federal Reserve announced the maintenance of the federal funds at 3:00 am Beijing time on Friday (November 9)interest rateThe target range of 2.00%-2.25% is unchanged, which is in line with the general expectations of the market.

  All voices

  Nolan, senior economist at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange: three factors determine the trend of emerging market currencies

Under the US policy of continuing to raise interest rates and strengthen the US dollar, the whole world is worried that the 2008 financial crisis will repeat itself. But the economic situation of countries is quite different from that of 10 years ago. At present, emerging market currencies are generally lower, what is the future trend? What are the specific risks? Which countries will be the point of risk explosion?

  Former Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen: Regulators lack tools to deal with new problems

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen spoke at the New Economy Forum in Singapore on Wednesday (November 7). Yellen warned that with the transfer of loan risk from banks to non-financial institutions, the United States may have difficulty coping with various issues.

  Comment selection

  The day when the dollar is the dominant currency in the world is coming to an end? In addition to these two threats, Trump is also a "strong assist"

Historically, a reserve currency will last for about 100 years, and the dollar has dominated for about 80 years, and the rest of the day is not much. In addition to the cyclical laws, these two factors and Trump's "willfulness" or accelerate the dollar lost its dominant position.

  The anxiety of the chaotic market, the dollar and the gold have one party to leave first

In October, in the context of rising risk aversion in the international market, gold and the US dollar have continued to rise for the same month. The negative correlation between the two has increased significantly in the near future. Who will eventually go out first?


  Loss of $4.9 billion in fiscal year 2018 Qualcomm and Apple QA battle are still overweight

Although patent disputes with Apple and Huawei continue to affect Qualcomm's revenue and profits, in Q4 2018, Qualcomm spent $21.1 billion on stock repurchases, raising its share price from $56 to $75. Qualcomm still holds $12.1 billion in cash flow. This move also shows that Qualcomm does not intend to compromise with the two terminal companies in the patent war.

  This beauty executive replaced Musk as the new chairman of Tesla

On November 7, US West Time, the Tesla Board of Directors announced the appointment of Robyn Denholm as the new chairman, effective immediately.

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