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This beauty executive replaced Musk as the new chairman of Tesla

November 09, 2018 13:54
source: International financial newspaper

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On November 7, US West Time, the Tesla Board of Directors announced the appointment of Robyn Denholm as the new chairman, effective immediately.

According to the data, Robyn Denholm is currently the CFO (CFO) and Strategy Director of Telstra, Australia's largest telecommunications company; previously, she also held leadership roles at Silicon Valley Technologies such as Juniper Networks and Sun Microsystems. In particular, during Juniper's nine-year tenure as CFO and COO (Chief Operating Officer), she led the team to successfully transform the company and drive significant growth in Juniper's revenue.

In addition, Robyn Denholm was the finance director of Toyota Motor Corporation. In 2014, he became an independent director of Tesla. She is also the only executive on Tesla's board of directors with experience in other large automotive groups.

Robyn Denholm said: "I believe Tesla recognizes its philosophy. I look forward to helping Elon and his team achieve sustainable profitability and realize the long-term investment value of shareholders."

Tesla official said that in order to enable Robyn Denholm to focus on the chairmanship of Tesla, Robyn Denholm will resign from the above work within six months of receiving the notice and serve full-time as chairman of Tesla.

During the transition period, Robyn Denholm will continue to provide the necessary attention to Telstra in his work. In addition, in order to ensure that Robyn Denholm will be able to work smoothly during the transition period, Tesla CEO Elon Musk will provide any support needed for Robyn Denholm.

“The company has a wealth of experience in the technology and automotive industries. In the past 4 years, she has made significant contributions to helping Tesla achieve profitability over the past four years. I look forward to working more closely with Robyn. ”

Tesla's chairman is due to the privatization of his former chairman, Musk.

At the end of July, Musk met with three staff members of the PIF (Saudi Wealth Sovereignty Fund), one of whom expressed interest in the privatization of Tesla, and Musk agreed that it had reached a PIF with regard to the privatization of Tesla. oral agreement.

In August, Musk released Tesla's privatization information on social platforms: Musk himself estimated the price of privatization – a premium of 20% on the previous share price, resulting in a price of $419 per share, but he finally announced It is $420 per share.

Subsequently, Musk and Tesla were investigated by the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission). The SEC believes that Musk has violated many regulations and issued a false and misleading statement.

At the end of September, Musk and the SEC reached a settlement agreement, but Musk and Tesla need to pay a fine of 20 million US dollars respectively; Musk himself will not be the chairman of Tesla within 3 years, only allowed to retain the position of CEO . In addition, the SEC also requested Tesla to form a new permanent establishment to supervise the implementation of relevant penalties and Musk's remarks; at the same time, Tesla must hire a securities attorney to specifically review Tesla executives on the social platform. The message posted on.

(Article source: International Finance News)

                (Original title: Just this beauty executive replaced Maske as the new chairman of Tesla)

                (Editor: DF380)

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