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Blizzard backwaters push the mobile game for more than a month.

November 09, 2018 04:08
Author: Xie Ruolin

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Game giantActivision Blizzard(hereinafter referred to as "Blizzard"), turning attention to the mobile end. In the past Blizzcon Carnival, the "Diablo: Immortal" mobile game (hereinafter referred to as "Diablo" mobile game) was announced as the finale game, causing the player's "tsunami" level of bad reviews.

On November 2, Blizzard released the official video of "Diablo" mobile game on foreign video websites. As of November 8, about 2.14 million people watched this video, and 214,000 people made their statements, including 200,000. I gave a bad review and only 14,000 people liked it.

Under such a background, Blizzard's share price has suffered a setback. On the first trading day after the Blizzard Carnival, Blizzard's share price fell 6.74% in the day, and the market value of the day evaporated about 3.5 billion US dollars, equivalent to about 24.5 billion yuan.

Since October this year, Blizzard's share price has fallen from the highest point of 84.6 US dollars per share, and fell to several times on November 8 to close at 65.35 US dollars per share, with a cumulative decline of nearly 23%. The market value has shrunk by about 14.7 billion US dollars, equivalent to about RMB. 101.6 billion yuan.

It must be emphasized that the background of the player's crazy spit is that the "Dark" mobile game has not yet been online.

A senior Blizzard player said in an interview with Securities Daily that he could not accept the decision of "Diablo" mobile game. "The finale of the Carnival in previous years is generally a piece of information about PC masterpieces, and can also be understood as a new version. This year's carnival finale is actually a mobile game of "Dark", which is unacceptable. On the one hand, "Diablo 3" The word of mouth on the PC side is not ideal. On the other hand, Blizzard’s mobile game selection andNeteasePlayers are prone to the feeling of 'changing soup without changing medicine'. ”

But this does not seem to stop Blizzard's ambition to enter the mobile gaming market.

During the Blizzard Carnival, Blizzard founder Allen Adhem told the media: "Diablo is very special. It is a very suitable game for mobile platforms. Its control method and gameplay are very compatible with mobile hardware." At the same time, he Mentioned that Blizzard has several mobile game projects under development.

In addition to products such as "Diablo" that work with external companies, there are many games that are completely made by Blizzard. He said, "Blizzard is developing more new products than at any time in history, and our future is very bright."

For the player's worried external cooperation, Allen Adhem said that Blizzard has not forgotten the loyal players, there are still many teams inside Blizzard responsible for different "Diablo" new projects, but has not yet announced.

The "Dark" mobile game seems to be just the beginning of a series of Blizzard plans. Blizzard is known for its high style. Because of the quality control and adherence to the bottom line of "Blizzard produced, it must be a boutique", it has become the belief of many players. It has produced "World of Warcraft" and "Watching Pioneer" and other explosion games. Acclaimed.

However, due to the cyclical impact of the game, Blizzard's 2015 third quarter report showed that the number of monthly users of World of Warcraft, which was on the line for 9 years, fell to 5.5 million, which was more than half of the peak period. After that, Blizzard no longer announced this data. Soon, the mobile game "hearthstone" took over the profit task and became the main force of income.

"The success of "The Hearthstone" made Blizzard see more possibilities for mobile games." Some game industry analysts believe that from the perspective of earning power, mobile games are cost-effective, and the development cycle and cost are better than PC. A lot smaller, but the income is not inferior, so the giant Blizzard turned to mobile games is not unexpected.

(Article source: Securities Daily)

                (Editor: DF407)

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