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Changan Xinyi enhanced mixingNearly 1 year13.81%1foldbuy
Changan Xinyi enhanced mixingNearly 1 year13.38%0Ratebuy
Jiahe Rock ANearly 1 year11.20%1foldbuy
Jiahe Stone CNearly 1 year10.87%0Ratebuy

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High-end financial managementGood income, rich in variety

****1Since it is founded 8.89%reservation

Steady investment

****number 1In this year -0.69%buy

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Rongtong giant tide 100 means...Since it is founded 241.16%buy

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Guolian is safe and soundSince it is founded 351.42%buy

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Trading day 16:00~23:00 Update the net value of the day

Serial number Fund code Abbreviation Related Links 2019-01-14
Unit net value|Cumulative net worth
Unit net value|Cumulative net worth
Daily growth value Daily growth rate Purchase status Handling fee operating
1 168204 Zhongrong CSI Coal Index Classification Estimation map Fund file 0.8390 0.6130 0.8250 0.6040 0.0140 1.70% Open subscription 0.00% buy
2 168203 Zhongrong Guozheng Steel Industry Index Classification Estimation map Fund file 0.9100 0.3790 0.9000 0.3750 0.0100 1.11% Open subscription 0.00% buy
3 000971 Noah New Economy Stock Estimation map Fund file 0.5860 0.5860 0.5850 0.5850 0.0010 0.17% Open subscription 0.15% buy
4 005569 Zhongrong Zhixuan Dividends Stock A Estimation map Fund file 0.8529 0.8529 0.8527 0.8527 0.0002 0.02% Open subscription 0.15% buy
5 005570 Zhongrong Zhixuan Dividends Stock C Estimation map Fund file 0.8489 0.8489 0.8488 0.8488 0.0001 0.01% Open subscription 0.00% buy
6 005125 Huabao S&P China A Share Dividend Opportunity Index C Estimation map Fund file 0.8544 0.8844 0.8543 0.8843 0.0001 0.01% Open subscription 0.00% buy
7 501029 Huabao S&P China A Share Dividend Opportunity Index A Estimation map Fund file 0.8593 0.8893 0.8592 0.8892 0.0001 0.01% Open subscription 0.10% buy
8 001678 British state-owned enterprise reform theme stock Estimation map Fund file 1.0162 1.0162 1.0161 1.0161 0.0001 0.01% Open subscription 0.15% buy
9 006478 Changsheng multi-factor strategy optimization Estimation map Fund file 1.0049 1.0049 1.0049 1.0049 0.0000 0.00% Open subscription 0.15% buy
10 165520 Xincheng CSI 800 Nonferrous Index Classification Estimation map Fund file 0.7640 1.0620 0.7640 1.0620 0.0000 0.00% Open subscription 0.12% buy
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Estimated net value table for open-end funds (updated in real time from 9:30 to 15:00 on each trading day)

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Currency Fund Daily Income List Every trading day 16:00~23:00 Update the latest monetary fund income on the day

Update the latest financial fund income on the trading day from 16:00 to 23:00

Central Bank's one-year fixed deposit rate:1.50%

Graded funds are updated dynamically every trading day from 16:00 to 23:00

Daily update of net, market and discount rates

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  • Guaranteed type
Fund codeFund nameUnit net valuedateNear JanuaryNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 yearNearly 3 yearsIn this yearEstablishedHandling feeoperating
519760Bank of Communications new return flexible configuration hybrid C3.9860 01-11-0.23%0.58%0.73%255.89%295.74%0.40%298.85%0.00%buy Fixed investment
003503Golden Eagle Xinrui Mix C1.2598 01-140.70%1.29%2.76%23.00%--0.45%25.98%0.00%buy Fixed investment
519221Haifutong Xinyi Mix C1.2410 01-140.32%1.47%20.72%20.96%--0.81%30.40%0.00%buy Fixed investment
002146Changan Xinyi Enhanced Mixing A1.1203 01-114.25%7.34%12.87%13.29%--1.77%12.03%0.15%buy Fixed investment
002147Changan Xinyi Enhanced Mixing C1.1045 01-114.18%7.14%12.52%12.87%--1.75%10.45%0.00%buy Fixed investment
001571Jiahe Rock A1.1487 01-140.64%1.49%6.32%11.20%8.73%0.48%26.02%0.12%buy Fixed investment
001572Jiahe Stone C1.1342 01-140.59%1.28%5.79%10.87%17.50%0.45%24.55%0.00%buy Fixed investment
002558Bo Shi Xin Rui Mix A1.1460 01-110.09%12.57%11.15%9.14%---0.09%14.60%0.08%buy Fixed investment
002935Taikang Hengtai returns mixed C1.0788 01-110.45%1.11%2.64%8.95%--0.29%17.29%0.00%buy Fixed investment
673081West Profits Mix A1.0435 01-140.77%1.10%-4.36%8.70%--0.27%17.45%0.08%buy Fixed investment
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  • Caitong Fund

    Passing through the bulls and bears, excellent performance

    Wealth value momentum


    Since it is founded

  • Oriental Fund

    2016 ranked first in the same category

    Oriental Tianyi Bond


    Nearly 1 year

  • Huabao Fund

    Oil price rebound is unstoppable

    Huabao S&P Oil and Gas Upstream Stock


    Nearly 3 years

  • Shen Wan Lingxin Fund

    The choice of shock city: election consumption

    Shen Wan Lingxin consumption growth mix


    Nearly 5 years

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Fund nameNearly MarchHandling feeoperating
China Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Stock7.39%0.15%buy
Yuanxin Yongfeng Xingyuan Flexible Configuration Mix C4.61%0.00%buy
Ping An Xin Rong Mix A2.79%0.12%buy
Peace Xinli Mix A1.96%0.08%buy
Changsheng Shuangyuehong Periodic Bond C1.66%0.00%buy
Red Earth Innovation Transformation Selected Spirit (LOF)1.06%0.15%buy
Peaceful Ding Yue Mix (LOF)0.95%0.15%buy
Dacheng Jing'an Short-term Bond B0.89%0.00%buy
Fund nameNearly MarchHandling feeoperating
HSBC Jinxin Large-Cap Stock A5.55%0.15%buy
Zhongshun CSI 500 industry neutral low volatility5.02%0.12%buy
Celestica CSI Computer Index C4.89%0.00%buy
Central European Times Pioneer Stock A2.54%0.15%buy
Dacheng CSI Dividend Index2.33%0.12%buy
Huabao S&P China A Share Dividend Opportunity Index A1.48%0.10%buy
Rich China CSI Dividend Index Enhanced1.14%0.15%buy
Southern CSI 500ETF Connection A0.81%0.12%buy
Fund nameNear JuneHandling feeoperating
Changan Xinyi Enhanced Mixing A12.77%0.15%buy
Changan Xinyi Enhanced Mixing C12.41%0.00%buy
Bo Shi Xin Rui Mix C10.42%0.08%buy
Jiahe Stone C5.79%0.00%buy
Huaan Gold Easy ETF Connection C5.65%0.00%buy
Huaan Gold Easy ETF Connection A5.51%0.06%buy
Cathay Gold ETF Connection A5.36%0.07%buy
ICBC Financial Real Estate Mix1.90%0.15%buy
Fund nameNear JuneHandling feeoperating
Nuoan Shuangli Bond17.10%0.08%buy
Penghua Fortress Bond (LOF)7.30%0.00%buy
CCB Financial Bonds 8-10 years (LOF)5.99%0.04%buy
GF China Bond 7-10 Years of China Bond Index C5.96%0.00%buy
Rongtong Bond C5.72%0.00%buy
China Dingmao Bond C5.01%0.00%buy
E Fund's Steady Income Bond A3.91%0.00%buy
Harvest Super Short Bond1.98%0.00%buy
Fund name7th annualizationHandling feeoperating
China Cash Increase Currency A/E3.7170%0.00%buy
ICBC Currency3.5420%0.00%buy
Bo Shi Cash Treasure Currency B3.4820%0.00%buy
Penghua Tianlibao Currency3.4120%0.00%buy
Southern Tianli Currency B3.4110%0.00%buy
GF Daily Red Currency B3.0630%0.00%buy
Great Wall Currency B3.0150%0.00%buy
Huabao Cash Treasure Currency E2.9160%0.00%buy

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Serial numberAbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1Cathay China Securities Wholesale Securities21.66%4.96%-21.22%
2Huabao CSI All-inclusive Securities21.58%5.17%-20.80%
3Rongtong Securities Classification21.49%5.10%-20.19%
4Huaan CSI All-inclusive Securities21.40%5.34%-20.34%
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Serial numberAbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1Fu Rong Value Select Mix77.77%----
2Dacheng Jingheng Mix A15.10%1.58%2.69%
3Dacheng Jingheng Mix C14.92%4.94%--
4Penghua Shanghai and Shenzhen Ports20.67%14.77%5.26%
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Serial numberAbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1Qianhai Kaifeng Dingyu Bond72.68%71.70%74.66%
2Qianhai Kaifeng Dingyu Bond71.33%70.20%72.77%
3Nuoan Shuangli Bond6.40%17.10%35.07%
4Rongtong Gain Bond A/6.06%8.31%14.21%
点击查看全部基金排行>As of 2019-01-14
Serial numberAbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1Rongtong Securities Classification21.49%5.10%-20.19%
2Huaan CSI All-inclusive Securities21.40%5.34%-20.34%
3Cathay Pacific CSI Shen Wan Securities20.94%6.05%-18.93%
4Huabao Securities ETF19.95%6.64%--
点击查看全部基金排行>As of 2019-01-14

Rankingproduct nameManagement companydeadlineNearly MarchNearly 1 yearEstablished
1****number 3Shun win investment2019-01-1136.80%406.26%1384.75%
2****number 3Bee bird investment2019-01-046.53%59.58%58.30%
3****Foreign trade trust2018-12-28126.18%131.29%130.50%
4****investmentSichuan Trust2019-01-04131.63%139.60%131.86%
5**** number oneSecond win investment2018-12-07-11.25%--109.90%
Click to view all private equity rankings >As of 2019-01-14156923Private equity fund products only
  • **** Dexin
    Low market layout, focusing on long-term benefits
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    Steady investment
    1 million purchasesClick here for details
  • ****Select
    Optimize low valuation stocks and seize historic opportunities
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  • ****fund
    Spring will be late, not too late. Every callback is bought...
    1 million purchasesClick here for details
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321The manager of this level has not changed, and I don’t know how the Guotai FundEvery day up 51701-14 20:07:16
5928Good support, the science and technology board will have good performance this weekXiao Bin Qi Ling01-14 20:06:12
440143After a few days of high consolidation, the market made a downward selection today.Cactus 5301-14 20:05:13
5248Now in the rebound cycle, you can seize the opportunityXiao Bin Qi Ling01-14 20:05:11
1092Don't plan to pay dividends this year?Kemin CIqnu101-14 20:03:55
5177Grasp the "spring sway" market, wait for the reboundXiao Bin Qi Ling01-14 20:03:54
5628The rebound of the index must be twists and turns, live of holdXiao Bin Qi Ling01-14 20:03:07
64410Year-to-date, the relative profit of the banking sector is the most significant, still warmCat eating meat01-14 20:02:22
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1691Eggs have been confirmedFire, fire, fire01-14 19:58:12
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