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MSCI China

Nearly 1 year23.65%

Pharmaceutical industry

Nearly 1 year23.65%

The fuel cell

Nearly 1 year11.30%

Food Industry

Nearly 1 year7.73%

Appliance industry

Nearly 1 year8.39%

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Up to 7 days of related funds4.01%2018-09-06

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7 days3.51%

14 days3.96%

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Shanghai and ShenzhenChina Asia Bond China Index ANearly 1 year4.46%
globalGF Nasdaq 100Nearly 1 year32.71%
industryTianhong CSI Food & Beverage IndexNearly 1 year1.27%

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Fund codeFund nameUnit net valuedateNear JanuaryNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 yearNearly 3 yearsIn this yearEstablishedHandling feeoperating
519760Bank of Communications new return flexible configuration hybrid C3.9570 09-06-0.43%-0.78%252.67%271.20%--256.49%295.94%0.00%buy Fixed investment
004223Jinxin multi-strategy selection flexible configuration1.3249 09-060.06%0.73%9.08%44.77%---2.38%53.46%0.15%buy Fixed investment
550016Xincheng Zhiyuan C1.3876 09-06-2.03%-3.24%-6.04%38.66%46.36%33.94%143.43%0.00%buy Fixed investment
519221Haifutong Xinyi Mix C1.2200 09-06-0.33%18.80%19.80%24.94%--20.03%28.19%0.00%buy Fixed investment
003096CEIBS Health Care Mix C1.2140 09-061.85%-19.06%2.96%23.65%--3.71%27.97%0.00%buy Fixed investment
003095CEIBS Health Care Mix A1.2170 09-061.84%-19.02%2.79%23.22%--3.45%28.28%0.15%buy Fixed investment
519772Bank of Communications new vitality flexible configuration mix1.4460 09-065.39%-8.65%-6.83%22.54%--1.05%44.60%0.15%buy Fixed investment
003503Golden Eagle Xinrui Mix C1.2390 09-060.11%2.14%17.85%20.34%--22.70%23.90%0.00%buy Fixed investment
399011China Shipping Healthcare Theme Stock1.5460 09-061.31%-15.53%-1.74%19.26%56.16%2.35%127.20%0.15%buy Fixed investment
519712Bank of Communications Alpha Core Mix1.9960 09-065.78%-5.08%6.31%18.68%86.60%11.62%192.60%0.15%buy Fixed investment
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  • Jianxin Fund

    Strong performance and won the prestigious award

    CCB Double Interest Bonus Bond A


    Nearly 3 years

  • Jinxin Fund

    Focus on low valuation to explore blue chip opportunities

    Jinxin Smart China 2025 Hybrid


    Nearly 1 year

  • SDIC UBS Fund

    Digging deep into the value of "Chinese concept"

    SDIC UBS China Value Discovery Stock


    Nearly 1 year

  • Harvest Fund

    100 yuan to buy Tencent, Jingdong

    Harvest Global Internet Stocks Renminbi


    Nearly 1 year

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Fund nameNearly MarchHandling feeoperating
Agricultural Bank of Jinan 18 months to open debt2.23%0.08%buy
BOC Shengli regularly opens bonds1.96%0.08%buy
China Resources Yuanda Runxin Bond1.95%0.08%buy
Agricultural Bank of China Huijin Jinfeng set a debt for one year1.77%0.08%buy
CEIBS Strong Bond1.70%0.08%buy
Yi Fangda has a long-term profit for 1 year to open a debt C1.53%0.00%buy
Bo Shi Ankang Debt (LOF)0.72%0.06%buy
Hui'an Fengrong Mix A0.40%0.15%buy
Fund nameNearly MarchHandling feeoperating
China Europe Electronic Information Industry Shanghai Hong Kong Stocks A9.09%0.15%buy
Noon high-end manufacturing stock3.03%0.15%buy
Hui'an Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index Enhanced A2.32%0.12%buy
Noon Strategy Select Stock1.56%0.15%buy
Fund nameNear JuneHandling feeoperating
Jinxin Shenzhen Growth Mixing Initiative18.68%0.15%buy
Rich country precision medical mix8.94%0.15%buy
Fuguo Healthcare Industry Mix7.48%0.15%buy
Bank of Communications Advantage Industry Mix7.08%0.15%buy
Huaan Media Internet Mix6.89%0.15%buy
Bank of Communications Alpha Core Mix6.31%0.15%buy
Changxin Liguang Mix A3.74%0.08%buy
CEIBS Health Care Mix C2.96%0.00%buy
Fund nameNear JuneHandling feeoperating
Dacheng Bond A/B7.16%0.08%buy
Dacheng Bond C6.99%0.00%buy
Huatai Bairui rich and pure bond bond A5.77%0.08%buy
Huaan Pure Bond Bond A4.64%0.08%buy
Boss Credit Bonds Pure Bond Bond A3.74%0.08%buy
Rich Country Credit Bond C3.50%0.00%buy
Harvest Super Short Bond3.20%0.00%buy
Golden Eagle Timui Medium and Short Debt A3.03%0.04%buy
Fund name7th annualizationHandling feeoperating
Southern Tianli Currency B4.0140%0.00%buy
Penghua Tianlibao Currency3.9830%0.00%buy
Rich country rich wallet currency3.7220%0.00%buy
ICBC Currency3.5520%0.00%buy
Xingquan Currency A3.5030%0.00%buy
Huarong Cash Increased Currency B3.2230%0.00%buy
Rich country time currency B3.1990%0.00%buy
Great Wall Currency B3.1970%0.00%buy

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Serial numberAbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1Central European Electronic Information Industry9.25%----
2Central European Electronic Information Industry9.09%-4.79%2.81%
3Noon high-end manufacturing stock3.03%-1.40%-11.90%
4Hui'an Shanghai and Shenzhen 3002.32%2.12%-3.48%
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Serial numberAbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1Everbright Yongxin Mix C214.17%215.33%229.74%
2Everbright Yongxin Mix A213.96%215.12%229.81%
3Jinxin Shenzhen Growth Mix20.52%18.68%5.70%
4Huaan Xinanping Mix A18.87%21.36%24.00%
点击查看全部基金排行>As of 2018-09-06
Serial numberAbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1CITIC Baocheng Wenhong A547.91%----
2Jinxin Minxing Bond A93.86%100.43%96.93%
3Caitong Income Enhanced Bond14.88%14.95%12.51%
4Long letter stable and pure debt14.71%16.46%17.69%
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Serial numberAbbreviationNearly MarchNear JuneNearly 1 year
1Yinhua Zhongxin 5-year gold2.83%6.97%7.11%
2Yi Fangda China Bond 7-12.39%5.79%3.62%
3Yinhua Zhongxin 5-year gold2.39%4.59%4.83%
4GF China Bond 7-102.39%6.04%4.64%
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Rankingproduct nameManagement companydeadlineNearly MarchNearly 1 yearEstablished
1****科城Huaneng Trust2018-08-24138.11%--228.74%
2****number 1Shenzhen Dahe2018-08-3127.08%169.02%388.00%
3****Number 5Shenzhen Dahe2018-08-2423.38%142.97%358.00%
4****Number 7Shenzhen Dahe2018-08-3126.65%--153.30%
5****number 2Shanghai Xiran2018-08-3154.20%191.20%6269.26%
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    50,000, operating period of 14 days
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  • ****number 1
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  • Galaxy CCTV 50 Balance Collection Program
    Stocks six bonds, the bull market is not behind, the bear market is anti-risk
    100,000 purchasesClick here for details
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