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Net value estimate(18-11-09 15:30)

Near January:2.47%
Nearly 1 year:-1.19%

Unit net value (2018-11-09)

Near March:2.20%
Nearly 3 years:22.64%

Cumulative net value

Near June:1.09%
Fund type:HybridFund size: 0.31 billion yuan (2018-09-30)Fund Manager:Zhao YunyangWait
Established day:2014-12-18Manager:Boss FundFund rating:
No rating yet
Tracking target:Gold 9999 |Tracking error:0.02%

The first batch of sales organizations of the CSRC

Minsheng Bank conducts supervision of trading funds throughout the process

trading status:Suspension of purchaseOpen redemption
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